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In Topic: Notes, Oddities and Possible Bugs in My BWP Game (Spoilers)

03 September 2016 - 11:40 AM

:whistling: Never noticed that copy, thanks again 10th. :cheers:
Rechecking that problem and fixing it for future installs.
Nice to see after some time. :coolthumb:

Yeah, I am still lurking from time to time.

But for fixing that for future installs you have to keep in mind that there is another creature in that copy folder.

In Topic: Notes, Oddities and Possible Bugs in My BWP Game (Spoilers)

30 August 2016 - 10:47 AM

Breagar NPC: Change-log reveals that Revised Battles "???overwrites???" Master Brain (UDMASTER.CRE) removing Sapphire (ACSTONE2.ITM) from inventory and Uldar NPC overwrites Kuo-Toa Prince (UDPRINCE.CRE) removing Emerald (ACSTONE1.ITM) from inventory.

From RevisedBattles.TP2:

COPY_EXISTING ~udmaster.CRE~    ~override~
  PATCH_IF (SOURCE_SIZE > 0x2d3) THEN BEGIN // protects against invalid files
    WRITE_LONG    0x14        ~22780~        // XP
    WRITE_LONG    0x1c        ~2000~        // Gold Carried
    WRITE_SHORT    0x24        ~300~            // Current HP
    WRITE_SHORT    0x26        ~300~            // Maximum HP
    WRITE_SHORT    0x46        ~-5~            // AC Natural
    WRITE_SHORT    0x48        ~-5~            // AC Effective
    WRITE_BYTE    0x52        ~0~            // THAC0
    WRITE_BYTE    0x54        ~-10~            // Save vs. Death
    WRITE_BYTE    0x55        ~-10~            // Save vs. Wand
    WRITE_BYTE    0x56        ~-10~            // Save vs. Polymorph
    WRITE_BYTE    0x57        ~-10~            // Save vs. Attacks
    WRITE_BYTE    0x58        ~-10~            // Save vs. Spells
    WRITE_BYTE    0x59        ~50~            // Resist Fire
    WRITE_BYTE    0x5a        ~50~            // Resist Cold
    WRITE_BYTE    0x5b        ~50~            // Resist Electricity
    WRITE_BYTE    0x5c        ~50~            // Resist Acid
    WRITE_BYTE    0x5d        ~50~            // Resist Magic
    WRITE_BYTE    0x5e        ~50~            // Resist Magical Fire
    WRITE_BYTE    0x5f        ~50~            // Resist Magical Cold
    ADD_CRE_ITEM            ~POTN52~    #5 #0 #0    ~NONE~    ~QITEM1~
    ADD_CRE_ITEM            ~B#AMUL02~    #0 #0 #0    ~NONE~    ~AMULET~


I don't understand why ADD_CRE_ITEM overwrites Inventory 1 aka Sapphire (ACSTONE2.ITM).

You have to look deeper ^^

A few rows above that you have this:
COPY ~RevisedBattles/brain/cre~			~override~

And if you open that folder you will notice that there is an udmaster.cre which will destructively overwrite any changes before it, and which will then get patched by the few lines you posted...