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02 April 2007 - 10:37 AM

I have a suggestion for an un-joinable NPC character mod. I don?t know the first thing about modding, so I?m just throwing this up for grabs if anyone thinks it has merit. I was reading through older posts and came upon the "Conflict with Bhaal-Hunters" post. While it didn?t appeal to my style of play, I think the general concept is great. My thinking was a single NPC Assassin ?Bhaal Hunter?, a Boba Fett kind of character that follows you through the entire trilogy attempting to assassinate the PC at various stages. Some random thoughts on the matter:

Be randomly spawned, say, once each chapter so PC would never know when to expect it to increase replay value.

She/He can incorporate dialog at each appearance that gives the PC bits and pieces of his/her story.  

Dialog options that lead to resolution, either a final showdown or some peaceful resolution, something in the vein of The Operative from Firefly

Should probably be able to choose between PC and other Bhaal Spawn NPC party members as primary targets at random in each appearance for variety and consistency

Would have to be able to automatically flee before being killed to ensure consistency in constant reappearance

Increases in ability proportionately to the PC and party increase in power to always provide a challenge

Anyone think this is worthy of further development?