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In Topic: Welcome to SHS!

24 March 2007 - 05:44 AM

Fade is one of the best NPC mods I have ever played, her abscence would be devastating for at least 150% of those who play mods.

Actually I have yet to play her. I hate trying NPCs without ToB content so I was waiting most (im)patiently.

On another note this is LoveBug/Xenshail from CoM.

I just hope we don't have to wait to years for the Bhaal Content of the Fade mod to come out. Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for her.  ;)  Great job so far.


In Topic: Fade's Final quest

24 March 2007 - 05:25 AM

I reckon Tactics overwrites the scripts assigned to the areas, so any changes Fade makes are erased. Try installing Fade after Tactics and see if that changes anything (it should).

I'll try what you said and see if it dont work. After all I do have her installed before the Tactics mod.

As for looking for empty rooms or building try there are several in the game there is a few in Waukeens Promenade don't have the xy co-ordinates but I could get them for you. And like I mentioned before there is the big 2 story house in the center of the Bridge District. I could probably find some more for you if your interested. :cheers:

In Topic: Roll Call! Testers needed...

07 March 2007 - 07:13 PM

I'm still here, of course, and more than willing to test. I think hotmail accepts .exe files, so Ernie_be@hotmail.com should work (I have no qualms about posting it in public, since it's my junk mail address :)). If not, I'll PM you another one.

If your still looking for beta testers for the Fade mod I'm more than willing to test her out. Currently I'm just finishing up the last of the Amn portion. All I need to do is the Sewers and than I can head out to Suldaneslar<sp>

Currently have
Main Character

Usually I've all ready got the sewers done before I go to Spellhold but I didn't this time. Bodhi is dead for the final time.

BTW love the way for which you had it to bring her back. A great change from the Norm. I got lucky and didn't have to go to every priest in the game to find out which one it was. You see I had to go to my thieves guild any way so I started with the preast there in the docs first and got lucky. LOL

Great mod so far. Looking forward to the Bhaal part of the mod.

BTW my email is either of the two: redneck1st@hotmail.com or redneck_1st@yahoo.com


In Topic: Problem With the game

07 March 2007 - 06:58 PM

First off i love this mod! But I think there may be a problem with it. I just finished The Underdark and I was going to go to Watcher's Keep but I got there and then The movie voice the tells about Watchers keep didn't work instead it said Gloves of Feathertouch. And then I went to talk to one of the people that stand in front of the keep and it said Root of the Problem and gave some of the stats and stuff for. What is going on! Any help would be welcome.
P.S. I have these mods installed
Ashes of Embers
BG2 Tweaks
D0 Tweaks
Dugeon Be Gone
Dark Ritual
Weimer's Item Upgrade(new version)
Unfinished business
Quest Pack

If you need anything else just ask!

Well now I've got some of the same mods installed as you do including Weimers Tactics mod and haven't had any problems with the Fade mod going to WK. Sounds to me it might have to do with a concflict of the Gloves of Feather touch which I don't have in my possession. Never bought them. Not even sure which mod they are from.

If you are still in AMN leave the gloves in your strong hold.<not sure if you got the multi strong holds or not> and than try and go to WK and see what happens.


In Topic: Fade's Final quest

07 March 2007 - 06:44 PM

You could move him to the exterior :) Or maybe on one of the roofways above Maevar's guild or in one of the taverns there.

btw, I also noticed this final quest does not give a journal entry.

You could also move him to the Two story house in the middle of the Bridge District as well. The one for which just across from the 5 flagons inn After all there is many empty rooms there that nobody has yet to use. And I've yet to figure what that house is actually for in all the years for which I've played the game.

Also I believe that there is a couple of conflicts between the Tactics mod and the fade romance.

1. Having the lich in the docs part of the mod won't let her quest activate in Chapter 6.

2. The other one is when she gets kidnapped in the beginning if you have the improved Guarded Compound; which is another part of the Tactics module she or the guy guarding her won't show up.

Only once I removed both of this parts of the module would the above be able to work properly.

Not sure if it's due to the fact that I've got the Fade mod installed before the Tactics mod or not. Anyone else with any ideas?

BTW would love to compliment you on the Bodhi part of the Fade mod. Loved the way for which you had to bring her back. Sure put a great twist into the game.<G>

Looking forward to the Bhaal portion of the mod. If your looking for a beta tester I'm game.<G>