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DSotSC Bug Thread

08 January 2020 - 01:35 AM

Please report any bugs and issues with the mod here. Please specify which mod version you are using, and which game you are on, and whether you are using an automated installer.

DSotSC version 3.10 with native EET compatibility released!

08 January 2020 - 01:32 AM

Dark Side of the Sword Coast for BGT/EET


This is the BGT/EET version of the original mod for BG1 - Tales of the Sword Coast. New spells, items, 5 major quests, new areas, and 7 new NPCs are available to your party. Most NPCs have quests. Quests include rescuing a child from vampires, saving a town from a dragon, and searching for missing people.


The new version 3.1 comes with additional native EET compatibility, restructured install structure, nerfed items, and a lot of bugfixes and improvements by k4thos!


Due to the changed item stats the language versions need to be updated. So far, the mod comes with English, Spanish, and Italian version (the last by ilot).


As an extra bonus, the mod is now available from SpellholdStudio's Official GitHub Mirror.


Read the Readme


Download at SHS

BP-BGT-Worlmap v10.2.5 Released!

07 January 2020 - 12:52 PM

The BP-BGT-Mod updates to v10.2.5!


Note: for this version, you also need the updated Language AddOns v9.0.0.


The mod is also available from SHS's official GitHub mirror.


Download from SHS Download Site.




version 10.2.5


- Compatibility with 'Sensible Entrance Points' from Tweaks Anthology (thanks CamDawg!).


version 10.2.4


- corrected area names for DSotSC areas (areas should be named correctly and should all have names on the worldmap).
- corrected area visibility for ntotsc (areas should have the same visibility on worldmap as in original mod).
- added changelog.txt file.
- renamed folder to "bp-bgt-worldmap".
- moved setup-bp-bgt-worldmap.tp2 inside mod folder.
- added bp-bgt-worldmap.ini with mod info meta data.

Preparing Version 3

16 December 2019 - 02:16 AM

k4thos did a lot of work to update the mod's code, improve the content and make it (also) compatible with EET. The GitHub repo is currently in my account but I will transfer it to SHS soon.


Question: for NTotSC, I deactivated biffing inside the mod to make it compatible with iOS devises. The idea was: for BGT, people can use Generalized Biffing at the end of the install, or EE it is no longer needed.


Would this apply to DSotSC, too?



In case any translators are reading this: the mod's language versions needs to be updated to the nerfed item descriptions and more.

Language versions:

German: needs full revision

Russian: needs full revision

Polish: translation gets revised by Roberciiik but needs EE-specific item descriptions in setup-ee.tra

Italian: translation was revised by ilot but still needs EE-specific item descriptions in setup-ee.tra


English, Castilian are finished.

jastey's dumb questions to the worldmap mod

15 December 2019 - 12:19 AM

How exactly does the worldmap mod work - I understand that the idea is to provide a worldmap that is big enough for all areas BG1+BGII+mods.


Does it add to the existing information (coordinates, travel links etc.) or does it provide i.e. replace everything? If it replaces, is this due to legacy reasons or was this necessary because the coordinates are shifted etcpp?


Why does it include mod information as well. Is this for legay reasons and these mod informations could be removed if the mods were updated accordingly? As it stands, the included mod information seem to overwrite the ones included in the mods itself (also leading to bugs) so getting rid of redundancies would be great.


How does adding to the mapicon.BAM work. Do I see it right that every mod that uses custom map icons need their bams to be included into the worldmap's bpbgtmap.bam because the ADD_MAP_ICONS_EE.tpa does not work for original BGII?

Is there a list of mods included and their worldmap icon index numbers?