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24 March 2021 - 03:33 PM

Quick note: my mods use a function from... someone (Ardanis?) to create new spellstates in the next available slot of splstate.ids. That file in the unmodded EEs is filled to 118, so the function starts there. In BG2EE v2.5.16, my mod adds a spellstate at 119. Then 120 through 126 are already full, so the next spellstate the mod adds is 127.


When I look at the 318/326 effects of spells in NI, it shows "119 - DETECT_INVISIBLE" instead of the name of my custom spellstate. I assume that is because on some other games, slot #119 is filled with that state. So NI defaults to showing that. But in this case it is incorrect. Looking at the IDS file shows the correct name, but looking inside spell effects shows the wrong name.


This is just a cosmetic issue, to be sure - the only trouble it caused was making me think it was a bug on my end and losing 30 minutes trying to chase it down. But I thought I should drop a note about it.  Cheers!

In Topic: [Fixed] Thief HLA component seems to prevent Mage NPCs from using scro

04 February 2021 - 12:54 PM

Sounds like you installed the mod after having already started your game. Every arcane spellcasting class gets an ability applied that allows them to use scrolls and wands. Every time an NPC joins your party, their class/kit's abilities get applied. So this sounds like Imoen and Edwin were already in your party when you installed it, so they did not have that ability applied. If that is the case, then you could solve the issue by simply removing them from the party and then having them re-join.


Unless something else is going on, which is always possible. Maybe some other mod messes with the 'SPECIFIC' value of your party members?  I am not aware of any mod or game that does such a thing (that's why I coded it this way), but I suppose some mod may have popped up which does introduce such a conflict.


EDIT - maybe, possibly, there is a conflict with IR's "Thieves Can Use Wands?" The "Use Magical Device" HLA in Refinements' Thief HLAs allows thieves to use scrolls and wands from a quickslot, so its function overlaps with the IR component.  I would choose one or the other.  (Though I don't know if it is actually in conflict, and it may not be the culprit here.)

In Topic: AREATYPE = Rubikon

18 September 2020 - 05:12 AM

Well, somehow SPPR118 / CLERIC_SUNSCORCH got a 324 effect appended to it. Easy enough to strip out once I looked at the spell in NI (easy enough for me, anyway), but I thought I should let you know. My first guess would be an overly inclusive regexp patch, or something like that. (I dont know if its just that one spell, or includes others as well - I just noticed it on the one so far.)

EDIT - okay, damn in my game the spell was actually installed after Test Your Mettle. So the error is not in this mod. Need to change-log the .spl file to see what added the 324 effect. Or maybe the 324 effect was added correctly, but some mod came in later and messed with splprot.2da? That would be... very bad.

Okay thanks for the info, and sorry for the mistaken report.

In Topic: A release

04 August 2020 - 11:49 AM

mods for EE out there that completely revamp the game system[s]?

Mine... ;)


But, I have no particular loyalty to the EEs.  (Not a particular fan of Beamdog, personally.)  It's just that there are about 8 particular things that I can do in the EE engine that I can't do with TOB+ToBEx.  If someone managed to port those 8 features into ToBEx, I would 100% be modding BGT instead of the EEs.  (Well, probably the EEs too, I like that I can play on an old iPad, I never managed to get that working with GemRB.)


Most of the stuff I use in my mods came in the 1.4 patch - which was when Beamdog integrated a bunch of opcodes and actions from IWD.  Considering that IWD is out there for anyone to dig into... Beamdog aren't rocket scientists, if they could hack IWD opcodes into the BG2 engine, then other people can too.


I mean the main things I rely on in the EEs aren't a lot:

 - EE opcode 321 (cancel effects by resource)

 - EE opcode 337 (cancel effect by opcode)

 - splprot.2da and EE opcodes 318/326 (conditional immunity/conditionally cast spell)

 - extended functionality for opcode 233 (including the ability to decrement proficiencies)

 - splstate.ids and opcode 328 are nice, but not even necessary if you have the extended opcode 233 functions


I guess lately I've done some stuff with the EE UI that could not be replicated.  But it's not much.


EDIT - now I'm thinking, wouldn't it have been amazing if instead of people porting IWD into the BG2 engine, they ported BG2 into the IWD engine?  Then a lot of the stuff I've made could have been done 15 years earlier...

In Topic: A release

23 July 2020 - 01:02 PM

I have not moved to any EE and with all that we have here and a few selected other places, I see no reason why.

There is crazy shit that you can do with the latest EE engine that you can't do with the old engine + ToBEx.


That said, holy crap, a new ToBEx release in 2020?  That's amazing.  Maybe @Bubb could pitch in...? If some of the new EE stuff could be backported to ToBEx (opcode 321, opcode 318, opcode 316, SPLPROT.2da), I would happily port all my mods to the old engine...