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Posted 07 December 2011 - 10:51 PM

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I've always wanted to do a Let's Play of the greatest mod compilation of Baldur's Gate II. Good mods, bad mods, all mods. A celebration of the work that has been going into this game and this community for about 10 years now. And I started doing it on the Something Awful forums. It's actually still in progress there, but I realize that not everybody can access it. So I wanted to re-post it here and let more people read it. Let's get started![/size][/font][/color]
Let's Play Rules
I want to set down some ground rules to make the game more interesting.

1. Semi-hardcore mode: What happens, happens. I will only reload if I die. I don't expect to be able to do this Ironman style, although that's my goal. But if Minsc gets disintegrated, then he's gone. But this mod brings in so many additional NPCs that replacing a dead one is no trouble. In fact, with enough treasure we can bribe random dudes on the street (or even animals, golems, beholders, dragons...) to join our party. As long as one NPC lives in the Sword Coast we will never be without cannon fodder friends. I also won't cheat in any way.

2. Blissful Ignorance Roleplaying: I need to make this a game I want to play, so I've picked my own character. He is a chaotic neutral wild mage. He's wild mage because I want to play a wild mage, and he's chaotic neutral because you all are the voices in his crazy wild mage head that he listens to in order to make decisions. I will poll the thread for every major plot decision, and go with whatever vote is the majority. That's about as chaotic neutral as things can possibly get. Make yourselves heard! Also, there are so, so many mods in this game that its practically brand-new. I worry that if I spend hours on a German-language message board just to figure out the optimal path to take in yet another maze of conversation options I'll never finish the game. So if you want to help me out in research and meta-gaming I'd also appreciate it.

3. Class-changing characters: There are approximately 100 classes total now in this game, and while some of the characters that can join our party have been changed to new classes, some still haven't. Also, sometimes you just think a character would be great as another class. So sometimes I will change a character's class when I first meet them, or I will select some possibilities and let the thread vote on it. The three characters I've got in mind right now for modifications are Montaron becoming a Thug, Xan becoming a Bladesinger, and Coran becoming a Swashbuckler. You can brush up on the available classes by reading this 200 page PDF. Also, I will give full class descriptions during each vote.

4. Party Membership is a Democracy: The mechanics of this modded game allow us to tell almost all the characters we meet to go wait for us in a major inn, such as the Jovial Juggler in Beregost, or the Copper Coronet in Amn. Periodically, such as after 2 or 3 major quests are completed, we will have a party composition vote in the thread. Each thread poster has 5 votes, which they can use to either vote FOR or AGAINST any character to be a party member. You can use all 5 votes for one character, or spread them out. You can vote both positively and negatively. If you vote too many times, only the first 5 votes are counted. If there is a tie, the character with the least amount of negative votes wins. If there's a tie in both positive and negative votes, I'll flip a coin. After voting is closed, the top 5 characters will join the party until they die.

5. Resurrection Rest and Relaxation: All party members get resurrections on the party dime if they die, and we can afford it. However, after being resurrected, party members are required to have some rest and relaxation at the party inn. They will be kicked out and replaced with the next-most-popular character. This will give them time to get over their horrifying ordeal of death and let the other party members work through their guilt at letting them die. Best solution all around. In this way we will be able to switch out characters more often and showcase them all. (Don't worry about spreading the total xp too thin. There's enough xp in this game to open an xp shop.)

6. Game mechanics and commentary: I will transcribe everything that happens in-game into thread updates (I use OCR, don't worry about my fingers) in italics. I will describe what happens in tactical encounters as a kind of play-by-play commentary, also in italics. Finally, I will also include my own roleplaying stream-of-consciousness thoughts in italics as well, to provide motivations for what I do in-game. But when it's time to comment on the game itself or talk extensively about mechanics or bitch about the plot, I'll do that in normal text, and I'll preface it by saying "Gameplay note."


1. Why didn't you use <insert class="" here=""> or let us help you choose? I have a very specific Plan ™ for my character's progression as a wild mage and a Child of Bhaal. The chaotic nature of magic is extremely compelling to me from a storytelling perspective, and I plan to have my character be extremely superstitious of the random number generator. He will believe that the Magical Weave speaks to him through wild surges, and tailor his gameplay and spellcasting practices based on signs he appears to get from the Weave in the form of wild surges. If he does some type of magical tactic and he gets a bad wild surge, he will interpret it as the Weave not wanting him to do those types of things anymore. And if he gets a good wild surge, he will interpret that as approval of his actions. Also, later on there are other plot-related devices that I will inflict upon him. Finally, the mods in the BiG Picture make playing a wild mage more compelling than any other class, with special items, unique spells, and even a secret class that we could potentially convert to. So there's that. Also, when Irenicus captures me and tortures me for months in order to unlock my true potential, he's going to be successful. Don't worry, I'm not going to give myself a ton of xp. I'll still be entirely within the rules. But it's going to be good, trust me.

Also, there is a really frightening gameplay mechanics reason for playing a mage. I tested out quite a few different characters by starting them up in the Throne of Bhaal section of the game and playing around with them at the quite high levels you begin with. There's a demon that attacks you right away there, a difficult fight. And horrifyingly enough, he easily gibbed every single character that I rolled up. Druids, paladins, bards, fighters - all gibbed in about 10 seconds. Now the characters were solo, and only had the sub-par magical equipment that is automatically given to a new ToB character, but still. It was one demon! The only character to survive his attack was a bladesinger. The bladesinger managed to cast Summon Fallen Planetar and then Energy Blades. The Energy Blades were the only weapons that ever hurt the demon, contrary to everything in the new character starter kit. And the Fallen Planetar was the only summoned creature that could stand up to the demon (the Planetar managed to vorpal his ass in about 3 rounds). So I decided that in order to actually survive this game, I would have to be someone who could summon Planetars. That meant either be a mage or a cleric. And since I want to become a god, that ruled out clerics.

2. How do you feel about spoilers for the original game's plot? The original games are old, and there's already Let's Plays all the way until Throne of Bhaal. I'm trying to focus on and emphasize the number and scope of the mods, and how they add to, differ from, and perhaps subtract from the original game. So I'm totally fine with people referencing everything in the original game without spoilers. Besides, there are so many changes that what people think are spoilers may not be. One of the best things I am looking forward to is people losing their shit and saying, "But it was supposed to be <original way="">! It is now <modded way="">?! Holky fuck!"

3. How do I install this myself? Theoretically you should be able to simply download the Big World Project installer and the Big World Project pdf and follow the pdf exactly to install the Big World Project. However, there are some common misunderstandings and hiccups that always seem to come up.

First most common problem is that you should not use the beta installer, which despite being a more recent file with a higher version number in the same file collection, does not work. It is called BiG World Setup v9.10, and it doesn't work. Don't use it.

Another common problem is that you must make sure to have a full installation of Baldur's Gate I on your hard drive, preferably installed to a very simple directory to type such as C:/baldur. You should start BG1 and save a game after you have installed it. Later on, during the batch file installation of the Big World Project, the install script will seem to stop and a cursor will appear. If you don't catch the note, this is the prompt for you to enter in your BG1 installation path, which in this example would be C:/baldur. Hence the easy-to-type directory advice.

Still another common problem is you MUST have a full installation of Baldur's Gate II and Throne of Bhaal with patch 26498 installed to &#46;&#46;/BGII - SoA. For some reason the installer requires that exact directory name. It can be anywhere, but it needs to be named that. Also you should start a game and save a game in both the Shadows of Amn and Throne of Bhaal portions of the game, just as you did with BG1, before beginning installation.

Another common misunderstanding is what the Big World Setup program actually does. It downloads, extracts, and updates all of the mods you tell it to, and arranges a custom batch file to install them all. But then you have to click on the batch file yourself and run it. You should expect the process to take anywhere between 6 to 24 hours depending on a lot of variables. You can run the Big World Setup program multiple times to make sure that everything is exactly the way you want it to be, and you probably should. Some files may be hosted on sites that are slow, or currently down, and a second, third, or fourth try may be what it takes to get a complete set of install files. Also, running the program several times will familiarize you with the possible options, so you can make better-informed choices. Nothing is set in stone until you end the Big World Setup program and start the batch file, so take your time.

Sometimes the Big World Setup program will not be able to find some mods automatically. There may be timeouts or naming inconsistencies. During the install the Big World Setup will inform you of those and allow you the opportunity to download the mods manually, fix the typos yourself, or just say fuck it and move on without those mods. Up to you. If you do choose to download the mods manually, then you can use this site to track them down.

If you have more specific questions about the install, you should ask in the Spellhold Studios Mega-mod Help forum.

And finally, according to the GOG Baldur's Gate forum if you buy BG1 or BG2 there they both come in the condition you need to start the install, no further patching or whatnot necessary.

4. How do I change NPC classes or kits, like changing Khalid to a Duskblade or Rose to a White Dragon Disciple? To change NPC character kits, you have to follow a bit of a complicated procedure using Shadow Keeper, the BG2 save game editor. Shadow Keeper can change the kits of any NPC for you, but it doesn't have all the data it needs to name them. So you have to first discover the value by making a character with that kit, then copy the value from one save to another. I'll give an example of changing Minsc to a Feralan, but the procedure works with all kits.

1. Download, extract, and run Shadow Keeper. It can run in the background of BG2 no problem.
2. Fire up BG2, and save your current game with the NPC whose class you want to change in the party. Save it with an easy name to remember, like "Change Minsc to Feralan."
3. Exit your current game and start a new one.
4. Create a new character for yourself that uses the Feralan kit.
5. Save the game with a name you can easily remember, like "Generic Feralan".
6. If you have a full-screen BG2 game going, just press Alt-f4 to close BG2 and get the little popup window that says "Are you sure you want to quit? Boo will miss you..." Ignore that window and switch to Shadow Keeper.
7. In Shadow Keeper, open up both save games "Generic Feralan" and "Change Minsc to Feralan."
8. In the save "Change Minsc to Feralan," use the scroll bar under your character portrait to change the selected character to Minsc.
9. Write down the amount of XP that Minsc currently has, like 9882.
10. On the Abilities tab (default tab you should be looking at already) change Minsc's Base HP and Current HP to 1. Change THAC0 to 20. Change Experience to 0. Change Levels to 0/0/0.
11. On the Characteristic tab (next one after Abilities) change Class if necessary.
12. Then select the "Generic Feralan" save. Look at that character's Characteristic tab. Click on the Set Value button for the Kit. A small window will pop up with two boxes in it, Value and Known. Copy the Value ... value, which will be something like "0x40A70000". This is the Feralan kit value.
13. Then press cancel, select your game save that you called "Change Minsc to Feralan" and again click on the Set Value button. Paste the value that you copied earlier, and press OK. You should have changed the Value from "0x00000000" to "0x40A70000". That will give the kit to Minsc.
14. Go to the Memorization tab and erase all spells.
15. Go to the Innate tab and erase all Innate abilities.
16. Go to the Wizard tab and erase all spells.
17. Go to the Priest tab and erase all spells.
18. Go to the Proficiencies tab and erase all proficiencies.
19. Go to the Thieves tab and set all thief skills to 0.
20. Save the game in Shadow Keeper. It will be called "Change Minsc to Feralan (Edited 0001)"
21. Alt-tab back to the confirmation dialog for BG2 and select No to get back to BG2.
22. Load the game "Change Minsc to Feralan (Edited 0001)"
23. Minsc should level up from 0 to 1 on game load. Click his Record, level him up, and press ok. This will give him all the stats and skills and hit points and what-have-you for his new kit.
24. Then give Minsc back the xp he used to have, which in this example is 9882. You can do that by pressing CTRL-Space and using the cheat code CLUAConsole:SetCurrentXP("9882")
25. Level Minsc up to the level that his current xp allows and continue the game as normal.

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The Monk is always out to keep a wild mage down. But the Weave, she speaks to me. Together we work our collective will on this brittle, cracking world.
Playing the Big World Project Let's Play both here and on the Something Awful forums.

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Members of the elite Golden Company, a select band of adventurers and problem-solvers who travel with the beautiful and terrible Syvishtar(a), Last Student of the Fallen Magical School of Ulcaster, Golden Avatar of the Wild Will of the Weave, and Lover of Many Persons!

Posted Image Posted Image Alora: A level 11 halfling Burglar with 110 in Open Locks and Find Traps, 135 in pick Pockets, and 100 in Detect Illusion. She is a specialist in Clubs, Maces, and Slings. She is also a specialist in Single Weapon Style.

Imoen met Alora first in the Hall of Wonders at night, as Imoen was inside trying to steal the telescope. She at first almost had a heart attack, thinking Imoen was a guard, but then recognized her as a fellow thief. She offered to join us, and we accepted, temporarily sending Edwin back to the Elfsong. She and Imoen had a grand old time stealing Entar Silverhshield's entire fortune right out from under his nose. As we were all tearing through the streets they were laughing uproariously. Alora demanded that we have a party as soon as we got back to the Elfsong, and Imoen started begging right along with her. How could I say no? We had a great time, of course, and chose to keep Alora with us rather than Jaheira. She is always a source of joy and happiness, actually saying things like "Happy happy joy joy!" while thieving. I didn't know it was possible to have a thief more bubbly than Imoen, but Alora may be it!

Posted Image Posted Image Bjornin: A level 7 human Dragonslayer. He is a Specialist in Spears, Halberds, and Two Handed Weapon Style.

A paladin we first met resting up in the Jovial Juggler in Beregost. He told us he had been recently defeated by a band of half-ogres southwest of Beregost. Asked us to get his vengeance. We said we'd keep an eye out. We found the half-ogres at Fisherman's Lake and the party of Bub Snikt, Finch, Imoen, Gavin, Viconia, and I took them out without any injuries. He was very grateful to us and offered us a magical shield. We accepted. We eventually won him over with gifts of gold and jewelry, and he joined up with us!

Besides Ajantis, he is the only other paladin we have met. He did well in battle, killing steadily with his spear, until I got him and everyone else killed in the Valley of the Tombs trying to defend ourselves against some amazonian mercenaries. We sent him back to rest in the Jovial Juggler again, which is ironic, because he was the inspiration for us sending people to rest in the Jovial Juggler to recuperate from their wounds in the first place.

