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In Topic: Bug Report for 0.53

19 January 2012 - 10:06 AM

Did I miss any major maps/quests so far?

You could have done the UK series instead of the U series if you wanted (or bent the rules and done both :whistling: ). It explains how in Chapter 2 of the walkthrough. You can check out the cover art of the modules here if you want to see which module is which. The G series (Giants) is in the works now. There may be a teaser map for them in the game, but I don't remember for sure.

The walkthrough gives no real info about the UK series other than how to start. I can get to Piney bluff and 1 map to its west but can get no farther in this series.

In Topic: Bug Report for 0.53

19 January 2012 - 09:52 AM

a few more comments:

cannot rest at Madam Daisy's

@ madam Daisy's, dialog with Fhalyssa 4.) ... will show you what a man I am. (this dialog appears even if character talking to Fhalyssa is female.)

In Topic: Bug Report for 0.53

18 January 2012 - 09:01 AM

a few comments as I play through 053a:

Catharandamus sues for peace but dies before I can stop all party members from completing ongoing attacks. Probably had arrows in flight that cause damage that exceeds the margin between cath dialog and death.

TERRA biography:
Cromyr > Cormyr
fulfil > fulfill

Urquant dialog: tried to assailed > tried to assail

map west of Piney Bluff crashes regularly, If I continually save and reload I can complete map.

I have not been able to play through the UK series. I can visit Piney Bluff and the 1 map to the west with the gargoyle tower but that is all. There must be more but I cannot find the proper game path.

Played silver princess through several times. Once with Caarna in party, everything works and completes properly, although the end dialogs have awkward delays. Also played silver princess without caarna, (picked her pocket for wardstone) in this scenario the module ending dialogs do not occur (no Caarna) and I'm left with figuring out where the dwarves are for delivering the gem. I wonder if I have same problem if i drop Caarna prior to completing module?

TC1044 encounter map has no encounter contrary to message given entering map

Mistmoor map: Ril comments on statue missing from pedestal, there is no bare pedestal just the remaining statue.

ICAR dialog:
My I touch > May I touch
but you family > but your family
show me you face > show me your face

Dirbert dialog:
I'm going deck > I'm going to deck

In Topic: Bug Report for 0.53

11 January 2012 - 12:48 PM

a few more typos;


use top > use to
as possibly before > as possible before
there sockets > their sockets
than I need > then I need


Lloth > Lolth
recognised > recognized


fervour > fervor
familiarise > familiarize
its just > it's just
or each other > of each other
seperate > separate
realise > realize
bussiness like > bussinesslike


with there sources > with other resources
favour > favor [multiple]
favours > favors
Loth's > Lolth's


it's family > its family


realise > realize [multiple]
existance > existence
rumours > rumors
humour > humor
cowards > coward's


brining > bringing


queit > quiet
organisation > organization [multiple]
tantalising > tantalizing


recognised > recognized
lain before > laid before


specialise > specialize
tounge > tonque
realised > realized


humilation > humiliation
realises > realizes
desireable > desirable


refering > referring [multiple]


then any other > than any other


extra curricular > extracurricular
ladies man > ladies' man
some time > sometime
mislike > dislike
civilised > civilizes


standby > stand by
alot > a lot [multiple]


then a mere > than a mere
loose control > lose control
succubi > succubus
more then that > more than that
daughters death > daughter's death
is a unhealthy > is an unhealthy
surperior > superior
Prehaps > Perhaps
distiguish > distinguish
greatful > grateful


sorceror > sorcerer [multiple]
favour > favor
Eriscdottir > Ericsdottir
each others secrets > each other's secrets
need you help > need your help
not too mention > not to mention
Makessa Demuir > Markessa Demuir
sarcasim > sarcasm


smiles upon you > smile upon you
anyway I can > any way I can
its one small > it's one small [multiple]
sofly > softly


lets take > let's take
that the have > that they have

this complete my review of the .D files included in 0.53 and 0.53a

In Topic: Bug Report for 0.53

10 January 2012 - 01:25 PM

a few more typos;


run away > runaway
haven't never > haven't ever [might be intentional?]


human corpes > human corpses [multiple]


he petite > her petite
colour's > color's
Oakhust > Oakhurst


except Shar > accept Shar


would't > wouldn't
defence > defense


themselves > one's self
Cromyr > Cormyr


Cromyr > Cormyr


each others > each other's
on going down > of going down


colours > colors
colour > colour
am omen > an omen


you hands > your hands
Shaaran > Sharan


it self > itself
adamantum > adamantine [multiple occurances] [this is a new item reference to a chain, other uses of the adamantine ore including adamantine chain mail use the adamantine spelling]

still another 20 .D files to spellcheck and then a few other text files like the setup files to check.

didn't play CA last night, had to watch my Crimson Tide play a little football.