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NTotSC: v3.1.1 with minor bugfixes!

14 March 2019 - 01:57 AM

Northern Tales of the Sword Coast (BGT, BG:EE, EET)

The mod adds several quests to the BG1 part (with TotSC) to the game and is compatible with BGT, BG:EE, and EET. Some are minor encounters with no further impact, but some are larger quests that are also partly connected to each other.
One large quest is given to you by Duke Eltan (before you go to Candlekeep). One of the longest quests also starts before Candlekeep: Talk to the lady outside the Sorceror's Sundries. One quest can be started by talking to Yness in Ulgoth's Beard.

Version 3.1.1 comes with minor bug fixes.


    -name of the "Black Swan Armor +2" (ntplat03.itm) fixed  
    -(BG:EE): RING05.are from area AR25PB has 8 charges as per description
    -(compatibility) Pilar and Gheldehar: JAP detection fixed

Download at SHS (all OS)

Discussion Thread at SHS

Download NTotSC latest Release from GitHub

Nephele NPC v2.4 with EET compatibility and bugfixes!

12 March 2019 - 12:03 PM

Spellhold Studios


Nephele NPC


Adding a touch of humour and hopefully a hint of originality and interest, Nephele is a new NPC for BGII: SoA and ToB--a halfling cleric of Yondalla, mother of seven and a compulsive adventurer.

A woman of many stories, she has lived a long and sometimes dangerous life, been married, had children (and grandchildren), and dealt with her demons. Nephele has no earth-shaking quest, no troubling issues and requires no therapy. That's not to say that she won't pipe up with her opinion at every juncture, and do her best to make you into the best young man or woman you can be!


Version 2.4 comes with additional native EET compatibility and bugfixes.


- EET compatibility added
- Epilogues should show correctly
- Banter triggers changed to GLOBAL.
- tp2: SUPPORT tag added with link to forum at SHS
- HANDLE_CHARSETS added and inconv.exe
- corrected trigger for interjections: See("Nephele") added, interjection into Solar should not happen if Nephele cannot talk.
- Optimized triggers for dialogues (added CombatCounter(0) and !See([ENEMY]) to activation blocks etc.)
- added InParty() trigger for NPC who starts the banter (probably not necessary but better save than sorry)
- (all fixes from BWPFixpack integrated)
- wrong sound references removed from lk#neph.cre
- Fixed EE kit issues
- nephele.ini with mod info metadata added
- Update to WeiDU v246



Mod's Page

Download (all OS)

Iylos Bug Reports Thread

10 March 2019 - 02:18 PM

Post any bug reports, typos, or suggestions here. Please also specify which game you are on (BGII, BGT, BGII:EE, or EET).

Iylos NPC v2.6 with EET compatibility and bugfixes!

10 March 2019 - 02:17 PM

Iylos NPC


This mod adds the monk Iylos Mirdan to the game. He is a joinable NPC sent by Balthazar to ascertain the main character's intentions and motivations.

You can find Iylos in the Saradush Inn, where he will approach you.

Version 2.6 comes with direct EET compatibility and bug fixes!



- EET compatibility added

- Text mixup for extended friendship track (component 2) fixed.

- Fixed sound references for his happy / annoyed sound set.

- Cre-file: corrected assigned effects.

- Changed weapon proficiencies to BGII style.

- Alternative portraits: file names fixed so they show in the game.

- tp2: SUPPORT tag added with link to forum at SHS

- HANDLE_CHARSETS added and inconv.exe

- component "How much time would you like in between Iylos' PC dialogues?": coded in a more stable version, times can now be changed back and forth by reinstalling the component.

- changed all sound references to small letters so they will be played in Linux

- removed unused files: scripts/lk#iylo.tra; translations/english/iylos.tra

- Readme update (links, compatibility description, version history)

- iylos.ini with mod info metadata added.

- Update to WeiDU v246


Visit the Forum

Mod's Page

Download Iylos (all OS)

Dace v4 with cre fixes!

09 March 2019 - 08:12 AM



Dace Linton is a Chaotic Neutral human female bounty hunter, about 33 years old. She will come over and speak to your PC if you leave or enter through the lower archway of Waukeen's Promenade, where you can find her standing on the steps.

Dace is a slight, wiry woman with short brown hair and clothing of a decidedly nondescript colour and practical cut. She speaks in an unremarkable contralto voice, clipping some words strangely and finishing others with a slight lilt. She has a somewhat crooked grin, as though some emotion other than amusement always manages to twist her smile slightly at the last minute. Dace seems very fond of the notion of practicality but doesn't always practice what she preaches, and occasionally shows a streak of whimsicality that borders on ridiculousness. Ninety percent of the time she is operating on Full-Sarcastic, Half-Obnoxious mode, but she is also capable of brief moments of unique insight and kindness.


v4 comes with fixed cres, i.e. correct number of weapon proficieny pips, saving throws, THAC0, and HP. Thank you Creepin for providing the corrected cre files!



Included Creepin's cre files fixes:

-Proficiency pips fixed for t#dace8, t#dace12 and t#dace14;

-Saving throws fixed for t#dace8 and t#dace14;

-THAC0 fixed for t#dace14;

-HP fixed for t#dace8, t#dace12 and t#dace14.cre.


Download (all OS)