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It's been a long time...

26 September 2010 - 06:29 PM

A very very long time. And I'm sorry! I've been busy with tons of stuff; writing (not Ninde, alas, but lots of essays on the construction of elegies and the use of word play in Old English poetry,) dancing, getting very drunk very much of the time and similar pursuits. I really meant to carry on working on Ninde, but it just never happened. I've got older. Fallen a bit out of love with the character. To quote The Smiths (again... some of you might've noticed,) I started something I couldn't finish.

And I'm very very sorry to all those who did and do love the character, and am hideously grateful for all the support, help and praise I received in the course of creating her and after her release. Particularly from Liam, a bigger G I think it's hard to find. I'm proud of our baby and there's no earthly way I could've got it done without you, and thank you so so much, particularly for your continued attention to Ninde when I couldn't give it.

So, the up shot of this is; I won't be working on Ninde any more. I know the process of creating mods can be agonisingly slow at the best of times, but given that I spend most of my time these days looking up synonyms for 'ambiguous' on thesaurus.com it seems highly unlikely that I could even begin to look at Ninde until a good two years from now. So I'm signing off the project, as it were.

BUT! There's still so much more to be done, and if I had the time I would, but if someone/lots of other someones do want to, they are so so very welcome. Everything I've written for Ninde, I totally renounce all ownership over. It's yours. And yours and yours and yours: the character, the dialogue, everything I was responsible for creating. And I hope something good can come out of it, I'd love if someone else could take the helm and guide her into a Throne-of-Bhaally port. Ninde needs closure, and I know there are other immensely talented people who could finish what I started, probably better. I'll see what happens. If big-ass decisions need to be made, then Liam can make them, Ninde's his as much as mine, but I now consider the part of Ninde that is mine to be totally fair game for development by anyone, if there's an interest.

If not, then I'm happy with what there is, and I hope you are to, and if I brought something new to this great game then I so did my job and I'm so going to give myself a pat on the back and make myself some horlicks. Bye kids x