Much, much later, after we had flooded the Cloakwood Mines, we heard of a dragon threatening the area around Nashkel from Morninglord Jarent of Lathander. We immediately went back to the Jovial Juggler and picked up Bjornin for his expertise. The man was made for this day - I would not deny him his first dragon kill! When we finally met the dragon, the party of myself, Conchobhair Strongblade, Bjornin, Jet'laya, Imoen, and Bardo Furfoot slew the dragon and plundered its hoard.

Shortly after that, though, we met an elf ranger named CuChoinneach, and opted to have him take Bjornin's place. The old knight went back to rest in the Jovial Juggler once again.

Posted Image Posted Image Black Bear: A level 4 bear Monk.

With the help of Kivan, we found and tamed Black Bear in the Coast Way, just before heading to Baldur's Gate. He's the happiest bear we've ever known. We took him with us on our first attempt to get to Baldur's Gate, but we were ambushed by Section Operatives. We found a key on their corpses and a note that their secret base was in Beregost, right next to the Thunderhammer Smithy. We decided to go after them right then, and Black Bear was fearless against the hordes of Operatives and Elites down in their insanely-big base. But halfway through, Black Bear was taken out by a random Section Elite. He seems to have learned a lot from this experience, and is now wise in the ways of the world as a monk. He is also resting in the Elfsong tavern in Beregost, quite close to Faldorn.

Posted Image Posted Image Branwen: A level 5 human Battleguard of Tempus who knows level 1, level 2, and level 3 cleric spells. She is a Specialist in War Hammers and proficient in Slings as well.

She was a statue in the middle of the Nashkel Carnival. We bought a Stone to Flesh scroll from a nearby gnome and turned her back to normal. She was grateful and agreed to join our battle party, and she didn't care what we were fighting. I liked her right away! She told Viconia she thought drow battle tactics were cowardly. She also asked me once if I ever doubted myself. She seemed both shocked and relieved when I said I doubted myself all the time. When we got to Bear River an Ogre Berseker killed her in the middle of combat, and we let her rest in favor of using Kagain.

We picked her up again after we exited the Nashkel Mines, because Minsc had to be let go and Finch was dead. She and I talked a lot about our childhoods and I started to notice how enticingly she filled out a set of platemail armor. But then she died along with the rest of my party to some amazonian mercenaries in the Valley of the Tombs and I let her rest at the Jovial Juggler for a while.

After our first failed raid on the bandit camp, we returned and added her to the party again. By this time I was a woman. She began to take an almost motherly interest in Kivan, trying to make sure he slept well by offering him potions despite his objections. Then, she and I started to have a... thing together. She called it love, but I wasn't sure at first. She didn't seem to mind that I was a woman; in fact I think she relished it. She demanded that I kiss her once, right in front of everyone, in a warehouse in Restenford. It was our first time. She then invited me to share the fireside with her, and then her bed, that night at the Inn.

At first she was quite frank and joyful about her new love towards me, and I found it flattering, uncomplicated, and most importantly, tasteful. She also looked triumphantly awesome in her blue crystal platemail we got from those bastards we killed who were sieging the Song of the Morning Temple.

Over time, though, she became increasingly distraught about something. She said she cared for me too much, and that she no longer loved battle. Instead she worried about me getting hurt and only wanted to have lazy days of love with us together, rather than a lifetime of conflict, as her god dictated. Our romance had given her a crisis of faith! I told her that we could work through it together, but she eventually told me that it couldn't work between us, and that we were through. She stopped sleeping in my bed. She still strode forth on the battlefield and smote all our enemies, though. I did not know what to think. She also started flirting with other people - Kivan, Safana, and even random dudes on the street. She was killing me.

But Imoen caught her brushing her hair in a flirtatious way in my presence when we were in the Bone Hill castle ruins, and accused Branwen of still caring for me. Imoen wouldn't let her go until she admitted it, and she finally did. She still had feelings for me, even though she was trying to hide them! I was almost overwhelmed with emotions: relief at Branwen's feelings, and gratitude towards my best friend Imoen. Later on, she approached Kivan with a question about going into battle with his wife. He set her straight about love - it does not diminish a person's battle prowess, but makes them more valiant. She took his words to ponder.

Unfortunately, the other problem with our relationship in Restenford was that she kept dying. Once I even killed her myself with a random spell-casted Cloudkill! I felt terrible about that, and dropped her off at the Jovial Juggler again as soon as we got back. We picked up Finch to take her place.

Posted Image Posted Image Bub Snikt: A level 4 human Berserker. He is a Master of Daggers and Proficient in Two Weapon Style.

Met him in the woods of the Northern Coast Way. Told us to keep low and quiet, that he could smell ogres on the breeze. We offered to let him join the party, and he said okay. Sounded southern, as in southern hemisphere. Didn't talk much though. After clearing the road between Beregost and Nashkel of bandits, we let him have some R&R at the Jovial Juggler and took Rose back under our wing.

We didn't really talk to him much until Shar-Teel died to one of my Cones of Cold from a random spell in the Cloakwood, and we decided to give him a second chance. He held his own with a dagger and tower shield, a silent but dependable member of the party. He lasted until the Cloakwood Crossing, when an ill-cast Web by Coran trapped him to be gangbanged by 4 baby wyverns, killing him in a moment. We let him get some R&R at the JJ again, and replaced him with Minsc.

Posted Image Posted Image Conchobhair Strongblade: A level 7 human Holy Swordsman who is a High Master of Two Handed Swords and is Proficient in Two Handed Weapon Style. He also carries around his own magical two-handed sword, Conchobhair's Dragonslayer.

He first approached us at the Nashkel Inn. We had been sent down to Nashkel by Morninglord Jarent of Lathander in order to slay a dragon that was said to be approaching the hamlet. Conchobhair offered his services to us as a professional dragon slayer, and we accepted. He was the third paladin we met, and seemed to be much less prissy than Ajantis was. He was in fact a quiet, cocky, competent fighter that practically slew the Green Forest Dragon all by himself, along with the party of myself, Bjornin, Jet'laya, Imoen, and Bardo.
He held his own against most of the undead in Castle Daerthmac, too, except when two Skeleton Lords both hit him with lightning bolts and then immediately got lucky with a sword strike. He went down too fast to heal. We had to kill Lord Daerthmac without him. We resurrected him at the Temple of Helm in Nashkel with our apologies and replaced him with Safana.

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Coran: A level 7 elf Huntsman with 80 in Open Locks, 98 in Move Silently, and 100 in Set Traps. His Backstab Damage is x3. He can create stun arrows and cast Web. He is also proficient in Long Swords and a Specialist in Long Bows.

We met him near the Cloakwood Lodge. We allowed him into the party and he immediately went off on a diatribe about orcs and how much he hates them. He went on to make fun of dwarves, humans, and halflings too. Funny guy. He and I seem to getting along great. Even though he is a little crass, he is a whole lot of fun! He has told us stories of other people he's met, bets won, adventures had. And he also suggested that we just drop everything and take off to go hunting somewhere else. We were sorely tempted, but ended up staying on target. He regaled us with tale after tale of his various adventures around the world. The elf seemed to never stop talking.

He said once that he would always be true to me, because there is never a dull moment around me. I laughed and said it would be the first time he'd ever be true to a woman if so. He said that women come and go, but true friends are forever, and that I was his true friend. How sweet. Too bad he was struck down by an ogre berserker when we assaulted the motte and bailey of the Cloakwood Mines a few minutes later. My strategy of surrounding myself with strangers fit to be killed instead of me isn't going to work out if they all turn out to be charming and interesting folk!

I was forced to switch him out for Kagain for a while, but then I brought him back in to replace Xzar when it was time to go to the Firewine. He seemed extremely interested in finding out what was at the Firewine. When we got there, he saw a ghost of a beautiful woman, and roped us into helping her restore some red roses. It turns out that she was a succubus, and took over his mind, and that of another thief nearby, via those roses. We were duped pretty badly by the whole experience but we managed to come out with a sweet spellcasting amulet. We unfortunately set loose a succubus on the planes, with powders that would let her travel freely between all the planes. Oops I guess?

When we got to Gullykin Coran was eviscerated in one blow by a bear, a freak accident. We let him have some rest and picked up Kivan.

Posted Image Posted Image Dynaheir: A level 2 human sorceress who knows a couple of level 1 spells. She is proficient in Darts.

She had been captured by gnolls and was being held at the Gnoll Stronghold being forced to do gods-know-what in their fighting pits. Minsc recruited the party of myself, Imoen, Shar-Teel, Viconia, and Gavin to aid him in rescuing her. In the same village we met Edwin, who hired us to aid him in killing her. We also took him on but didn't promise anything.

When we finally rescued her, 22 days later, we told her and Edwin to keep their personal disagreements to themselves, and considered the matter closed. She immediately asked us if we had seen her journal, which we had not. We stopped by the Dryad Falls on our way back to Beregost, and met up again with Drizzt, who asked us about a parchment he had found on some gnolls. It turned out to be one page of Dynaheir's journal. We agreed to split up and search the area for one day, then meet back up and see what we had found. Soon after Drizzt left, we were found by some gnolls that looked peaceful. They gave us a warning that the Old One had ordered many gnolls to find Dynaheir, and each had a piece of her journal with them. We accepted their warning, searched for the journal, but we needn't have bothered. Drizzt found it, and us, several days later.

During that time Dynaheir mysteriously died for no discernible reason, except that we all know it was Edwin, because he shouted out "Checkmate!" when we discovered her dead body in the morning. We resurrected her, of course. Also, Edwin later tried to steal Dynaheir's journal, but was thwarted by its ward and cryptographic scribblings.

When it was time to go to the Nashkel Mines, we chose to let Dynaheir rest at the Jovial Juggler. She's been there ever since.

Posted Image Posted Image Edwin: A level 5 human Conjurer who knows level 1, level 2, and level 3 spells. He is proficient in the Quarter Staff. By virtue of an heirloom amulet he is the most powerful mage in existence, able to cast 2 extra spells per level.

We met him on the bridge over the river in Nashkel where he said he wanted to kill the witch Dynaheir. We told him he could travel with us but we would not promise anything about killing. Minsc also said he would keep an eye on him.

He tried to position himself as the superior mage in the party, but I kept putting him back in his place. When we finally found Dynaheir, he became quite upset that I didn't kill her. He must have poisoned her or something himself because she dropped dead a few days later and I had to resurrect her. He also tried to steal her journal when she got it back, but she had warded it and he sheepishly gave it back to her. The man was getting on my ever-loving nerves, so I left him at the Jovial Juggler to relax. I hoped it would mellow him out, but it didn't.

We picked him up again when I got Thorfinn Hauskluniff killed by lightning in Feldepost's Inn. He lasted until the Valley of the Tombs, when he and everyone else in my group died to amazon mercenary bounty hunters from hell. I dropped him off again at the Jovial Juggler, a mite sheepishly.

He stayed there for many months while we ran to Restenford, and the Cloakwood, and flooded the mines there. We didn't talk to him again until after we got back from all those adventures, brought in the new year of 1370, and decided to explore the cave behind the Song of the Morning Temple. I decided to bring him along as expendable cannon fodder. He learned quite a few spells at the feet of Firebead Elvenhair after we recruited that mage, and became a dependable second-tier mageling. He was the go-to mage for just one more Magic Missile. But a freak accident with ogres led to his untimely demise in the Lonely Peaks, so I resurrected him and switched him out for Xzar.

After we were ambushed by Section Operatives on the way to Baldur's Gate, Imoen and Black Bear fell, so we picked up Edwin to take their place. He was with us when we killed the elves from Evermeet who were trying to keep us from Wyrm's Crossing, and took up one of the Elven Chainmails that are now the signature of the Golden Company of Syvishtar. He is becoming a pretty powerful mage in his own right, although much less so than myself.

Lately, Yeslick has been complaining a lot about him. The dwarf seems to especially dislike the mage. I can understand why, but I hope they don't come to blows. Quite frankly I don't think Edwin would survive the attempt.

Posted Image Posted Image Faldorn: A level 7 Shadow Druid who we met in the Cloakwood Grove who can cast level 1, level 2, level 3, and level 4 druid spells. She is proficient in Clubs, Maces, and Two Weapon Style.

We met druids who were hostile in the Cloakwood, and some who were not. One of those directed us to Faldorn, who was also burning with hatred for the Iron Throne, our chosen enemy in the wood, and promised to escort us to their lair. So we picked her up.

After a very dangerous fight in which we all almost died, I teleported us all to Shaundakul's sanctuary and tried to calm down and rest the night away. I tried to ask Faldorn lots of personal questions, and she ended up telling me that my inner animal was a magpie. I'm not quite sure what to make of that.

When we found a giant house inside of a tree in Cloakwood Grove, we also found Amarande the Shadow Archdruid at the top of it. He at first threatened to kill us, but Faldorn's presence stayed his hand. He said he might trust us if we helped Faldorn kill the Iron Throne minions in the old dwarven iron mine. Faldorn promised to guide us there.

She did guide us, but by cutting a bloody swath through the forest, killing nymphs, wyverns, and even a shadow arch druid! She took his equipment for her own, which turned her into a formidable warrior. She also confessed something strange one night - she believes she holds the spirit of Kador the Burner within her, and is only looking for his lost scimitar to prove it.

At the mines proper we were met by a handful of powerful enemies, including two powerful mages. Her dire wolves, nymph, and herself were instrumental in tearing the place apart, and we only suffered three casualties. Unfortunately, she was one of them, dying to two Black Talon Elite while distracting them from shooting Arrows of Detonation at the rest of the party. Her sacrifice was not in vain, for we were able to slay Davaeorn and the rest of his flunkies and flood the mines. We resurrected her after it was all over and asked her to rest in the Jovial Juggler for a while.

Posted Image Posted Image Ferthgil Trollslayer: A level 8 dwarf Troll Slayer. He is a High Master in Axes and a Specialist in Sword and Shield Style. He also has his own weapon, armor, and helm: Ferthgil Trollslayer's Battle Axe +3, Ferthgil's Dwarven Mithril Plate Battle Armor, and Ferthgil's Helmet.

We first met him as he was charging into a crowd of at least 50 duergar deep under the earth. He might have died if we hadn't intervened, but he didn't care. He was the best friend of Tearlac Truehammer, who we were searching for. He broke the bad news to us that Tearlac had died, and was carrying his hammer back to the surface to put it in a place of honor. When we suggested to just turn around and go back to the surface right then, though, he called us cowards and said he needed to figure out what was going on down here.

