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In Topic: Paladins of Faerun Quest Pack

14 March 2024 - 01:00 PM

Hello !


Paladins of Faerun is reasonably stable and should not create issue with the rest of the game.


But it's not ready. I proceed quests by quests and the review is not finished yet. (the main quest is not reviewed yet...)


Some areas will still have some glitchs, not much and not gamebreaking but still.




Its official status is currently work in progress.


So I cannot encourage to integrate Paladins of Faerun as it is in a playtrough.


Of course if you not afraid to try feedbacks are welcome.




I am sorry to be so slow, between translations and others mods it's not always easy to find time, also my motivation is a little low lately for certain reasons.


There is no finish line at sight actually, but the work goes on and PoF will be updated.





The english translation need a big proofreading, (If anyone is interested ...)



EDIT : If someone want to test the work in progress, use the master version !!! (Green Button "CODE" then Download ZIP)

In Topic: CtB: When do Candlekeep Chores normally start?

23 March 2023 - 03:40 AM

1. Candlekeep Chores
This component adds the so called "Candlekeep Chores" which will trigger inside the library of Irenicus' Dungeon. The PC will be back in Candlekeep, remembering his/her chores during his normal life in Candlekeep. These chores have to be execed in length if the component "Candlekeep Chores Fast Foreward" is not installed. Each finished chore will grant the PC an ability.
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