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Question to one line (English)

17 September 2020 - 05:52 AM

@199  = ~I have no kenning of the temptation that did tempt thee to keep the relic, but I thank thee. Thy generosity hath spared me an eternity of unrest. For this, I thank thee most heartily.~

What does "I have no kenning of the temptation that did tempt thee to keep the relic" mean in this context:

1. That the PC was tempted to take the relic when they first found it, hence they had it to free Aidan in the temple.

2. That the PC had to fight temptation to keep the relic in the temple instead of freeingAidan by giving it away (but fought it down and freed him nontheless).


[done] Translation needed

17 September 2020 - 02:54 AM

For version 9, the mod will be compatible with Imoen4Ever. For this I need translation (and proof reading) for the following two lines:


/* new for v9 */
@890  = ~I'm in pursuit of Irenicus, who tortured my friends and me. He can threaten me all he wants, but I can't be sure my friend Imoen will be safe unless we defeat him!~
/* @484 rephrased to match the new line @890 */
@891  = ~A most wholesome charge, I deem! That thou and thy childhood companion shouldst be tortured is most cruel, and that thou shouldst seek to protect her most natural.~


Language versions are all done. English (proof reading), French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish.


Best you download the prepared package from here, paste the translations into b!aidan.tra of your language, and atach the updated file (in ANSI) here. This would be especially helpful for Russian, as my editor cannot copy&paste from here into files. Thank you very much in advance!

Nephele updates to v2.6! Many bugfixes and of course EET compatibi

02 August 2020 - 10:01 AM

Nephele mod updates to v2.6 with some bugfixes. Since v2.4 the mod is also directly compatible with all BG2 games: BGII, BGT, BGII:EE, and EET!


Changes 2.4:

- EET compatibility added

- Epilogues should show correctly

- Banter triggers changed to GLOBAL.

- tp2: SUPPORT tag added with link to forum at SHS

- HANDLE_CHARSETS added and inconv.exe

- corrected trigger for interjections: See("Nephele") added, interjection into Solar should not happen if Nephele cannot talk.

- Optimized triggers for dialogues (added CombatCounter(0) and !See([ENEMY]) to activation blocks etc.)

- added InParty() trigger for NPC who starts the banter (probably not necessary but better save than sorry)

- (all fixes from BWPFixpack integrated)

- wrong sound references removed from lk#neph.cre

- Fixed EE kit issues

- nephele.ini with mod info metadata added

- Update to WeiDU v246


Changes 2.5:

- Fixed repeating Nephele-Nalia banter


Changes 2.6:

- Nephele will not comment on situations if she was not in party (meeting Bodhi, meeting Aran, Bodhi escaped first time, escaping Underdark.)

- Nephele will receive XP up to the PC's level upon first joining (up to 3,000,000 XP)

- Changed download link in nephele.ini to GitHub repo

- added folder libiconv-1.9.2-1-src.7z with iconv licence info


Arath updates to v5 with Russian Translation + official GitHub Downloa

30 July 2020 - 08:15 AM

Arath NPC updates to v5 with a Russian translation from Ghyn and some bugfixes!


The mod introduces Arath, a druid NPC to BGII. Compatibility with all BG2 games provided (BGII, BGT, BGII:EE, EET)!


Also, the mod is now officially available from GitHub at the SpellholdStudios GitHub site!



- Russian version by Ghyn added.

-Corrected Arath's cre file (removed Bhaalspawn Innates and "export allowed" and "been in party" flags; changed stats to specifications in readme).

-Replaced healing potions in his inventory with normal ones that can be stacked with the others.

-Arath will receive XP to level to the PC's level upon first joining (up to 3,000,000 XP)


NTotSC updates to v4.0.0 with splitted components and Russian version

19 May 2020 - 11:08 AM

NTotSC updates to v4.0.0!



Version 4.0.0 comes with bugfixes, a Russian translation by Arkie, Quest reward fixes by Angel, and two splitted components: "Will O'Hara soundset subcomponent" splitted from component "Will O'Hara NPC", by Roberciiik and "Spawn less Monsters depending on Game Difficulty" splitted from main component: changes in monster numbers introduced in v.3.2.0 are now optional. Please note: due to the new components the component numbers are shifted.

Also, the entry to the pass in the Fire Leaf Forest will be open after talking to Oupaste, not before.



    -Russian version by Arkie
    -"Will O'Hara soundset subcomponent" splitted from component "Will O'Hara NPC", by Roberciiik
    -"Spawn less Monsters depending on Game Difficulty" splitted from main component (changes in monster numbers introduced in v.3.2.0 now optional); Polish translation by Cahir
    -Journal entry about Haeball wanting the elven bow should not be doubled.
    -Ordolath should give his wand of Polymorphing in all cases as a reward.
    -Pass entrance in Fire Leaf Forest is open after talking to Oupaste, not before (Book of the Unknowing)
    -Fire Salamander in cave should not all be called "Humbaba" and should turn hostile
    -Quest reward fixes, by Angel
    -Item descriptions and abilities corrected
    -Tolowered all new files, by Angel
    -Italian setup-ee.tra created from setup.tra
    -English setup-ee.tra revised by Cahir