We agreed to help him, and fought our way through tons of spiders, drow, duergar, and more drow to figure out that the Bregan D'aerthe was partly responsible for the poisoning of the iron along the Sword Coast. He helped us kill everybody involved, and when we got back to the surface he gave Tearlac's hammer to Otho Truehammer, boasting of his fallen comrade's deeds.

Then, when it was time to go to Baldur's Gate, we chose others to be part of the advance party, and let him come on later.

Posted Image Posted Image Finch: A level 5 gnome Priest of Deneir who knows level 1, level 2, and level 3 cleric spells. She is proficient in the Flail, Sling, and Sword and Shield Style.

An extremely happy miniature librarian stereotype. Confirmed that unfortunately she does not come with a stand mount. Met briefly in Candlekeep gardens. Actually said "anyhoo" in conversation. Met her again at the Red Sheaf Inn in Beregost where she helped us kill Karlat, a dwarf mercenary trying to collect on the bounty on my head. Joined up with us after the fight.

Apparently she and Imoen had some history from Candlekeep, when she had punched Imoen in the head after Imoen glued a book together that she was reading. At level 1 she was also the juggernaut of destruction against Bassilus in the Red Canyons, destroying his undead with dialogue and Dooming him to succumb to the party's assault. She tried her hand out at co-tanking with Shar-Teel and then Ajantis mostly against ankhegs, resulting in several deaths for her.

It turns out that she recognizes Ajantis from Waterdeep, where they both grew up, although in very different circles. She was the ninth of seventeen gnomish children in a house much too small. She and Ajantis had a nice conversation about home nevertheless. She served us faithfully until she died against Rhialto while wielding the Flame of the North. We gave her some R&R at the Jovial Juggler and picked up Jaheira in her place.

When it was time to go to the Nashkel Mines, we bribed her to come with us and, with Viconia, she backed us up with healing. We had to bribe her, though, because she didn't want to come. She became the lone healer when we switched Viconia out for Mur'neth. Deep in the mines I overheard her expressing distrust for Boo, Minsc's animal companion, because she thought his rodent instincts would take over and he'd start chewing on her books. Minsc assured her that this would not happen, and I suppose she believed him.

Unfortunately, during the ultimate battle at the bottom of the mines she tried to heal Minsc while he was in a berserker rage and he cleft her in twain with one blow of the Flame of the North. We resurrected her and dropped her and Minsc both off at the Jovial Juggler.

Her death didn't put her completely off of adventuring, but we did have to bribe her to come back and party with us again when we got back from Restenford. We needed her to take over because Branwen needed a break from all that dying on the Isle of Lendore. Finch healed us all during our second assault on the bandit camp, and managed to survive the entire encounter, even though the Black Talon Elite mercenaries seemed to always target her first. She even found a rare book there, Fenedriel Boscoe's primer for children, titled the Primer of Faerun. She got extremly excited and said it would be perfect for the Nashkel library. Of course we let her keep it.

After we cleared out the bandit camp, we went back to the Jovial Juggler and picked a new team to infiltrate the Cloakwood. We decided to leave her back at the base to guard it, and took Viconia as our cleric. But we picked her up again when Firebead Elvenhair was slain underneath the ruins of Ulcaster. She came along, timid as ever, until she had a talk with Yeslick. She asked him why he was so brave all the time. He threatened to burn her books, and when she said she'd make him stop, he showed her that she did have a core of fierceness in her when things that were important to her were threatened. Since then she has been much more confident and happy-sounding in battle.

We eventually managed to find all the books she needed in order to start up the library in Nashkel, and after speaking briefly with the nobles at the manor house in Nashkel, we actually set it up! Woohoo! Nashkel actually has a library now thanks to our tiny, fierce gnomish librarian.

She was with us when we killed Ferium the banshee in the Forest of Forgotten Souls, and was also right there when we went up against the lich known only as the Dark One. She got some good hits in, and wasn't frightened once.

But when we got back to civilization and heard from Morninglord Jarent of Lathander that a dragon had been sighted heading towards Nashkel, she became a little nervous. And then when Conchobhair Strongblade approached us in the Nashkel Inn and offered his services as a professional dragon slayer, she quickly bowed out and let him take her place. She went back to the Jovial Juggler to catch up on her reading.

Posted Image Posted Image Firebead Elvenhair: A level 11 human Enchanter who can cast level 1, level 2, level 3, and level 4 spells. He is specialized in Daggers.

He was often a frequenter of Candlekeep, and Imoen and I often saw him in the Candlekeep Inn. We saw him again in Beregost, where he said something about us being a bookworm and that we should speak later on about history and literature.

Many months later, in a vision of Syvishtar of alternate realities and paths-not-taken, Firebead paid a very young Imoen and Syvishtar to buy him a book, the History of the Fateful Coin, at a nearby Inn. There is some doubt as to whether this really happened or not.

Whenever we visited him after that, he told us to try to read the History of the Bell in the Depths, but we can never find this book. He was like some kind of broken record about it, though.

Eventually we were able to talk to him enough and give him enough treasure that he agreed to join us in our quests. He knows how to scribe scrolls, and he has been extremely helpful to us, scribing scrolls so that everyone in the party knows as many spells as he does. He's also been tutoring us in advanced magical techniques.

Unfortunately, he lost a mage duel against the shade of Anton Valor underneath the ruins of the Ulcaster School. When we resurrected him, we decided to keep him in the Refuge pocket plane so that he could continue to scribe scrolls for us when we found new copies.

Posted Image Posted Image Garrick: A level 5 human Singer who doesn't know any spells yet, but could cast level 1 or level 2 spells if he was taught any. His Pick Pockets is 65. He is proficient in Daggers, Cross Bows, and Single Weapon Style.

Originally, Garrick approached us outside of the Burning Wizard Inn and propositioned us for a job for his mistress, Silke. But in the ensuing fight, he became scared when a wild surge from one of my spells cast Horror upon everyone.

We didn't see him for months and expected to never see him again, until Imoen got killed and took a vacation in the Jovial Juggler. When we got back from our adventures and added her back to the party, Imoen re-introduced us to Garrick, who had presumably just walked in off the street.

She had taken quite a fancy to him and he to us. He said he wanted to write a story about me. I was flattered, of course, and said maybe some day he could travel with us and get some first-hand experiences. He made a first impression of being a little needy, though, when he immediately performed a song for us and then asked me how his singing was. I told him it was fine. We haven't picked him up yet.

Posted Image Posted Image Gavin: A level 5 human Morninglord of Lathander who knows level 1, level 2, and level 3 cleric spells. He is proficient in War Hammers, Maces, and Slings.

We met him outside of the Song of the Morning Temple in Beregost. Very devout, and good in a fight. Older guy, and liked to talk. Very scared of giant spiders. Hinted that he was trying to raise money for someone by adventuring, but didn't go into details right away.

When we let him go for a while, he stood guard in front of the Song of the Morning Temple waiting for us to pick him up again. And after Ajantis was one-shot killed by a Kobold Captain in the Trade Way South which led to him deserting the party, we decided to pick up Gavin again and travel with him for a while longer.

He wasted no time in asking me about my childhood and my hobbies, and seemed very earnestly thankful that I told him about that stuff. Weird. We ended up talking about such subjects as the ultimate consequences of our actions and the possibilities of world peace. He seemed like quite a thoughtful guy, if a little chatty.

He eventually confessed to his secret sin, which was being married to a complete bitch who tricked him into raising a daughter not his own and cheated on him with any rich guy whenever he was away. He seemed to think we would want him out of the party after his confession, but we said that as long as it didn't interfere with party business it didn't matter. He seemed incredibly relieved.

His good relationship with Keldath Ormlyr at the Song of the Morning Temple led to Keldath giving us a quest to stop the mad mage Mutamin who was trying to tame basilisks to the east. We agreed to take care of it right away. We killed Mutamin and got 1,000 gold from Keldath. When we un-stoned Branwen at the Nashkel Carnival we decided to give Gavin some time to see his family and let him go back to Beregost.

In an alternate-reality flashback that I experienced while in the Nashkel mines, I saw myself and Gavin meeting with a temple messenger who had yet another job for us to do. I saw myself agreeing to go with him to the temple to find out the problem. I was the same color in the flashback as I am now, so perhaps it was real? We didn't get around to him, however, until a total party slaughter at the Valley of the Tombs left us with no other choice, due to shame, a need to rest, and some other problems.

We had to sneak our way around some mercenaries who were sieging the Song of the Morning Temple to even talk to Gavin again. We approached from the east, but were chased off by worgs and dread wolves. Then we approached from the south, and I was barely able to run in and yell at him to follow us before we had to both run into the west entrance of the temple and then out its south exit to get away from the mercs tailing us.

He was instrumental in the fight against Corsone, the shadow druid who helped us to kill his fellow grief-stricken druid Ozmadi in Larswood. He also saw me changed into a woman during that fight, but didn't say anything.

When I started asking him some questions about how he liked adventuring, he said he would probably like it better in retrospect. I also asked him why he uses a hammer when most clerics use a mace. He said that the hammer can be used as a tool as well, and that possibility reminds him to always be aware of the consequences of his actions.

He was great in the first raid on the bandit camp, casting Entangles to go along with my webs and healing everything in sight. But when it was time to reorganize the party for our rampage of vengeance against all who had killed us before, we favored Branwen as our cleric of choice and let him go back to guarding the Song of the Morning Temple.

We didn't get him back into the party until much later, when the fighter/mage Indira had died and we had an empty spot. We picked him up and he reminded us that he had a quest to find out what was making citizens of Beregost disappear. We tracked down the disappearances to a certain house in the town, and found out that a crazed, joyless mage Valeria had been capturing and experimenting on Beregost's citizens. She had been trying to find the alchemical basis for joy so that she could finally feel some of that emotion. Gavin called her monstrous, and we agreed. We destroyed her and reported back to Keldath Ormlyr, raising our reputation and scoring 1,000 gold in reward!

He ventured with us into the Forest of Forgotten Souls to save Jet'laya's sister, and faced a banshee and a glabrezu right there with us. He was also there in the fight against the Dark One, although he spent most of it running scared. When we got back to civilization and heard about the dragon from Morninglord Jarent of Lathander, we decided to give him some R&R and pick up Bjornin instead. After all, dragons are Bjornin's speciality!

Posted Image Posted Image Imoen: A dual-classed level 7 human Charming Rogue / level 8 Mage who can cast some level 1, level 2, level 3, and level 4 mage spells. She is proficient in the Quarterstaff and Two Handed Weapon Style.

My childhood friend, partner in crime, and a general troublemaker. She reads letters that she's not supposed to. She also followed me out of Candlekeep and pledged to keep me company until I got tired of her. Nice girl, her.

When we killed Tarnesh on the steps of the Friendly Arm Inn, she picked up his spellbook and started studying it. She manged to create a strange book-like artifact that makes her more dexterous once a day.

Meanwhile, she became a pretty good thief, as evidenced by the Great Beregost Caper, when she went into every single house and building in the city and brought back everything, leaving them weaponless, potionless, bookless, and penniless.

Xzar seems to enjoy freaking her out. He asked her how many deaths were contained in her body, and she dubiously answered just one. But then he talked about how many children she would have, and how many they would have, and on and on in an unbroken line of death. I think he may have put her off of having children at all.

In a conversation with Gavin, I confessed to him that one of my favorite hobbies was getting drunk in the taverns with Imoen. She's a great drinking buddy.

When we got to Nashkel and killed the assassin waiting for us at the Nashkel Inn, I finally let it slip that I had been attacked by assassins within Candlekeep. She was shocked, and wanted to know why I hadn't told her. I said that I wanted to spare her the worry and prevent her from getting mixed up in all this, which she did anyways.

She used Minsc to semi-blackmail Dynaheir into teaching her how to cast Burning Hands, and yet we still all love her. She has been in my party and my presence since I left Candlekeep, and never even died until amazons hunted us down in the Valley of the Tombs and killed the entire party. I barely had time to get our equipment and get out of there. I sadly gave her some time to rest at the Jovial Juggler.

After I got turned into a woman, failed the first raid on the bandit camp, and came back to the Jovial Juggler, we became better friends than ever! I of course invited her back onto the road with me and she accepted while calling me a rumjake fool. I love this girl.

Safana took a liking to her, too, and they quickly became best thief buddies forever. Safana even showed her how to lockpick more effectively, and said that Imoen reminded her of another pretty young thing she once knew. Imoen once asked Safana how she remained looking so good even during combat. She replied that one has to think beyond the immediate future and plan for the long-term, and always looking good is part of that.

After Branwen broke up with me in Restenford, Imoen cornered her and forced her to admit that she still had feelings for me. It was just what I needed to hear and set my heart more at ease.

When we were in the midst of cleaning out the Cloakwood, she took the final step to cement our friendship forever. She gave up her training as a rogue, charming as she was, and dual-classed to a mage! Now we will be able to share everything forever! I wish she was my sister.

She was Dire Charmed in the assault on the Cloakwood Mines while at low health, preventing me from casting Fireballs into the crowd of enemies for most of the battle. After she returned to our side, she killed the mage that had charmed her with a well-placed Arrow of Ice from her bow. Unfortunately the mage's ally felled her in the next moment with a conjured Flame Arrow of his own. I mourned her loss; we all mourned her loss. And I also mourned the interruption to her studies. We had to drop her off and pick up Skeezer Lumpkin VI in her place.

But after we successfully flooded the Cloakwood Mines and then brought in the new year in the Jovial Juggler, Imoen infected us with the exploration bug again, and of course we took her with us to explore the cave behind the Song of the Morning Temple. When we were able to recruit Firebead Elvenhair into our party, she was able to learn quite a few spells at his feet, and like the rest of us she was very sad to see him fall in battle. She became a much more effective mage because of him.

Coran complimented her grace and poise at thieving once, but she said she really wasn't into it. She reconfirmed her commitment to magic.

She learns quickly. When she learned to cast Dispel Magic and Haste, I found her to be even more indispensable than before. I don't know what I'd ever do without her. She was with me, Conchobhair Strongblade, Bjornin, Jet'laya, and Bardo when we killed the Green Forest Dragon. And she was right there beside me all throughout Castle Daerthmac, ultimately witnessing CuChoinneach's defeat at the hands of Lord Daerthmac and my defeat, in turn, of him. She was also with us when we descended deep into the Underdark, killing duergar, drow, and spiders by the score. She backed me up on many a Fireball cast, adding her own to the mix.

