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In Topic: AzenMod v5 Released

10 July 2010 - 03:19 PM

The voice recordings should be remixed to eliminate plosives and background buzzing. This can be done with the existing files; no need to re-record anything.

Feel free to do that and upload the fixed files Posted Image. Real life overtook the original modder long ago.

I'll see if I can clean up the audio, then.


Once you finish, send me a copy of the updated files and I'll stick them into a V6 package and release.

In Topic: Secret of Bonehill v275 Bug Reports

28 June 2010 - 01:10 PM

I'm playing with v245, and I almost finished the 2nd part: I only must find Pelltar to report what I've found.

Well, there was some bugs during my play, I don't know if they were fixed in v275, so I report its.

1) When the mayor is dead, all the orcs attack us. Except in the towers outside of the castle: archers attack us, but not the orc lieutenant - we must talk to each if we want they turned red.


2) there were some bugs in reward's dialog in Garrotten: Harper didn't want to talk to me, Abraham played again the dialogue with "Baron Grellus were murdered...", Ascue teleported in the house of Abraham to notify that Abraham were arrested.
But the quest is finished, as I killed the mayor and find the documents.

3) I would like to know if it's possible to find Wilbur who goes away with Holga?Posted Image

All these bugs should be fixed in the v275 release.

Wilbur and Holga eloped, apparently. They did a good job and there is no finding them.

In Topic: Vault v7 Released

26 June 2010 - 05:38 AM

Hello Erebusant,

I played to the Vault and finish 3 quests without a bug: the vault's quest, the vestibule's quest and the return to nashkel's quest.
In Gullykin's quest, I met Kharaz after visiting Gullykin's village. I've got the dialogue with Kharaz, but no dialogue with Gullykin's mayor; actually I didn't see him. I think I visited all the map, but he's nowhere.
But we know that there's some dialogues with him in the french translation:

@39 = ~<CHARNAME>! It is a terrible time for Gullykin! We are beset by a tribe of vicious ogres under the command of one ogre magi called Kharaz! They demand that the village be vacated as it will be the site of their new encampment! Already we have sent two couriers to seek help but they have been intercepted and murdered. Please, you must help us! They continue to pour in numbers, maiming the people and destroying our property...~

@41 = ~The village of Gullykin is under siege from a band of ogres led by a magi called Kharaz. The ogres seem to number in the hundreds, with waves and waves and waves of raiding parties laying waste to the village and its inhabitants, but I have told Gandolar that I will see what I can do to remedy the situation.~

@45 = ~This Kharaz you mentioned, Gandolar. Have you seen him?~

Even Kharaz has a special dialogue about this:

@0 = ~So, the halflings will not bow to my will and have decided to send you, have they? Haha! It matters little for I will crush you cattle and claim Gullykin as my own!~

Do you know how and when does this quest begin ?

There is an issue between BGT and Vault where after you have completed the Firewine ruins Gandolar Luckyfoot uses an EscapeAreaDestroy(90). I probably need to alter the dialog so Gandolar goes to "RandomWalk" instead of escaping. This is a known bug I am aware of.

In Topic: Is this compatible with easytutu?

23 June 2010 - 03:18 AM

and others that it is not.


seems to imply that it can work with easytutu.

whats the final verdict?

It should be. Please give it a try, and report any bugs you run across. The spawns were the latest change, and were converted to Tutu resources with the help of the code Miloch provided, but I suppose it's possible a creature or two slipped through the cracks...

In Topic: Keiria and Skeezer already present in chapter

05 June 2010 - 06:55 AM

I started a new DSoTSC-NToTSC game, and as soon as I reached the Carnival, I immediately met both Keiria (?) and Skeezer; although my party was only level 1-2, they were already level 5 and 4-5. This seemed quite strange and 'cheaty' to me.

I read, here, that (at least in the old versions) they shouldn't have appeared until the next chapter (I had just arrived to Nashkel for the first time). Of course, I can just ignore them until it's the right moment, but I think there should be something to 'hide' them until I have cleared Nashkel mines, or there should be a less powerful version, as playing with them in the first chapters is quite boring...

Here's my WeiDU log, in case some later mod has changed something:[attachment=20301:WeiDU.log]

(The turambar mod just copies two items from an old tbg mods into the override folder, it's very simple and does not patch anything, I just used Weidu to uninstall it more easily)

Shortly I will be releasing a new version which allows the player to choose NPC proficiences, and they will level up from level zero to match the party. Hopefully that will be during the begining of summer.