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Fiars Beta 004

24 November 2012 - 02:37 AM


The more I wait, the harder it is to do this. So, for those of you whom I have selfishly betrayed by disappearing, here is the mod. It's almost certain to have some bug or miss something. I think some romance conflicts haven't been implemented. Maybe I will be inspired if someone actually reports a bug. Or has a suggestion.

No, I haven't been working on improving the mod lately. I've been delaying doing a test play personally, and it doesn't look like I'm going to do it soon. So this mod isn't really finished. Also, the voice actor has been lazy. :P

Feel free to install if you want to risk it, or open the text files to read.

** To meet Fiars in game, talk to Lenna at the Copper Coronet and take her quest. **

On the brighter side, modding BG has taught me a lot about programming/scripting. From zero knowledge to some knowledge. I am happy to have started it at a young age. Of course, when they taught me C at school, it was completely different, but I was so glad to have had at least some experience with compiling things and some understanding of how things have to be connected, some basic feel for programming (even if you call this stuff scripting). I think I've come a long way since, but have in mind that these scripts were written at zero knowledge level.