She has been the best apprentice ever, so of course we took her with us when we decided to clear the way to Baldur's Gate. However, when we were ambushed by Section Operatives and went back to Beregost to wreak mighty vengeance against their secret base underneath the town, Imoen ended up dying after a wild surge exploded into a Fireball right at my feet. I was devastated. I still am. I could hardly look at her in the face for many a day after.

But she didn't seem to mind, because when I escorted her to the Elfsong Tavern in Baldur's Gate, she immediately threw a birthday party for me when we arrived. And she gave me what may be the most meaningful present I'd ever received - a necklace made from the shattered pieces of Gorion's necklace that she had picked up from his corpse on that fateful night so long ago. I was choked up and couldn't speak, but I knew she forgave me. That was enough.

Also when we got to Baldur's Gate, she used its cosmetic resources to give Xan a makeover. She dyed his hair pink and gave him even more garish clothing. He only tolerated it because I pretended that it was awesome, and I pretended that it was awesome because I wanted to see him keep dressing that way. I love this girl!

After we found the Baldur's Gate thieves' guild, we temporarily added in Imoen so that we could gain membership. She enthusiastically started speaking "the cant" to Narlen Darkwalk, even though we had never heard her speak like that before. She started using words like "clapperdudgeon" and phrases like "cloyin' babycandy." Narlen took to her like water to a duck. She led us on a string of increasingly grandiose thieving capers all over the city, culminating in the thieving of Entar Silvershield's entire personal fortune from his own bedroom of his estate. She also ran into Alora, another cute and bubbly Burglar, while stealing the telescope from the Hall of Wonders. They've latched onto each other, feeding on each other's bright and happy demeanors. I think that if they stay together too long, they may explode. We decided to keep Alora and let Imoen spend some time in the theives' guild after Narlen Darkwalk took our side when Resar, a visiting mage from Halruaa, tried to kill us. Narlen backstabbed the hell out of him, saving us the trouble. All thanks to Imoen.

Posted Image Posted Image Indira: A level 6/6 half-elf Fighter/Mage who can cast some level 1, level 2, and level 3 mage spells. She is Specialized in Long Swords and Short Bows. She is also proficient in Spears and Two Weapon Style.

We found her in the Firewine Ruins, almost out of spells, with a broken sword, lamenting her lost party. She said that the kobolds had killed them all, and that only she was left. We expressed some doubts that she was a good fighter if she had let her entire party die, but she swore to prove to us that she was capable.

We let her join and take up Kagain's mantle as main tank, because he definitely needed a rest. She was doing well, dual-wielding swords of fire and ice and confusing our enemies with Mirror Image, until a paladin and cleric combo ambushed us outside of the Friendly Arm Inn. The cleric Flamestriked her to death in one hit, a shocking and cruel opening to a desperate battle. We let her go rest for a bit at the Jovial Juggler after her resurrection.

After we had been ambushed and decimated by Section 1, we picked her up to replace the fallen Black Bear. With the equipment we found down in Section 1 headquarters and the tutelage of Firebead, she has become a formidable fighter.

She has revealed herself to be a slightly awkward person, personality-wise, but also very bright with a strong conscience. When we toured the Hall of Wonders, she latched onto the idea that the items in there could all be used together. The steam engine, the pump, and the automatic lamp fillers could be combined into a city-wide automatic lamp oil delivery system. Also, when things went terribly wrong in the Blushing Mermaid, she along with Yeslick started protesting that it was all horribly wrong. She was not mollified until we had donated quite a few coins to the Lady Luck temple.

Posted Image Posted Image Jaheira: A level 5/5 half-elf fighter/Priest of Sylvanus who can cast some level 1, level 2, and level 3 cleric spells. She is a Specialist in the Quarterstaff and the Cross Bow.

A very pushy woman. She says that she and Khalid often "look into" local concerns, and she wanted us to all look into what was going down in Nashkel. Lets Khalid follow her around like a lost puppy.

She disapproved of us working for Silke, and reprimanded me for doing that. After some time together we decided to trade her and Khalid for Finch and Shar-Teel. She took Khalid and left for the Friendly Arm Inn without so much as a goodbye.

After Finch died for the 4th time, we approached Jaheira again to join our party, and convinced her to join without being accompanied by Khalid. She immediately tried to call out Gavin for not pulling his weight in the group and not telling the party about his wife and child, even though he already had told us while she was not around. She came out of the talk looking like a complete nosy bitch.

She later died to a surprise Astral Phase Spider hiding out in a cave near the Song of the Morning Temple, cut down in one round. We resurrected her, dropped her off at the Jovial Juggler, and picked up Shar-Teel instead.

We picked her up again after Thorfinn Hauskluniff and Dynaheir died taking out Tazok's lackey Tranzig in Feldepost's Inn. She lasted until we went to the Valley of the Tombs, where she and everyone else was slaughtered by some amazonian merceneries sent out to kill us for the Iron Throne. I dropped her back off at the Jovial Juggler and picked up Khalid instead.

Much, much later, after we had liberated the Cloakwood Mines, killed some vampires in Castle Daerthmac, and made ready to go to Baldur's Gate, we picked her up again to take with us to Baldur's Gate for the first time. She was with us when we were ambushed by Section Operatives and fought by our side all the way down into their secret base and to the surface again. She gained power and knowledge quickly, and she is now on par with any other cleric or fighter in the Golden Company.

When we heard of the murder of Tremain Belde'ar's son by the priestess of the Water Queen Umberlee, Jaheira seemed to experience some sort of crisis of conscience. She seemed to think that resurrecting the dead child would interrupt the cycle of nature, and would therefore be wrong. But she couldn't really bring herself to support that position, and said she would make an exception for this child. So, what, Jaheira doesn't believe in resurrection? Maybe I should just leave her dead the next time she dies.

She also cost us a pretty penny while under the effects of a Confusion spell. She was the one who executed a civilian while Confused. There were others of our party who were also Confused, but she is the only one who took it out on a bystander. The lady is starting to give me the creeps.

Posted Image Posted Image Jet'laya: A level 8 Feywarden of Corellon who can cast level 1, level 2, level 3, and level 4 cleric spells. She is also a Specialist in Maces and Sword and Shield Style. She has her own weapon, shield, and armor: the Mace of Contrition, a Small Shield +2, and Jet'laya's Chainmail.

We first ran into Jet'laya when she approached us outside the Friendly Arm Inn. She told us that she was from Cormanthor, and that she was on the trail of her sister, Ferium, who had run away from home when her lover spurned her. She had tracked her to the forest near the Wood of Sharp Teeth to the east, but needed help to penetrate the forest and rescue her sister. We of course agreed to help.

We fought our way through literal hordes of undead deep within the Forest of Forgotten Souls. When we finally found Ferium, though, she had turned into a banshee! We feared her deathly wail, so I reached further into the Weave than I had ever before, and summoned a demon from the depths of hell to destroy Jet'laya's banshee sister. It worked, but after we had successfully escaped the demon's clutches Jet'laya didn't seem too happy. I can't imagine why. She keeps killing things beside us, though, so no harm done I guess?

She cast Protection from Acid and Corrosion on the entire party before we defeated the Green Forest Dragon, and she was killing undead right beside CuChoinneach throughout the whole of Castle Daerthmac. She witnessed CuChoinneach's ultimate defeat at the hands of Lord Daerthmac, and aided me in my victory against him, along with Bardo, Imoen, and myself.

She always heals, always kills, always throws the Divine Hammers when need be. She is a steady companion, someone to count on. She doesn't talk much though, and when she does she's a bit snippy.

She was with us when we went down deep into the Underdark and killed a thousand duergar, drow, and spiders. And she made it out just fine along with the rest of us. But we decided to give her a rest when we set off for Baldur's Gate, and she took it gladly. I think she still has to deal with the loss of her sister. I can't imagine what I would do if I lost Imoen.

Posted Image Posted Image Kagain: A level 6 dwarf Gladiator. He is a Master of Axes and Specialized in Sword and Shield Style.

Was working as a mercenary in Beregost when we walked into his office. He wanted us to look for a lost caravan, but we had already found the remains of it, and showed him Silvershield's fibula. He quickly realized he was in a heap of trouble and offered to join up with us. Wonder if he will bring that trouble with him?

Spent a whole lot of time in the Jovial Juggler, but when Branwen was killed at Bear River we picked him up to replace her.

Boo seemed to not like him. When we assaulted the Gnoll Stronghold, Kagain did well in combat, but eventually fell to some Dire Wolves while Held near the pinnacle of the fortress. We were so close to completely destroying the gnolls we didn't give him a break, just resurrected him and threw him back into the fight. He only left our party after we rescued Dynaheir, and was completely happy to get a break to relax at the Jovial Juggler.

After a total party slaughter in the Valley of the Tombs, he was one of the most well rested, so we picked him up again. He put up a strong showing against the bandits, flinds, and giant spiders we encountered. He also seemed to admire Kivan, because Kivan didn't steal things, stayed quiet, and was deadly with a bow. Kivan didn't return the sentiment, though.

He was part of the party when we went to Larswood and fought Ozmadi, the druid crazed with grief. Kagain was there when I changed into a woman. He hasn't yet said anything, though.

When I tried to talk to him at the Friendly Arm common room, trying to get him to tell me more about himself, he said these were dangerous times we lived in. He also said he had no friends, and didn't understand why we all had suddenly come into his life. Then he said that if he had something to tell us, he would, but he doesn't, so he won't. He's a gruff old bugger.

He did pretty well in the first raid against the bandit camp, killing mercs and eating lightning bolts like it was nothing. Too bad he died to a spider after we ran away and got lost. We resurrected him and sent him back to his favorite haunt - the good old Jovial Juggler, where he stayed until Coran, Minsc, and Imoen died in the assault on the Cloakwood Mines.

We picked him up as a replacement meat shield before going into the mines proper. He kicked some ass and took some names beside his fellow shorty Yeslick there for a while, until he ate a lightning bolt to the face from one Natasha, the man-bitch. We went on to kill the man in charge of the mines, Davaeron, flood the mines, and get back to civilization with his corpse. We resurrected him, and we all took a two week vacation.

After the next year began we decided to keep him with us, since he was such a staunch ally. He has poked at Edwin a few times, and saw through his bullshit with great insight. He became a one-dwarf wall and an engine of destruction in the Ulcaster School, holding off entire waves of undead by himself with a cursed axe. He only attacked party members a few times, and we were able to survive it.

We were abe to find a new axe for him, Frostreaver, and he stopped berserking on us, and became even more of an extremely dependable tank in the Firewine Ruins. We decided to give him a bit of a vacation, however, when we found Indira in there. He deserved a rest.

Posted Image Posted Image Keiria Silverstring: A level 6 half-elf Spellsinger who can cast quite a few level 1 and level 2 spells. Her Pick Pockets is 77. She is proficient in Long Swords, Cross Bows, and Single Weapon Style. She has her own crossbow, Keiria Silverstring's Light Crossbow of Speed, and her own armor, Keiria Silverstring's Studded Leather Bard Armor +1.

We met her at the Nashkel Carnival after clearing out the bandit camp. She volunteered to join us, and we said ok. We didn't really know anything about her yet except that she was quite beautiful and talented and heavily favored the elven side of her heritage. She was a steady help in the Cloakwood, using her vast array of low-level spells to great advantage. She was a stalwart and beautiful companion, if a little quiet for a bard. A little too quiet, actually, because when we encountered Faldorn we decided to replace Keiria with the rabid druid.

Posted Image Posted Image Khalid: A level 1 half-elf Duskblade. He is a Specialist in Long Swords and Sword and Shield Style.

A nerdy fighter who has read up on ancient elven spellcasting techniques, and Jaheira's companion. Stutters. Gets scared a lot. Apparently a long-time friend of Gorion and interested in what's going on down in Nashkel. But mostly he's interested in everything that Jaheira is, because it's just like that. Followed Jaheira to the Friendly Arm Inn when we replaced them with Finch and Shar-Teel. He can and does rejoin us without Jaheira, though, if we ask.

We didn't party with him for a long time, until the entire party was slaughtered by amazonian mercenaries in the Valley of the Tombs. He was part of the relief party that took over from those poor dead ones. When he joined, he immediately asked me if I would continue on in my quest to rid the land of the bandits. When I said I would, he said he hoped it wasn't just for bloody-minded vengeance. But when I said vengeance was enough, he surprisingly said he would have to stay by my side even so then. I guess even though he didn't say it he also wants revenge on Gorion's killer.

He did a pretty good job during his second time in the group, fighting side-by-side with Kagain and killing more than his fair share of bandits, gnolls, and spiders. Unfortunately in his last spider fight he got poisoned trying to protect a paralyzed Gavin from getting poisoned as well, and we were out of antidotes. Despite drinking all the healing potions and eating all the Goodberries he could, he couldn't overcome the poison and died in the Peldvale. It was excruciatingly frustrating watching him go without being able to help. We dropped him off back at the Jovial Juggler in shame.

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Kivan: A level 6 elf murder machine Archer. His Stealth is 67. He is a Grand Master of the Long Bow, proficient in Spears, and Specialized in Two Weapon Style. He also carries around his own bow, Kivan's Bow.

We met outside of High Hedge. Said he had been hunting bandits for the past several months and that he would be happy to join with us if we were doing the same. When pressed, said that the bandit leader Tazok had killed someone dear to him. We took him in. But he kept going on and on about his loneliness and grief at losing his wife, Deheriana, and dragging down the group, so we started to tell him to shut up.

He and Shar-Teel didn't get along at all. Shar-Teel would take training too seriously, and also let her anger at all men show when sparring with Kivan, so he gave up sparring with her.

When we killed Bassilus he considered the cleric to be like himself, caught up with the spirits of the dead. Hinted that he will commit suicide after killing Tazok. We decided to give him a break at the Jovial Juggler after killing Bassilus, picking up Xzar instead.

Kivan stayed out of our party for many weeks, until a total slaughter of the party in the Valley of the Tombs set us back severely. Not willing to risk anyone else, I picked him up as one of the pinch-hitters. He was a murder machine, killing lots of monsters before anyone else even got to them.

When we got to Larswood, we ran into a bandit leader named Teven. He recognized Kivan and said that if the bandits brought his head to Tazok, they'd be rich. Kivan killed him and every single other bandit in that group.

Later, after killing the druids Ozmadi and Corsone, the elf made out like a bandit himself, getting a ton of nature-loving equipment for his own. He also saw me changed into a woman, but didn't say anything.

