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BWS Modified Tactics Playthrough Bugs Tracking

24 December 2014 - 09:40 AM

Hello Everyone,
It's been quite a few years since I last played a mega modification and I find the urge to experience Baldur's gate once again. I'm happy to see that this community is still active and work on the BWP has progressed this much.
I've recently used BWS to install a trimmed down version of the Tactics pre-selection and have begun my journey. I'm using this thread to track some of the bugs and oddities I've encountered. I'll try to keep the content to only bugs that I have not been able to find resolutions for. I have some programming experience and I'm familiar with some advanced windows OS options so you can tailor your responses accordingly. I'm also willing to help track down bugs and perhaps try and fix them; however, I do not have much experience working with the engine.
Notes about the installation:
- I trimmed out a large number of NPCs.
- I copied over the Finch BWP fix from the 14.2 fixpack as I couldn't install her without it using the 14.3 installpack.
- I had to manually install BG Romantic Encounters, but that's been documented as a limitation of the BWS.
So far I have encountered a couple minor bugs that don't affect story progression:

  • Kurtz Goldenaxe from TeamBG Weapon Pack will give an assertion failure in CStore.cpp Line 241. I've attached the baldur.err log
  • The Friends Spell (SPWI107.SPL) does not give a charisma boost instead appears to show a meteor storm like effect.
    • I've fixed/hacked this problem by modifying and copying over Imoen's innate friends spell abilities.
    • I've attached the change log. It appears that the 'Hypnotic Pattern: BWP Fix' in 'Lost Crossroads Spell Pack' caused this problem. I've attached a zip file with the SPL changes. 
      • After some more digging it looks like the changes made by the Lost Crossroads Spellpack should give the cha bonus, but all it's doing is showing the animation for a meteor shower instead of giving the cha bonus. Has anyone else seen this behavior?

Thanks for your time and help!


- M