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In Topic: Still Interested

12 April 2009 - 11:53 PM

Everything comes to those who wait... eventually :)

This mod is turning into a lifetime's work it seems, but after a long absence I am back on the case. I can't promise deadlines or anything like that, but I will be working on this mod steadily (if slowly) from now on - provided there is still some interest. Even if the game's modding community dies off, for as long as SHS is around to host I'm not giving up on Chrysta. Watch this space for more details soon :)

This is cause for celebration.  *Passes out cheap beer* :cheers:

In Topic: The Mod for the Wicked!

15 January 2009 - 08:49 AM

Oooh! I dont think its been mentioned.. But how about some more dialogue with those two pesky fellows outside the Copper coronet?

v- -v
"You there! Out of my way!"
"Calm down Corvail, something something.."
"Shut your mouth dwarf, you there! I said - get your stinking hide out of the way!"

^- Those guys -^

Like an option to pay one of them to kill the other! That would make the brief, pesky interuption loads more entertaining.

The 'something something' is "you know mr f doesn't like you killing people in the streets"  Personally...I'd like an opportunity to find out who Mr F is.