When I tried to get him into a conversation about it he cut me off curtly, saying that we should quicken our search for the bandits and their camp, or he would leave us to find help elsewhere. We of course did track the bandits back to their camp, and he slayed them left and right, most notably the hobgoblin Ardenor Crush with an arrow to the face on the first raid of the bandit camp proper.

When we went back to the Jovial Juggler and picked up Branwen, she took an almost motherly interest in Kivan. She was concerned that he moaned when he slept. He tried to discourage her potions and advice by telling her how much less elves sleep, but she would not be discouraged.

He was an engine of destruction everywhere we went. He doesn't even talk about his dead wife anymore - it's just killshot, killshot, killshot from him. I think I like him better this way. He did show some life when we picked up Safana, listening intently to her stories and looking marginally alive, but other than that he's been quiet.

He was a silent angel of death in Restenford, not reacting much to anything. Branwen offered him the comfort of her bosom in a friendly flirtation, but he politely declined, saying that he only wanted vengeance for the death of his wife.

Imoen later commented that Deheriana was lucky to have someone who loved her that much, and Kivan almost flew into a rage, saying that it was his love that doomed Deheriana to death, because he had convinced her to go adventuring in the first place. He blames himself for her torture and death at the hands of Tazok and company!

When Branwen approached him about her doubts regarding our love, he told her straight out that someone in love is not weaker or more cowardly in battle, but that they are inspired to fight better for the one they love. He should know, he is the expert. I hoped his words bring Branwen around again.

Kivan was a steady stream of damage with the Strong Arm +2 when we assaulted the bandit camp the second time, personally kicking many of Tazok's lieutenants' asses and taking many of their names. He also found his own personal bow when we finally entered Tazok's tent. But since Tazok himself was not there, his vengeance was still unfulfilled. When we met Coran in the Cloakwood, we decided to let Kivan have a bit of a rest in the Jovial Juggler, since he had been dispensing death for months now with no break.

After we finished flooding the Cloakwood Mines and brought in the new year of 1370 with everyone at the Jovial Juggler, we decided to take him with us on a small trip to the cave behind the Song of the Morning Temple. That trip led to the Ulcaster school, and to his death. He died to a Mist Horror, after trying to kill it with a spear, instead of his bow. I considered it to be my fault, and almost ended my adventures right then and there.

Kivan's adventures ended, of course, for we sent him back to the Jovial Juggler for a while, until Coran died later on to a bear. We picked Kivan back up because he said he wanted to take a trip to the Shipwreck Coast and didn't want to go alone.

When we got there, he found one of his distant cousins, a sea elf, who was in some sort of trouble. We followed her back to a shipwreck where we found another sea elf being coerced by some sahuagin to reveal a treasure trove. We defended them both and killed the smelly fish-monsters, but then the male elf, Keth'sim Dwin'anea, revealed that the woman was not a sea elf but a malenti, a tool of the sahuagin, and that she had tricked him into killing 10 of his comrades in order to save her life.

She said she loved him, but he would have none of it. He walked away from the sea forever in disgust, while she dove to what she said was her doom. The sea sounds like a cruel, cold place.

Kivan was with us when we established Finch's library and hung around for a few days. It was an unfortunate decision for him, though, because when I disturbed Daer'Ragh's grave and he summoned some Phoenix Guards to take me out, it was Kivan that ended up dying. He shot an arrow straight and true and killed a Phoenix Guard all by himself. But the guard's explosive death also killed Kivan. A Pyrrhic victory. We let him rest and didn't take anybody into the party until we met Jet'laya.

Later, when we were moving everyone in the Golden Company to Baldur's Gate, an evil rangerish elf named Imanel Silversword who was waiting at Wyrm's Crossing accosted us, asking us to kill Kivan for her, or trying to get Kivan to join her, or something. She said she was Tazok's associate, and she had Kivan's bow on her.

She was a real bitch, taunting Kivan about his wife's death, so I killed her and her stupid wolves. This cemented our eternal relationship as far as Kivan was concerned. He said, "Syvishtar, goth en gothamin ar' mellon en mellonamin - foe of my foe and friend of my friend - by the first sapling that rose where Shilmista now stands and by the last shadow it will cast before all things will end, I swear to give my blood for you." What can I say in return? I will probably just get him killed again.

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Posted Image Posted Image Minsc: A level 5 human Ranger. His Stealth is 47. He is a Specialist in Two Handed Swords and Two Weapon Style. He is also proficient in Maces, Long Bows, and Two Handed Weapon Style.

We met him near the Nashkel barracks. Carried around what he claims to be a miniature giant space hamster, Boo. Said that he needed to go save a woman Dynaheir from gnolls. We agreed to help, sending Rose back to the Burning Wizard Inn. Grabbed and intimidated a pickpocket into giving us most of our money back after he tried to pull a fast one on us in one of the gambling tents at the Nashkel Carnival. Was extremely suspicious of Edwin, watching him closely.

Held the line against an unknown number of xvarts, probably over 50, with the Flame of the North. He was flanked by Haiass and my cat familiar. They died, he lived. Was the lynchpin in our party for a while, single-handedly destroying more gnolls than the rest of the party combined.

He was overjoyed to have Dynaheir back, happy enough that he began telling bedtime stories to Boo. He almost told us a very embarrassing story involving Dynaheir, skinny dipping, and someone stealing her clothes, but was barely stopped by Dynaheir herself.

Was extremely effective against Mulahey and his minions in the ultimate fight at the bottom of the Nashkel Mines, but actually too effective. When Finch stepped up to heal him while he was in a berserker rage, he cut her down in one blow. We had to give him a time out back at the Jovial Juggler, hopefully enough time to have Dynaheir explain to him why killing party members is wrong. Xan took his place.

We picked him back up again for the second assault on the bandit camp, and with the Flame of the North, the Gnomish Boots, and 90% resistance to fire, he became an engine of destruction beneath my fireballs in that place. He ended up surrounded by corpses and on fire on our northern flank, having held off an entire wave of bandits.

But when it was time to go to the Cloakwood we favored Shar-Teel over him, for her strength and grace, if not her pleasantness. That is, until she died, then Bub Snikt after her, and we approached him to take up the Flame of the North again. He did so gladly.

One day in the Cloakwood he approached Viconia, offering up Boo as her protector in order to fulfill the hamster's dejemma. Viconia rejected the offer outright and threatened to smash Boo with a flail if Minsc tried to place him in front of her to protect her. Minsc compromised and instead told Boo he could protect Viconia... from afar.

Boo performed his duties admirably, and so did Minsc, until our assault on the Cloakwood Mines. He was out in front of the group, charging in to kill some fools, when every single Black Talon Elite, and their General too, shot an arrow at him at the same time. The volley struck him dead immediately. It was a shock to us all, and the beginning of a very difficult fight, which only ended after two more deaths on our side. We replaced him with Xan and let him rest a while.

Posted Image Posted Image Mur'Neth: A level 4 ghaunadan Ghaunadan. His Open Locks is 55 and Move Silently is 75. His Backstab Damage is x2. He is proficient in Daggers, Clubs, and Darts.

A slime-shaped mockery of a man that makes hideous sounds approaching speech come out of his flapping mouth-hole. He is a loyal servant of Ghaunadaur, the evil god of oozes, slimes, and jellies, worshipped by some drow.

We met him deep within the Nashkel mines, and he said he was investigating the poison that the people were using to poison the iron. He didn't care about the iron itself, but the poison was killing slimes and jellies, so his god sent him to stop it.

He is very devout, and it's kinda creepy. Also he gurgles when he talks. I personally don't like him and wouldn't care if he died. We have had one conversation so far where he asserted that jellies and slimes were at the top of the food chain and if there weren't so many kobolds around his brethren wouldn't mind eating miners. Disgusting.

He died in one hit to an orc berserker when we got out of the Nashkel Mines, and we dropped him off at the Jovial Juggler. We hoped he didn't eat anybody while there.

Apparently he hadn't caused too much trouble by the time we got back from the failed first raid on the bandit camp, so we were able to pick him up again to rejoin the party. He has been trying to convert me to the worship of his slime god; he doesn't talk about much else.

When we came across Safana, we decided that her slimy ways were preferable to his and sent him back to the Jovial Juggler again. I didn't tell him to not eat anyone this time, so I sometimes wonder if he will. He won't, right?

Posted Image Posted Image Quayle: A level 8/9 gnome Cleric/Illusionist who can cast Level 1, 2, 3, and 4 arcane spells (although he only knows Blindness and Magic Missile), and also level 1, level 2, level 3, and level 4 divine spells.

We met him at Wyrm's Crossing. He was just hanging out on the bridge and asked us which direction we were going. We told him west, and he said he was going that way too. I kinda got the impression that he would have said he was going whichever direction we said. He asked to join us but assumed we would say no. When I said yes, he was surprised. I dropped him off at the Elfsong Tavern until I decided what to do with him.

Posted Image Posted Image Rose: A level 4 half-elf White Dragon Disciple who knows some level 1 spells and can cast Chill Touch innately. She has 75 in Pick Pockets. She is proficient in Short Swords, Darts, and Sword and Shield Style.

We first saw her being accosted in the Burning Wizard Inn, but the man said she took his money. Silke had taught us the danger of a pretty face not five minutes before, so we didn't immediately side with the chick. We tried to mediate the situation, offering the man 10 gold to drop it. He did, cursing us all. After he left Rose gave us 23 gold, which was what she considered to be our cut. Clever girl.

Originally from Athkatla. Wanted to become an actress in the plays in the bridge district there, but her parents never let her. That's one of the reasons why she ran away. Likes singing, and clouds, and enjoying life. Dislikes wearing armor, as it chafes her.

We dropped her off at the Jovial Juggler after killing Bassilus, wanting to give Tiax a chance in the party. After clearing out the road between Beregost and Nashkel, we picked her back up as the 5th member. She was present at the slaying of Rhialto, singing all the way through and not getting hit once. She was also helpful during the slaying of the mad mage Mutamin and his basilisk and medusa armies. However, when we met Minsc, we decided to take him on and let Rose go back to the Burning Wizard.

We left her there for many weeks, until one fateful day in the Valley of the Tombs everyone was slaughtered except for me and the mule. Ashamed, weakened, disheartened, we limped back to the Jovial Juggler and picked her up as a replacement. Her songs have been making everybody just that much more effective. She sang us through the confrontation with the grief-stricken druid Ozmadi and his evil fellow hippie Corsone as well, and was there when I was changed into a woman. She was there for me when I ran back to the Friendly Arm Inn in confusion, and helped me through my first hesitant steps of womanhood.

We bonded over dresses and tea, and I asked her how she started life on the road. She said that she just couldn't stand her previous life, so one day she just up and left. I told her I admired her decision, and she was overjoyed that I didn't judge her. She asked about my past, and commiserated with me when I told of Gorion's death. She's a good friend, that Rose.

She contributed to the Sticky Mess strategy we used on our first raid of the bandit camp, casting Grease on top of Gavin's Entangle and my Web, which was designed to slow down the bandits enough for us to pick them off. Didn't work so well, and she got a few arrows to the face, but managed to survive nevertheless. We had to retreat and revise our strategy back at the Jovial Juggler, and decided to let her relax. She's been relaxing ever since.

Posted Image Posted Image Safana: A level 6 human Treasure Hunter. She has a 94 in open Locks, a 94 in Find Traps, a 105 in Detect Illusion, and a 50 in Set Traps. Her Backstab Damage is x1. She is proficient in Daggers, Cross Bows, and Single Weapon Style.

We met her near the Lighthouse that is south of Candlekeep, and she introduced herself to us as a treasure hunter looking for lost pirate gold. She asked our help and said we could split the profits with her. We agreed, sent Mur'Neth back to the Jovial Juggler, and set out with her to find this treasure. We found the treasure, which included a cloak that would turn someone into a werewolf. Safana has been using it and glorying in the raw, primal fury it gives her. She's kinda scary sometimes. But when she's not bathing in the blood of our enemies, she's giving Imoen thieving tips and flirting with Kivan, even making him laugh. Kivan! Laughing! I can hardly believe it.

She was an absolute essential member of the party in Restenford, picking all the locks, disarming all the traps, even up to stealing Pelltar's spellbook for me right from his tower! I don't think I can be bothered by anything she does after that. She has been turning into a werewolf and going toe-to-toe with orcs outside of Restenford and coming out on top, if barely.

She seems to have a soft spot for Kivan, and confessed that his grief for his lost Deheriana reminded her of her father's grief when he lost her mother. She has a friendly rivalry with Branwen, as they try to see if men more prefer the skinny, sultry, dextrous type in Safana, or the strong, boisterous, bold, and buxom type in Branwen. She also has been schooling Imoen on the importance of looking good at all times, even in combat.

She was a smooth operator all the way through Restenford and on the second assault on the bandit camp, until we got back to the Jovial Juggler. But then we chose to give her a rest for our infiltration of the Cloakwood, favoring Keiria Silverstring over her.

Posted Image Posted Image Lady Seafoam Wonderbounce: A level 6 sirine Beguiler who is a Grand Master of Long Bows, and is proficient in Short Bows, Spears, and Halberds.

She is a sirine from the friendly group of sirines near the Lighthouse on the coast. She agreed to work for me for a cool thousand gold. We took her back to the Jovial Juggler and introduced her to everyone else. They all loved her, of course.

We decided to take her with us when we went to Baldur's Gate, and she was there for our ambush and subsequent annihilation of Section One. She has been extremely deadly with her bow the entire time, and now with all the +2 arrows we got from Section Elites, she is even more deadly. Plus, her beguiling song will charm any enemies that come near us.

She is quite useful, as long as we don't leave her alone in taverns. She has a problem with starting brawls in them. Not by beating people up, but whenever people stand too close to her they just seem to end up fighting to the death for her affections.

We decided to give her a bit of a break and pick up Imoen when it was time to work for the thieves' guild of Baldur's Gate. When Imoen was done, we picked up Lady Seafoam again. However, she was killed in the very next big fight against agents of the Grey Clan, namely one Gartuffe, a half-ogre. She tried to charm him in the middle of the fight, but he resisted and responded with a bastard sword. She did not survive the attack. We let her rest in the Elfsong Tavern (second floor, private room) and picked up Minsc.

