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In Topic: BGT Graphics Overhaul

02 May 2023 - 02:51 AM

Amazing work. Thank you!

Do you plan to release this mod for BGEE?

I haven't thought about that until now. Let's look at it when it's all done.

Thank you for this long-awaited update weigo! I will add +1 request for BG1:EE support.


A few of us were talking on discord today about how, at least in BG1:EE, the tilesets have strange transparency for some houses giving you results like this




That is in the SW Baldur's Gate city map. Many houses can be seen to have this type of issue in Beregost as well.


Do your changes touch on this transparency issue with the daytime tilesets?

This transparency is regulated in the wed file. I did not change anything in this part. My changes were only in the PVRZ files. However, the mod adds the light maps AR0100LN.bmp, which were not present in the original areas and these could be responsible for the color. I am not the great artist and designer, I just tried to get a halfway good result.

In Topic: BGT Graphics Overhaul

25 April 2023 - 11:17 PM

I finally found the solution for Wyrms Crossing. I've spent 10 days now trying to figure out that the animations of the water added as a bam file behaves strangely with the Light Map LN for the night. When an animation hits a color on the LN map, the animation color changes in a way that is unpredictable. I now need to set the few places on the LN map that contain animations to white.
But I need a few days without BG now, then I will do the rest, but at least we know a solution now.



AI Denoised Areas

The order of the mods is clear, first the AI Deinterlace and then BGGO. However, the maps are back in the old style. However, there are only a few maps that are affected. If you would merge the two mods, you would have to rework everything again to get a consistent




They have different aims, and there is a link earlier in this thread to a page describing the intent of this mod. In a nutshell it's about the night maps and mainly corrects the effects of light sources that were previously lacking in many areas, such as lit up windows, lights coming out from open doorways, perimeters of light sources like fireplaces, nighttime water textures and so on. It was conceived a long time ago but wasn't really in a usable state because of the map artifacts it created, up until now with weigo's work. The mod you've linked has a completely different purpose and method.

I agree with the opinion of Sh1n.


Let's finish both first and then we can always think about it. As mentioned above, both should be installed together.

In Topic: BGT Graphics Overhaul

24 April 2023 - 03:02 AM

How does this mod compare to AI Denoised Areas?

Unfortunately I do not know, because I did not know the mod until now :)
But I think only a few areas overlap and it is exclusively for EE.

In Topic: BGT Graphics Overhaul

23 April 2023 - 06:05 AM

Amazing work. Thank you!

Do you plan to release this mod for BGEE?

I haven't thought about that until now. Let's look at it when it's all done.

In Topic: BGT Graphics Overhaul

22 April 2023 - 08:55 PM

Could you tell us, out of curiosity, what makes some areas more annoying/difficult to patch than others?

The difficult thing about Wyrms Crossing is that there are two overlays on one tile of the tis file. The drawbridge and the water around it. But with the tilemaps of the tis file only one overlay can be set. But since the drawbridge has priority, the animation of the water can not be selected. For this, additional bam animations were added in the EE version. And these cause problems as soon as you change something on the map.

I'm still working on it, but it will take a few weeks until I'm done with it.