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DM: Nicos Gift

05 April 2010 - 10:33 AM

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File Name: Nicos Gift
File Submitter: nicoroshi
File Submitted: 05 Apr 2010
File Category: Weapons/Armour

Nicos Gift version 4.0

Reason for this mod:

Originally these swords were to be a part of a quest mod. I originally created them at the request of a friend of mine,

and then continued work on the mod as my daughter showed interest in doing voice acting for it.

My daughter lost interest, and with her loss of interest my will to continue work on this disappeared.

I could not stomach these never making it to the community so I have released these as a modder's resource in the hopes

that someone would create a mod that needed swords like this.

Enclosed is an .esp that places the weapons at Azura's shrine (just to the right of the altar) for those who just would

like to have them in their game.

I hope you enjoy them.

What this mod includes:

This mod adds 3 dual sets of blades, and one 2 handed blade all based on the same design.

They are:

Dual Daggers

Dual Longswords

A Shortsword, and off-hand dagger

And a Claymore

They are just to the right of Azura's shrine on the ground.

They have custom scripted effects that will occur at random times during strike, and also based upon the player's condition.

!!!They are intended for higher level characters!!!


My friend Hobbs created flipped versions for the off-hand daggers for the short sword/dagger, and dual daggers sets.

I have (with his permission) included these for use in this resource for those that would like reversed off-hand blades.

Requirements, and Conflicts:

This mod requires Oblivion version 1.2.0416

There are no conflicts that I am aware of as this mod only adds new meshes, textures, icons, and scripts.

Known issues:

The off-hand daggers are different for the dual daggers, and shortsword/dagger sets. They are not interchangable.

The scripts reference the editor IDs for the items so the auto equip of the off-hand wil not work if the wrong off-hand dagger is

in your inventory.

The dual sets will appear in the menu in your character's hand as the dual model if you open the menu with the set

sheathed. Nothing I can do about that but recommend if it bothers you to only open the menu with the set un-sheathed.

Installation Instructions:

Unpack the mod to a known location (Not your oblivion folder please).

Open the unpacked file, and find the folder marked "Data".

Right click copy to folder that Data folder into your Oblivion folder (Normally located at C:\Program Files\ Bethesda Softworks\ Oblivion.

At the Windows prompt to overwrite files with the same name answer, "Yes to All"

(Don't worry all the files in this mod are uniquely named, and this will only add them to your Oblivion installation).

Start up Oblivion, and in the Under the Data header be sure to place a checkmark next to the mod's name so it will load

with Oblivion.

Play, and enjoy.

Uninstall Instructions:

Remove the .esp from your Data folder.

If you'd also like to remove the files they can be found in folders marked "Nico".

A simple Windows search for "Nico" should lead you right to them.

Thanks, and Apologies:
Thanks to:

Hobbs for his asking me to make these to begin with, and his work on the custom scripted effects for the blades.

Bethesda for a wonderful game.

Kit Rae for the original idea, and design of the Mithrodin sword that these are based off of.

My thanks,and deepest apologies to:

DarkRider,and WhoGuru for their work on Oblivion realms for the quest mod that was never completed.

I am truly sorry that your hard work isn't included in this release.


This mod is free to use as a modder's resource so long as credit is given for my, and Hobbs original work.

Change Log:

V_1 Initial release
V_2 Added missing .esp file (Oops!)
V_3 Added Extras folder which includes models, and instructions for those that would like the off-hand daggers facing backward.
V_4 Repaired file path mistake on reversed off-hand dagger model included in version 3.

Author's note:

I am unsure if I shall ever mod for Oblivion again. I thank all who supported ,and helped me along the way.

This mod is dedicated to the modders who have made Oblivion so much more than it could have been by itself.

May some of you find use for these in your creations.

Click here to download this file

[WIP] Sword model for upcoming quest mod

22 September 2009 - 07:31 PM


I was contacted by a good friend, and fellow modder Hobbs about creating another quest mod like 'Arrows of the Ayleid King' that he, FFF, and I made a while ago.
Intrigued I accepted.
We hashed out the basic idea (based on my favorite quest from Tribunal to rebuild Trueflame) of a legendary sword shattered many eons ago (working out details of circumstances currently) that the player will obtain the first piece of, and clues to find the remainder (when in doubt talk to the quest giver ;) ).
I found a great picture of a fantasy sword designed by Kit Rae, and knew it was the one.
Kit Rae concept art
I have modeled this sword, and textured it but found it's proportions inconsistent with Oblivion animations so I then modified my model per suggestions on Bethesda's offical forums.
Renders of original model I created (un-textured)
As work progressed it was decided that a single sword was kinda boring, and dual long blades that would either sheath crossed on the back or as two blades on the side (like I did for Nico's Scimitars Mod).
This again we felt didn't leave options for those of different playing styles so a two handed version was born followed by a short sword with dagger.
It was decided that during the quest the option would be given to the player to decide how the pieces found would be re-forged based on their own preference.
Bethesda Forums WIP thread for reference

Here's some pictures for your viewing pleasure

Dual wield long swords

Short video of the auto equip off hand , and model switching script in action

Two handed sword version

Dagger, and short sword version

Short sword, and dagger action shot

I am still in need of an EPIC name for the blade(s), and perhaps a tie in with the lore for the quest.

Thanks for looking,