Posted Image Posted Image Skeezer Lumpkin VI: A level 4/5 gnome Illusionist/thief who knows some level 1 and level 2 spells. His Open Locks is 50, Find Traps is 50, and Detect Illusion is 55. His Backstab Damage is x0. He is proficient in Quarter Staffs, Two Handed Weapon Style, and Single Weapon Style. He has his own helmet, mage robe, and staff: Skeezer Lumpkin's Dwarven War Helmet, Skeezer Lumpkin's Mage Robe, and Skeezer's Staff of Unpredictability.

We don't know much about him, except that he introduced himself at the Nashkel Carnival and offered to travel with us. Seems nice enough, I suppose. We let him stay in the Jovial Juggler on the party dime, because what else is he going to do? Nobody could get into Baldur's Gate yet.

It wasn't until we lost Imoen to the assault on the Cloakwood Mines that we decided to give him a try. We picked him up and took him with us deep under the earth. He did pretty well, unlocking chests and finding traps, and also contributing not a few Acid Arrows and Magic Missiles in mage duels against several magelings in the Cloakwood Mines. Unfortunately he fell to one Natasha the man-bitch after he cast Fireball on the party. Skeezer was the only one not protected against fire, and he died burning. We resurrected him after it was all over and left him in the Jovial Juggler for a time. A long, long time.

Posted Image Posted Image Squirrel: A level 1 squirrel who we cornered and tamed in the Lighthouse area on our way to talk to the friendly sirines. Currently he is with the rest of our company at the Elfsong Tavern, probably getting fed more nuts than he can hide by amused bar patrons.

Posted Image Posted Image Thorfinn Hauskluniff: A level 4 human Frost Dweller. He is a Specialist in Axes and is a Master of Two Weapon Style.

He showed up at the Jovial Juggler after we saved the Nashkel mines from the evil clutches of Mulahey. He hails from the frozen northlands, and told us very wisely that bitches be trippin'.

He likes dual-wielding axes, and took up both of his against Tranzig, the evil wizard helping out the bandits and their mysterious leader, Tazok. Unfortunately he couldn't handle two lightning bolts to the face, and went down during the fight. We gave him some time to recover at the Jovial Juggler. This seems to happen to my people a lot. I am a horrible person.

Posted Image Posted Image Tiax: A level 2/2 gnome Strifeleader of Cyric/thief who can cast some level 1 cleric spells and can summon a ghast in battle. His Find Traps is 50. His Backstab Damage is x2. He is proficient in Maces and Slings.

We found him at the city center of Beregost. He recruited us into his cause of world domination without so much as an interview and has been haranguing us about it ever since. We left him at the Jovial Juggler in Beregost for a while after he exhorted us to kill more puppies and defile more temples, because he was getting annoying. But after killing Bassilus, who was also a priest of Cyric, we picked him up again because I was impressed with Bassilus' raw power.

When Ajantis joined us, he disapproved of Tiax and asked me why Tiax was with us. We answered honestly by saying that Tiax entertained us, and Tiax became quite offended. We eventually sent him back to the Jovial Juggler when we came across Bub Snikt.

We left him there for several weeks, until Khalid got killed in Larswood and we thought his healing and ghasts might be more useful. We took him back to Larswood with us and his ghast was instrumental in our fight against the grief-stricken Ozmadi and his evil druid traitor companion Corsone. Tiax saw me changed into a woman during that fight, but never commented on it.

He got into several fights with Kagain. The dwarf just can't seem to stand him. Kagain threatened to kneecap him if he didn't conform to gnomish norms soon.

Also, Kivan told Tiax about the drow, and compared Tiax to them. It was then that he realized Tiax was truly delusional when the little gnome said that the drow would grovel and beg for his forgiveness some day or something equally stupid.

During the fight at the bandit camp, Tiax became frightened and started running around randomly, crossing the beam from my Ring of Energy two times. The second time was too much for him, and he was burned crispy. We resurrected him and left him at the Jovial Juggler, because who wants to deal with him anymore?

Posted Image Posted Image Viconia: A level 6 drow Nightcloak of Shar that can cast some level 1, level 2, and level 3 cleric spells. She is proficient in Maces, Slings, and Sword and Shield Style.

We met her in the Trade Way North when she ran up to us and asked us for help. We said yes, not realizing what she meant. She was being chased by a Flaming Fist mercenary who accused her of murder and demanded her death. I said he had to go through us first, and he attacked us all. We had to kill him. That night, when we had finally gotten back to the Jovial Juggler, she came to thank me for rescuing her. I got her to "thank" me in the particular drow way I had heard about.

She landed the killing blow against the mad mage Rhialto, which let me loot his spellbook and gain forbidden arcane knowledge. She was also instrumental in turning the tide of battle in our favor during the fight with the mad mage Mutamin, blessing us, cursing our allies, and Knowing the last Opponent so that we could kill her without getting turned to stone.

Both when we cast Stone to Flesh on Tamah near Mutamin's garden, and when we cast Stone to Flesh on Branwen at the Nashkel Carnival, Viconia fervently agreed with our actions and showed great concern for the petrified women. I wondered if there was a story behind that, but she never elaborated.

She stayed silent throughout most of the rescue of Dynaheir, although her heals were vital to keeping everyone alive. After we rescued Dynaheir, she became more talkative, expressing her respect for the sorceress. Dynaheir was hesitant to respond, though.

When we went down into the Nashkel mines, she said they reminded her somewhat of her home. We decided to give her a break when we came across Mur'neth, as they would likely not get along.

But we picked her up again when it was time to infiltrate the Cloakwood, as she is very familiar with spiders. She heals everyone expertly so far. Due to a Girdle of Cognizance on the waist and the Ankh of Acceptance hanging on the neck, Viconia spent some quality time in the Cloakwood as a True Neutral male. This might have made everyone slightly awkward, but since I already set the precedent for gender-swapping some months ago the party took it rather in stride.

Minsc even offered Boo as a bodyguard for Viconia, since he said that Boo must be set upon his dejemma task soon. Viconia rebuffed them soundly, threatening to kill Boo if he tried to protect her, but Minsc just told him that witches are like that and advised the rodent to protect her from afar.

She was instrumental in the assault on the Cloakwood Mines, the only one to keep her sanity and therefore her autonomy in a fight where every other ally was asleep, confused, or dead. She Silenced an opposing mage, Held an opposing fighter, and eventually used the Cloak of the Wolf to transform into a werewolf and tear into ogre berserkers and enemy magelings alike. Her performance was singularly impressive.

She was just as impressive when she expertly attacked groups of guards down on the second level of the Cloakwood Mines, casting Glyphs of Warding into the crowds and weakening them to be taken out by others, while healing the party at the same time. But when we found Yeslick, the dwarf fighter/cleric, we decided to give Viconia a rest. She left, reluctantly.

Posted Image Posted Image Will Scarlet O'Hara: A level 1 human Troubadour. His Pick Pockets is 21. He is proficient in Flails and Sword and Shield Style.

He greeted us as soon as we got to Beregost. Very helpful, nice guy. Offered to join us in our adventures, so we accepted. Wields a flail in melee and is proud of it. Has 6,000 gold worth of equipment waiting to be bought from different places around town. But we left him at the Jovial Juggler despite his crazy-awesome bard song that gives everybody an extra attack per round because he doesn't talk and has a face people just want to punch.

Posted Image Posted Image Yeslick: A level 7/7 dwarf Fighter/Cleric who can cast level 1, level 2, and level 3 cleric spells. He is a Master of War Hammers, Specialized in Slings, and is proficient in Sword and Shield Style.

We found him on the second floor of the Cloakwood Mines, in one of the cells. He volunteered to join us, and we let him take Viconia's place. He told us that the Cloakwood mines are actually his ancestral mines, and they were only abandoned by his clan after they were accidentally flooded. He said he wanted to flood them again, and asked us to help him. We agreed, and successfully flooded the mines. When it was done, Yeslick made a deal with me. He agreed to help me get revenge on the killers of Gorion, as I had helped him get revenge on the killers of his clan-mates.

He became an indispensable member of the group, and Imoen began treating him like a grandfather. He even began telling her stories to help her go to sleep at night. He also took on dozens of undead by himself while healing whoever needs it without even breaking a sweat. The dwarf is a machine.

Not only is he a machine, but he is a wise machine. In one conversation he completely cured Finch's fear issues. He just threatened her until she fought back and then told her to always use that fire against her enemies. And now she does!

He has been a rock in very combat, never faltering, never wavering, steadily swinging his purple warhammer and knocking teeth and blood all over the place. He was there when we took out the banshee in the Forest of Forgotten Souls. He was there when we took out the Dark One in a nameless patch of land near Sharp Teeth Wood. Eventually, though, when we met Bardo Furfoot, so eager to kill the Green Forest Dragon, we took him on and gave Yeslick a bit of a vacation.

But when it was time to go to Baldur's Gate, we had to have him back at our side. When we were ambushed by Section Operatives, he helped me kick their asses, and when we were teleported to the core of their secret base and had to fight our way out, he was right there smashing everything with his hammer. He has never been in danger, never been overcome by anything. Sometimes I think nothing can kill this dwarf.

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Xan: An amazingly handsome level 5 elf Bladesinger. He is a Master of Long Swords and Specialized in Single Weapon Style.

When we killed Mulahey at the bottom of the Nashkel mines, we found Xan in one of the side caverns. He said he had been held there for 85 days, and had originally been sent to investigate the strange goings-on in this area. We had been on the road for 82 days at that point, so he had just a few days head-start on us, so to speak. He asked us if we had found his sword, and offered to join us. We took him up on his offer because we were without a reliable swordsman, since Minsc had just killed Finch in a berserker frenzy and none of us felt comfortable around him.

I have only known Xan for a short while but he's just so... elven. I can tell that he knows a lot about our people, much more than I could ever know. I want to learn from him. I want to be just like him!

After the Nashkel Mines, when we reorganized our party, we left him at the Jovial Juggler. Then I became a woman and started to see Xan in a new light. I also started desperately hoping that he saw me in a new light as well.

He did, as I found out after we failed our first raid on the bandit camp and we picked him back up again. Wielding his Moonblade and holding the Shield of Falling Stars with a strength boost made him an unexpectedly impressive tank.

Things quickly got complicated between Xan and I. He seemed to be torn between his inevitable destiny of being bound to the Moonblade's destiny in life and his soul bound inside it after death, and being with me to protect me. He wants me to be safe, and happy, even though he is convinced that neither of those things are for him. He does seem to love me, and has almost admitted it, but seems to think our relationship is doomed no matter what choices he makes. I keep telling him that I do not want to see him go and do not want him to be uncomfortable, and he always chooses to stay.

His loyalty was too much for him to handle, though, because his dire pronouncements of his own fate came to horrible truth during the liberation of the Song of the Morning Temple. He was the only one struck down by the mercenaries sieging it. We sent him back to the Jovial Juggler to rest, and I was not sure how he felt about me when I got back from Restenford.

I had the opportunity to find out after the assault on the Cloakwood, when Imoen, Coran, and Minsc died. We chose Xan to replace the fallen Minsc. As soon as I approached him in the Jovial Juggler he told me I was as beautiful as hope, and the last ray of the bright glow of our people's twilight. Wow! He quickly confessed his love for me after that, and did it in a way that I cannot really describe. There was beauty, and poetry, and even hope. He is a much better suitor than Branwen ever was, and of course Shar-Teel didn't even try to court me.

After we flooded the Cloakwood Mines and got back to civilization, Xan and I slept together for the first time. This is after he named me Estil, which means Hope in High Elven. He was quite delicate about the whole thing.

I spent several weeks in the Jovial Juggler and brought in the new year with Xan, but I could not bring myself to leave with him. I just couldn't imagine him being in danger beside me, so I left him in the Jovial Juggler when I ventured out to investigate one little cave behind the Song of the Morning Temple.

When I escorted him and Imoen to Baldur's Gate, Imoen attacked him with clothes and glitter and hair-dye. He looks completely different now, with brightly-colored clothing and pink hair. It's hilarious. It is also kindof awkward, because I don't think he cares that I'm a man again. I think he still thinks we're in a relationship. Are we?

Posted Image Posted Image Xzar: A level 2 human Necromancer that knows a few level 1 spells. He is proficient in daggers.

Crazy dude Imoen and I met on the road right after Gorion had died. Knew that we had been attacked, offered us a healing potion and then tried to guilt us into going to Nashkel with him and his half-pint thug Montaron. With nothing better to do, we joined up with them at first. We then left him at the Jovial Juggler because we favored some other companions.

We eventually found him in our company again. We found a mithril ring in the Ankheg pit, and he appropriated it for himself, saying that he was going to enchant it with 'guidance.' From what, we haven't yet found out. He also teases Imoen with talk of death, and Ajantis with talk of dragons. When we met Bub Snikt, we decided to give Xzar a break and travel with Bub for a while. He didn't seem to mind at all.

We did pick him up again when it was time to go to the Nashkel mines. While traveling with Finch, he noticed her scribbling away in her journal and asked her what she was doing. When she replied that she was writing down everything that we said and did, he became convinced she was a spy for a nameless enemy, and refused to tell her anything further. We decided to give him some time off when we met Mur'neth, and sent him back to the good ol' JJ.

We picked him up again briefly after Edwin died, and he was with us when we cleared the Cloud Peaks and the Lonely Peaks. But we feared for his safety, because he is so weak compared to the rest of the party, so we put him back in the Jovial Juggler and picked up Coran when it was time to go to the Firewine. He has been there ever since.

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Chapter of the Deserters - Those who have left the Golden Company permanently for one reason or another. They fought beside us for a while, but will do so no longer.

Posted Image Posted Image Ajantis: A level 2 human Cavalier. Paladin of the Order of the Most Radiant Heart and worshiper of Helm. He said he was a squire under Keldorn down in Amn, and is trying to become a knight of his own. We met him in the Lower Chionthar. He said he was hunting bandits, and we said we were too. Joined up with us. Really did not like Tiax, and questioned why he was in the party at all. I told him that Tiax amused us. He said that Tiax didn't amuse him, but he would abide by our decision for now. Has given us good advice on what to do in order to raise our reputation. Objected to protecting Viconia on legal grounds, but then realized the merc after her was out of control. Nevertheless, says he will keep his eye on the drow. It turns out that Finch and he are from the same city, and Finch heard of him while she was growing up. They had very different experiences in Waterdeep, though, his being the nobility and hers being gnomish peasantry. He was one-shot killed by a Kobold Captain in the Trade Way South, so we hauled his corpse to the Song of the Morning Temple and resurrected him. Then we tried to give him some R&R at the Jovial Juggler, as per our new party policy. But instead, when he left he party, he said, "Associating myself with you was beneath my honor. Now excuse me, as I must cleanse myself of this entire experience." Then he marched out the door. We do not know where he went, and doubt he will be back.

