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[Release] BGT-WeiDU version 1.05a

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Posted 01 November 2007 - 03:29 AM

Baldur's Gate Trilogy-WeiDU v1.05a has been released! Get it from the usual places (http://www.shsforums...showtopic=23549) when it is uploaded to the servers. Check the SHS mirror for first availability. Changes from BGT-WeiDU v1.04 are available at http://www.shsforums...showtopic=24822.

Among bugfixes and a few gameplay changes, this version introduces a Simplified Chinese translation and the option of auto-installation, which simplifies large mega-modification installs.
You might also notice a few changes to the installation process, in that the final DOS portion of the installation runs straight after the WeiDU portion without having to press a key, a complete installation of BG:TotSC is verified in the BG:TotSC installation directory specified, and installation of music for BGT-WeiDU has been separated from the installation of a custom GUI for BGT-WeiDU, both of which are optional.
Finally, due to these and other changes in this release, you must start a new game. Continuation of saved games from older versions of BGT-WeiDU may result in crashes-to-desktop or game-breaking bugs.

Go to http://www.shsforums...showtopic=30146 for problems with the GUI installation in the 3 Nov 2007 release of BGT-WeiDU v1.05a.

Check here regularly for updates for known bugs and issues to be resolved. Please DO NOT post bugs in this topic, else they will be moved or deleted.

This page last updated: 23 Dec 2007

French - reviewing
Russian - reviewing
Simplified Chinese - completion of translation required
Traditional Chinese - completion of translation required

Changes for BGT-WeiDU v1.05b
Installation changes
- Added Traditional Chinese translation
- CHANT0*.WAV are imported from the Baldur?s Gate I installation to cater for some editions of Baldur?s Gate II lacking them
- Corrected importation of soundsets from Castilian and French Baldur?s Gate I installations
- Corrected partial corruption of some items (these did not have any effects in-game)
- Removal of headers from extracted text of Baldur?s Gate and Tales of the Sword Coast now works properly
- Updated to BiggDU v203 (BIFFed files no longer become lower-case in NearInfinity)

Bug fixes
- Corrected bad facing when entering the cave in the Gnoll Stronghold area
- Corrected charmed behaviour of multiple NPCs
- Corrected Long Bow of Marksmanship proficiency to Long Bow
- Corrected Plate Mail +3 minimum strength to 11
- Corrected a few typos in the English text
- Corrected proficiency description for Eagle Bow, Long Bow of Marksmanship, Mace +2, Sword of Balduran, and Werebane
- Corrected Sword of Balduran weapon proficiency to Bastard Sword
- Fixed a bug where Greagan?s Harp was usable by the Monk class
- Fixed a bug where Xan?s Moonblade was undroppable and had incorrect usability data
- Fixed a bug where a letter from Sarevok to Rashad (SCRL2R.ITM) had no description
- Kill counters for Reevor?s rats and Drizzt gnolls should now work correctly, even after mass area-of-effect killing
- Provided that the protagonist has maximum hit points greater than 3, the protagonist will no longer die from Irenicus? experiments upon transition into Shadows of Amn

Gameplay changes
- Chapter incrementation will still occur if the player retrieves Mulahey?s documents before killing Mulahey outside his den, but does not re-enter his den
- Normal Katanas and Wazikashis will now shatter (if the weapons are introduced by another mod)
- Removed armor and shield shattering

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