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Dialogues ending abruptly

18 October 2015 - 04:40 PM



I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask about this, but this is my best guess... I'm not blaming your mod for my problems (and I sure as hell don't consider giving up on it, it's actually the only NPC mod so far that I enjoy), but it appears to be somehow related to them.


Sometimes in the middle of a dialogue I click "continue" - and the conversation ends abruptly. After that the game "pretends" I chose particular dialogue options. It happened to me three times so far:


- During the first talk with Odren outside Watcher's Keep: I click "continue" four times, then choose option 2 and after another two "continues", the dialogue ends instantly. If I disband Nathaniel, the bug doesn't occur (although I decided to just ignore it, so Nate wouldn't be sad :P).


- During the first talk with the Chromatic Demon, just after entering the second level of Watcher's Keep. I don't have a proper save, so I can't easily replicate it, however it isn't game breaking: the demon reacts normally to having all scepters in the inventory.


- During the talk with Latimer: he appears, I click "continue" three times, the dialogue ends. In a few seconds the next part of it starts - it was slightly confusing, since I didn't even know what was Nathaniel wiping off his face. Disbanding Viconia prevents the bug from happening.


So far I haven't encountered any serious problems, but I'd prefer to avoid them rather than try to fix a broken save... Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm playing classic (not EE) BG2 with ToB. Here's a list of mods I have installed (I'm using Polish translations if possible, so my WeiDU.log wouldn't be very helpful... I followed BiG's guide during the installation though):




BG2 Fixpack

Tower of Deception

Bag Bonus

Improved Horns

A Mod for the Orderly

Weimer's Item Upgrade

Banter Packs

Edwin Romance


Unfinished Business

Ding0's Quest Pack


PnP Celestials

Crossmod Banter Pack

Wildmage Additions

Teleport Spell


NPC Kitpack

BG2 Tweak Pack

Ding0's Tweak Pack

Level 1 NPCs

Widescreen Mod