Posted Image Posted Image Bardo Furfoot: A level 10 halfling Adventurer with 90 in Open Locks, 100 in Find Traps, 50 in Pick Pockets, 80 in Move Silently, and 60 in Hide in Shadows. His Backstab Damage is x1. He is also proficient in Daggers, Short Bows, Two-handed Weapon Style, and Single Weapon Style. Bardo is a halfling we met while trying to track down a Green Forest Dragon southeast of Nashkel. He was part of another halfling adventuring party that had just fled the dragon, actually. But he another shot at it and asked to join up with us. We said okay, mostly because he had Arrows of Green Dragon Slaying, and he along with myself, Conchobhair Strongblade, Bjornin, Jet'laya, and Imoen slew the dragon and plundered its hoard. Then we kept him along with us when we met up with CuChoinneach and traveled to Castle Daerthmac to retrieve Mayor Ghastkill's baby. He was pretty handy to have around to deal with all the locks and traps, although he had a bad habit of stumbling around and triggering half the traps himself. Somehow he survived, though, and witnessed CuChoinneach's ultimate defeat against Lord Daerthmac, and my triumph. He also protected us well enough from traps going on down into the Underdark, and killed plenty of duergar, drow, and spiders both on the way down and the way back up. When we got back up to the surface, though, we decided to let him rest in the Jovial Juggler for a bit. When we did, he said, "I have no patience for your weaknesses. If I want action, I guess I'll have to make my own." He didn't leave, but he won't join back up with us either. When I eventually moved everyone to the Elfsong tavern in Baldur's Gate he stayed in the Jovial Juggler, refusing to come. I guess he's out?

Posted Image Posted Image Fabio: A level 5 human Beguiler who was at the Tavern of the West Wind in Restenford when we showed up. We recruited him into our party, but at first he thought we were fans trying to request some music. During this conversation, he got slapped by a tavern wench who had gotten his 'armor rash.' Nevertheless, we picked him up to see what he could do. He does a lot of impressions when we're in town, keeping up some entertainer vibe. But when we go underground, like in that cave under the burned-out guardhouse, he drops the facade and says there's no point in doing voices down here. Hasn't said much of anything else, though. When we met the baron's daughter, she seemed to know him well, and he her. He told her he was on a secret mission and must depart, and she got all excited. Then, when we were outside of the manor, he said he just humors her. He said she was a sweet girl but she had a head full of romance. He also said it was mostly his fault, because he bought a lot of romance books for her the last time he was in Sigil. Sigil, the city at the center of the Planes? Is he for real? When we were fighting orks and orcs on Bald Hill, he was quite useful, fighting in melee and killing his share. But he was struck down when we were set upon by 8 orc barbarians while trying to help Branwen hold the trail against them. With little other choice, we had to resurrect him and keep on going. His beguiling bard song has been great in our fight against hobgoblins in Bone Hill. He even charmed their mage leader, Telvar, and convinced him to fireball his own minions! He also charmed some thieves trying to sneak up on us, and identified a strange note that we found as a crude map of Restenford. Actually he was really quite helpful during our last few days in Restenford. But when it was time to get teleported back to the Sword Coast, he bowed out, citing the Baron's daughter, Andrella, as a reason to stay. We might see him again, but probably not until we go back to Restenford. Or Sigil. Heh.

Posted Image Posted Image Haiass: My stage 2 wolf. I found him as a pup, next to his dead mother who had fallen down a ravine. There may or may not have been a beheading immediately before this - my memory is unclear. I raised him in secret, and by the time everybody found out I had already trained him to materialize out of thin air whenever I blew his whistle, even if he got screwed up by map transitions. This made us inseparable. Had almost 3 times the hit points I did at level 1, making him a GREAT pet to have around then. Whenever he dies, I can give his thigh bone to a cleric and resurrect him. In the Sharp Teeth Waste he was turned into stone by a Greater Basilisk, but we got him back with a Stone to Flesh scroll no problem. He fell next against the Xvarts in the Xvart Village, after fighting valiantly by Minsc's side for most of the encounter. He has also died to ankhegs, goblins, gnolls, and almost every other type of monster. But we keep bringing him back because he is fearless and deadly in battle, and it costs us next to nothing. He is currently missing, however. He died in the first raid on the bandit camp but we didn't see because we were too busy running away. After we finished Pelltar's quests in Restenford, we went back to assault the bandit camp once again, and found his bones! We resurrected him and was happily killing spiders in the Cloakwood with us. But as we got deeper into the Cloakwood we realized that he was not following us. Despite looking around for him, we never saw him again. I like to think that he heard the call of the wild after being cooped up in Candlekeep for all those years growing up. I imagine that right now he is a leader of a noble pack of wolves that do not allow wargs or vampire wolves. On some nights, I imagine that he remembers me and howls at the moon, but he is not sad. Sometimes the pack fights spiders. It is probably for the best, what with the corruption and destruction of much of the druidic circle in the Cloakwood. The place needs a good protector.

Posted Image Posted Image Shar-Teel: A level 6 human Sellsword. She is a High Master of Two Handed Swords, and is Specialized in Two Handed Weapon Style. Met us on the road to Nashkel. Challenged our best warrior to a duel. Khalid stepped up to the plate and gave her a nice, solid cut. She capitulated and joined our party. We gave her a compliment once, and she started assuming we were together. That apparently translates as her berating us for staring at her too long, and telling us about her crooked, chauvinist pig of a father Angelo. Later, she told us of her role model and mentor, the powerful and cruel mercenary Ysena, who trained her to be what she is today. During that conversation she let it slip that she worked in the slave trade. Later, in a boot-related romantic encounter, I told her I had lost interest, and it seemed like she didn't care. But she still feels something deep down inside. When we found Ajantis we decided to send her back to the Jovial Juggler in Beregost for a while, to give us some time apart. Eventually whenever we would go back there, I would manage to talk to her. I have told her my life story, and she said I was still a pox-ridden son of a pig. Considers pushing and shoving to be gestures of love. She ruthlessly slaughtered the mad mage Mutamin at the perfect time, saving the fight and allowing us to win. When we met Edwin, we decided to let Shar-Teel rest at the Jovial Juggler and took him along instead. I thought that things had cooled between Shar-Teel and I, since I was saving so many puppies and fixing so many problems. But I guess me becoming a woman really flipped her skirt, because she continued flirting with me like nobody's business when I got back to the Jovial Juggler after becoming a woman. My mind was often quite divided on her - half loving her strength and grace, and half hating her lack of pleasantness. But the love won our when it was time to infiltrate the Cloakwood, so I brought her along. She lasted pretty long, but then ended up right in front of me as when I cast Random Spell II, which turned out to be a Cone of Cold. I froze her to death in a moment. In shame, I took her back to the Jovial Juggler and picked up Bub Snikt instead. I didn't fight with her again until long after we flooded the Cloakwood Mines, and after our fated trip to Castle Daerthmac, I brought her into the party again to fill an empty space due to an absence of CuChoinneach. She fought bravely beside us all the way down to the bottom of the Underdark, wielding drow weapons, popping potions, and tearing the hearts out of demons. But on the way back up she got sloppy and charged an orc mage alone. The mage fried her ass with one lightning bolt and she fell. Thankfully Jet'laya had a scroll of Raise Dead, which she used to resurrect Shar-Teel, so we could still use her services for the rest of the fight up to the surface. After we got back, she was in my party when I tamed Black Bear, Squirrel, and Sirine, although she called the entire process male imbecility. I guess she wasn't happy that I turned back into a man. When we got back to the Jovial Juggler we decided to give her a vacation, but as soon as I talked to her about it, she said, "Ah, I'm finally released from this infernal duty! I swear by every god in a million pantheons that I will NEVER lose a duel to another overly masculine thug in my life." And then she walked off, not even looking back. I was devastated. Maybe I still am. We were lovers once. How could she just walk off like that?

Chapter of the Dead - Those who were important enough to have character portraits but have still met the final death with/at the hands of Syvishtar's Golden Company.

Posted Image Posted Image Andrea: a Section Operative that met me at the mine entrance to their secret base, and got Jonas to teleport me to the center of their base, which she called "Committee." I'm pretty sure I killed her alone on the way out, but it was hard to tell hers among all the screaming and piles of charred corpses.

Posted Image Posted Image Arch Mage Arias: A shade mage in the depths of the Ulcaster School who spoke to us and explained that she and others had turned themselves into shades, and innumerable adventurers into undead, in order to protect the school from further attack. She also said that some day they would be resurrected and the school would become great again. Then she tried to turn US into undead. We had to put her down.

Posted Image Posted Image Bassilus: Crazed cleric of Cyric that had raised an army of skeletons and zombies in the Red Canyons west of Beregost. Syvishtar's party of Kivan, Imoen, Shar-Teel, Rose, and Finch confronted him. Finch, speaking from a Sanctuary, pretended to be his mother, until he realized that his mother was long dead. Then, accusing him of stealing other people's dead relatives for his own, Finch shocked him into releasing all of the undead, making them just regular dead. She then cast Doom upon him, opening him up to the assaults of the rest of the party, including Syvishtar's army of squirrels. He managed to take out Shar-Teel with a Glyph of Warding before an arrow from Kivan ended his life.

Posted Image Posted Image Bertram: Tried to give us a lesson in the neglected art of "Shut the Hells Up," but myself, Yeslick, Finch, Gavin, Imoen, and Kivan were poor students. He was in the ground floor of the Lady Valeria's house, and there he shall remain... forever.

Posted Image Posted Image Caravan Bandit Leader: This hottie told us it was nothing personal as she and her cronies attacked us just south of the Friendly Arm Inn. Her group managed to take out Eldoth, Imoen, and Khalid before we put her down. Tough fight. We recovered Shivershield's fibula from her corpse.

Posted Image Posted Image Chop the Lady Ogre: A female ogre that we met on the Trade Way South who, with her daughter Cru, was trying to eat a gnome called David Jansen. The gnome went on at great length about what his aunt would think of the proceedings, until the ogre ladies shouted at him to shut up. Then he talked some more and ran away, leaving us to kill Chop and her daughter.

Posted Image Posted Image Cru the Lady Ogre: A female ogre that we met on the Trade Way South who, with her mother Chop, was trying to eat a gnome called David Jansen. The gnome went on at great length about what his aunt would think of the proceedings, until the ogre ladies shouted at him to shut up. Then he talked some more and ran away, leaving us to kill Cru and her mother.

Posted Image Posted Image CuChoinneach: A level 7 elf Ranger with 125 stealth and a racial enemy against Vampires. He was proficient in Short Swords and Maces, but was a Specialist in Scimitars, Sword and Shield Style, and Two Weapon Style. He had his own weapon, shield, and armor: Mairial The Death Hunter, CuChoinneach's Small Shield +3 The Moon, and CuChoinneach's Personal Leather Armor +4. He also had a powerful animal companion named Madadh n'Sgail who could heal, entangle, detect evil, and do other amazing feats. He met us just north of Nashkel, when we were looking for Jules' antique pearl necklace and also clues to the whereabouts of Mayor Ghastkill's baby. He said he knew where the baby was, and that his nemesis, the evil Clairis, had taken it to Castle Daerthmac. He offered to take us there, and we accepted. When we arrived, he proved to be an exceptionally talented killer of undead, destroying all manner of ghasts, wights, shadows, and vampires alongside Jet'laya and Conchobhair Strongblade. When Strongblade fell to a concentrated Skeleton Lord assault, we decided to go on without him, and put CuChoinneach in the leadership position. But after being put in that position, the ranger kept insisting that we all stand back, and let him do his work. It was quite grating on everyone's patience, and after he insisted everyone just leave him alone at least 10 times, we finally decided to do it. He went up against Lord Daerthmac by himself, while me, Jet'laya, Bardo, and Imoen stood back and let him work. He was taken by a Symbol of Fear cast by Lord Daerthmac in the first round, dominated by Clairis, and forced to strike down his own wolf with his own scimitar. Then he was struck down by a Skeleton Warrior that Lord Daerthmac summoned. It was a humiliating defeat. We stepped in and I handily defeated Lord Daerthmac by throwing every magical spell I had at him in a flurry of alacrity. When we got back to civilization, we debated resurrecting him or selling his equipment for money. We ended up deciding to dumping his corpse behind the Temple of Helm in Nashkel and selling his shit. He was just too insufferable to live.

Posted Image Posted Image Davaeorn: The mage in charge of the Cloakwood Mines. He opened by saying that we were all already dead, and so he didn't need to ask our names. But the party of myself, Yeslick, Faldorn, and Xan took him, his Battle Horrors, his Arrow of Detonation-firing Black Talon Mercenaries, and his apprentice Morgan out. And we only lost Faldorn in the fight. I think there was another assassin around or something but we never saw her, only her corpse.

Posted Image Posted Image Davenport: A Section Operative that ambushed us with a full party on the Coast Way going north to Baldur's Gate. He told us that someone wanted us dead, and then attacked. By then it was an old story, and even though he almost killed several of my party, I ended up destroying him. He dropped a note and a key to his base, Section One, and I went back and wiped it out to a man. His was the ultimate failure.

Posted Image Posted Image Eldoth: A human Musician that we inexplicably bumped into in the woods south of the Friendly Arm Inn. He gave us some great booze, and told us of a plan he had to free his lover, Skie, from the evil clutches of her baron father and blackmail him as well. He offered his services to us until we made it to Baldur's Gate. We accepted. However, a few minutes later we stumbled into a fight with the Caravan Bandit Leader, who killed him, Imoen, and Khalid. We only had enough money to raise the other two.

Posted Image Posted Image Erica: A Red Wizard of Thay who, along with her cohorts Taneth and Jeneik, tried to kill and rob us just outside of the Ulcaster Ruins. We tried to get them to leave peacefully, but when they started casting offensive magics the party of myself, Indira, Finch, Yeslick, Imoen, and Kivan absolutely wrecked their shit. They didn't stand a chance. This I considered to be my final exam at the Ulcaster School and I also considered myself to pass with flying colors. Mostly red.

Posted Image Posted Image Gorion: My foster father. Taught me Magic Missile, raised me well. Cut down by some goddamn Armored Figure in the dead of night while we tried to travel to the safety of friends. I miss him, even though I feel like I barely know him.

