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[BUG] CHARM GOLEM - Ability of the class GOLEM TRAINER doesn´t work

17 July 2013 - 04:41 PM

Hello Community, i tried to play the BWP with a Golem Trainer - Character. It is a very powerful class i think, especially early in the game. Everything is working well, with one exception --> the ability CHARM GOLEM does not work. The magical resistance of the golems is being ignored, just as written in the describtion of the class, and often enough the golems failed with their saving throws, but that all has no effect, foreign golems remain as enemys. I used the createcreature - command to summon almost any Golem-type existing in the game --> no effect of the charm Golem - ability. I have installed the BWP in the tactical Version with almost any mod, with 3 or 4 harmless exceptions. Is there anyone in the community who does not have this bug ? or is there anyone who has had this bug and found a way to fix it ? This bug is not of that Kind, that crushes the world if its not fixed, but the game will be finer if the charm Golem - ability would work. I think bugs should be reported no matter how small they are, because when nobody says anything it will never be fixed, but that is not really tragical in this case, it only would be nice. :D