Posted Image Posted Image Greywolf: A mercenary hired by the city of Nashkel to hunt down Prism and return the gems he stole. My party of Minsc, Imoen, Shar-Teel, Branwen, and Viconia got to Prism first and agreed to protect him while he finished his masterpiece, a carving of the face of Ellesime on the side of the cliff. He used emeralds for the glint in her eyes. When Greywolf showed up, we told him that we were protecting Prism. Shar-Teel had a history with him, because he betrayed her mentor Ysena to the Flaming Fists over some disagreement. He attacked us and chunks flew everywhere - his chunks.

Posted Image Posted Image Jeneik: A Red Wizard of Thay who, along with his cohorts Taneth and Erica, tried to kill and rob us just outside of the Ulcaster Ruins. We tried to get them to leave peacefully, but when they started casting offensive magics the party of myself, Indira, Finch, Yeslick, Imoen, and Kivan absolutely wrecked their shit. They didn't stand a chance. This I considered to be my final exam at the Ulcaster School and I also considered myself to pass with flying colors. Mostly red.

Posted Image Posted Image Jhaeros Auglathla: An elf leading a small company of bodyguards and with his friend? lover? sister? Ygrianne tried to ambush us at Wyrm's Crossing and take our heads for a bounty. Instead the party of myself, Yeslick, Indira, Jaheira, Edwin, and Lady Seafoam Wonderbounce killed him, his elven bodyguards, and his Ygrianne. We took their golden Elven Chain Mail and used them as the uniforms for the Golden Company!

Posted Image Posted Image Imanuel Silversword: A strange woman near the entrance to Baldur's Gate who seems to have an entire party full of wolves at her beck and call. She didn't do anything until we passed by her with Kivan in our party, when she attacked! The party of myself, Rose, Bug Snikt, Gavin, Kivan, and Viconia killed her and her stupid wolves too. Kivan pledged himself to my eternal service for backing him in the fight.

Posted Image Posted Image Korax the Ghoul: A ghoul we met in the Sharp Teeth Waste who wanted to be our friend. Started following us around. He's immune to a basilisk's gaze so he was very useful. He helped us in the big fight against Mutamin, tanking two basilisks and a medusa while we took care of the mage. He was nice up until the point where we went to sleep, when he attacked us. We had to put him down.

Posted Image Posted Image Krellus: An orc that showed up at Bald Hill, on the Isle of Lendore. He called Bald Hill his home. He also said passing travelers provide everything that they need to survive, and ambushed us with his orc and thief friends. We killed them all in short order and looted everything back. He was the bandit leader and we broke their stranglehold on Restenford commerce.

Posted Image Posted Image Madeline: One of the leaders of Section One, who cold-heartedly advocated for my termination simply on the basis of me being too powerful. I can't really take credit for her death though, because it was the glabrezu I summoned that ripped her apart and feasted upon her entrails.

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Posted Image Posted Image Marl: A drunken, angry fool at the Feldpost Inn. Got in our faces about being adventurers. Said he hated adventurers tramping around all high and mighty, bringing trouble to his town. The party was going to ignore him until he punched Imoen in the face, almost killing her. I killed him with my Serpent Shaft.

Posted Image Posted Image Michael Samuelle: The yes-man of Section One, that seemed to agree to everything, including killing me. The party of myself, Imoen, Black Bear, Yeslick, Lady Seafoam Wonderbounce, and Jaheira took him out in the ensuing firefight. And by firefight I mean fighting with fire. Lots of fire. Everywhere.

Posted Image Posted Image Miranda the Witch: An angry druid-type woman we met in the Cloakwood Grove. We tried to be nice to her, but she would not listen to reason and attacked with her 4 druid, 2 polar bear, and 1 squirrel friends. The party of Bub Snikt, Viconia, Imoen, Keiria Silverstring, Coran, and I took them out with a clever use of Confusion and arrows. We regretted the way things went down, but they all had excellent loot so we didn't regret it that much.

Posted Image Posted Image Montaron: A halfling Thug. Unkind and manipulative. Followed the necromancer Xzar around and said rude things. Died a few hours later when we were ambushed by a pack of hobgoblins. Took out two before he fell. We left his body on a cliffside promontory, near where Gorion was slain.

Posted Image Posted Image Mulahey: Some kind of evil cleric at the lowest level of the Nashkel mines. Maybe a half-orc. He might have had multiple personalities, because at first he would speak almost reasonably to us, then he would call us fools and say we would all die. He also asked us for mercy, and when we agreed to spare his life he again called us fools and summoned more enemies. Our party of Minsc, Mur'neth, Finch, Imoen, and Xzar put him down. Unfortunately Minsc, in a berserker frenzy, killed Finch during the fight. After we killed him we found some letters that said he was tasked by someone named Tazok to poison all the iron that left the mines. He was given a veritable kobold army to accomplish this task. But the kobolds were getting out of control and killing the miners, which made Tazok angry, and attracted us, hence his death. Poor fool.

Posted Image Posted Image Najara: A paladin who confronted me at the Friendly Arm Inn and accused me of raiding a village and killing all who lived there. I denied the accusations but she attacked anyway. The cleric with her killed Indira with the first Flamestrike and seriously injured the rest of us. But myself, Finch, Yeslick, Imoen, and Kivan managed to kill her and her party. We killed a paladin that day.

Posted Image Posted Image Nikita: An operative of Section One that also tried to kill me, or "cancel" me, as they said. But instead Imoen, Yeslick, Sirine, Black Bear, Jaheira, and myself killed her and all of her colleagues. I'm not sorry.

Posted Image Posted Image Seemingly the leader of Section One, he first addressed me after we were teleported to his Committee. He said us coming there was a fatal mistake. It was... for him and his entire organization. Imoen, Yeslick, Sirine, Black Bear, Jaheira, and myself destroyed them all to the man.

Posted Image Posted Image Peter of the North: A man we found in a wyvern-filled cave in the Cloakwood Grove who tried to pass himself off as a woodsman to Coran. Coran's continued questions and his confusion at the man talking about subterranean trees caused the man to lose patience and attack with his trained wyverns.

Posted Image Posted Image Rhialto the Marvelous: A wild mage hanging around outside the walls of Candlekeep. Wanted to extract my spleen and use it as a spell component. A vision of thousands of future fights with him, which I all lost, sent me away from his presence screaming. Later, I came back stronger with Imoen, Finch, Viconia, Gavin, and Rose. Together, we killed him and looted his equipment and spellbook. His spellbook is hard to figure out, but has slowly been revealing its arcane secrets to me. Unfortunately, Finch died during the fight.

Posted Image Posted Image Taneth: A Red Wizard of Thay who, along with his cohorts Erica and Jeneik, tried to kill and rob us just outside of the Ulcaster Ruins. We tried to get them to leave peacefully, but when they started casting offensive magics the party of myself, Indira, Finch, Yeslick, Imoen, and Kivan absolutely wrecked their shit. They didn't stand a chance. This I considered to be my final exam at the Ulcaster School and I also considered myself to pass with flying colors. Mostly red.

Posted Image Posted Image Tarnesh: A human wizard and bounty hunter waiting for me on the steps of the Friendly Arm Inn. Tried to assault Syvishtar, Imoen, and Xzar as they wearily walked up. An arrow from Xzar's longbow was his doom. Imoen took his spellbook and has been studying it.

Posted Image Posted Image Telvar: An incredibly handsome mage who was just hanging out in the Bone Hill castle on the Isle of Lendore. He told us he was the guardian of the castle, and that the overseers had put him there to restore it. He wanted us to get a Horn of Valhalla for him. When we refused to hand over the horn, he attacked. The party of Imoen, Branwen, Safana, Kivan, Fabio and Syvishtara killed him and his hobgoblins. Then we found his journal which detailed his plans to invade Restenford with the wraith in the basement of the castle. We thought the bastard was lying, but then later on we found independent confirmation of the elven overseers wanting to take over Restenford. Why didnt he offer to cut us in? I'm an elf! We could have worked out a deal.

Posted Image Posted Image Tenya: A priestess of Umberlee that lives next to the Baldur's Gate bridge, on the outside shore. Some farmers hired us to go "kill that Umberlee bitch," but Ajantis cautioned us that all might not be as it seemed. When we approached her she immediately guessed that the fishermen had hired us. We confessed to that, but said we were just trying to figure out what was going on. Unfortunately she attacked us anyway and we had to kill her.

Posted Image Posted Image Valeria: A crazed mage in Beregost who was killing people and experimenting on them in order to try to solve the problem of despair. Apparently she had lived her whole life without joy, and thought she could extract joy and use it for some sort of procedure. Her experimental subjects did not survive the extraction process. She told me all this to try to get me to understand where she was coming from. I told her that her monstrous acts deserved death. She said death would be a mercy after the life she led. So myself, Yeslick, Finch, Gavin, Imoen, and Kivan were merciful.

Posted Image Posted Image Wendell: A druid crazed with grief who met us outside of the Cloakwood Mines after we finished flooding them. He said Miranda the Witch was his consort, and that since we had killed her we would have to die as well. I did the only thing I could do with 3 party members dead and no time to waste on frivolities - I ran. I came back later with a fully-resurrected party of Faldorn, Xan, Yeslick, Kagain, and Skeezer Lumpkin VI to face him again. I ended up sending in Faldorn alone, who cut him and his druid companions down with minimal muss and fuss.

Posted Image Posted Image Ygrainne Windstar: She was the sister, lover, or wife of Jhaeros Auglathla who helped to ambush us at Wyrm's Crossing. She died last. It was Indira, Jaheira, Edwin, Lady Seafoam Wonderbounce, Yeslick, and myself that killed the lot of them. We took her Elven Chain Mail and used it as one of the uniforms of the Golden Company.

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Chapter of Notable People - Characters important enough to have portraits. Also, they can be considered to be potential party members if we grease their palms enough.

Posted Image Albert: A boy demon or ogre mage or something equally sinister who pretended to be a boy in order to rope us into helping him find his lost dog, who was a dread wolf. Gave us his toy so that he would follow us back. Was also effective in preventing him from killing Edwin, although maybe I should have allowed that. When we got the dog back to the boy, he polymorphed back to his true evil form and gated him and the dog to the Abyss. He did pay us with a gem and a scalp, but still. Creepy!

Posted Image Almax: The resident druid of Restenford and protector of the lands. Wanted us to get in touch with Martin the Ranger, who he had sent to Reddy Forest and lost contact with. When we found Martin, we gave him Almax's message, and he gave a message to us in return. Now we're messengers I guess.

Posted Image Alyth: Owner and proprietor of the Elfsong Tavern.

Posted Image Amarande: A Shadow Archdruid that we found living in a tree house in the Cloakwood Grove. He threatened us at first, but then recognized Faldorn traveling with us and decided not to kill us. He said we would have free passage. But he said he still didn't trust us, and would not do so until we had destroyed the Cloakwood Mines. He told us to return then. When we did, he rewarded us with an excellent shield made of white wood.

Posted Image Amelia: A succubus that tricked us at the entrance to the Firewine Ruins. She said she was a ghost and spouted poetry at us immediately. Well, mostly Coran. She asked us to restore some flowers and give them to her lover inside the ruins. We did so, but her so-called lover, Natan, was scared to death of the roses and told us that he was mind-controlled by her via the roses, and clued us in to her being a succubus. When we demanded the truth, she told us that we didn't want to know, but she let both Natan and Coran go in exchange for some powders that Natan had given us. When we gave them she left the Material Plane and gave us a nice necklace.

Posted Image Amos: A citizen of Restenford who is the son of the druid there. Also he looks like some kind of hippie elf.

Posted Image Andrella: The daughter of the baron of Restenford. Lives in the castle, likes to hear Fabio sing. When Fabio told her he was on a top secret mission and must depart, she bought the story and thought it was exciting. Later, when it was time to leave Restenford, Fabio deserted us for a chance with her. I didn't see it, honestly.

Posted Image Armored Figure: This bastard killed my foster father, Gorion. He's going to go down, hard and fast, when I get my Magic on him.

Posted Image Baron Grellus: The baron of Restenford, where we were teleported by Pelltar in order to fix some low-level problems. We met him in his castle and asked him some questions. He's deflected us to Pelltar. I guess he must have been really busy with other stuff.

Posted Image Bentley Mirrorshade: The owner of the Friendly Arm Inn. Quiet, non-talkative, friendly dwarf.

Posted Image Brage: The former captain of the Nashkel guard. We found him in the middle of a slaughtered caravan near the Caves of Kozah. Immediately before this, his cousin Laryssa begged us to spare his life somehow. Imoen agreed for us. When we saw him, he presented us with a riddle, which was, "It has neither mouth, nor teeth, yet, it eats its food steadily. It has neither vllage, nor home, nor hands, nor feet; yet it wanders everywhere. It has neither country, nor means, nor office, nor pen; yet it is ready for a fight - always. By day and by night there is wailing about it. It has no breath, yet to all it appears." I knew exactly what it was, and answered him Death. This answer broke the curse, and he realized that he had just slaughtered the caravan around him. He begged us to kill him, but instead we took him to the Temple of Helm in Nashkel. The cleric there, Nalin, accepted him and told him he was not under his own control. He said there would be atonement, not punishment. Brage did not want to go on, but Nalin insisted. We were also well rewarded.

Posted Image Cearwin: A bard spending some time at the Nashkel Carnival who was apparently sending a letter north. We killed some Taldan forces who had intercepted the message, and so we brought it back to him. He recited some poetry for us first, and then asked us to take it to Aranor in the Blushing Mermaid in Baldur's Gate.

Posted Image Chase: A spoiled rich kid that the party met while exploring the cliffs near Candlekeep. He threatened to jump off and commit suicide. We said go ahead, and he ran off in a huff. Not sure if we'll see him again.

Posted Image Courtesan: A strumpet hanging out outside the Feldpost Inn at night in Beregost. Called us a cheeky monkey. Rose said she wasn't worth it because she didn't have any items. What kinda items was she talking about?

Posted Image David Jansen: A gnome that we met on the Trade Way South who was getting chased and prepared for eating by Chop and Cru, both lady ogres. He had a fast mouth, and talked at length about how proud his aunt would be to see what's going on. He talked until the ogres shouted at him to stop, and then at our urging finished the story about his cousin Jan Jansen's monkey-smuggling operations. He finally found an opening and ran away shouting "Wheeee!" We had to fight the ogres instead.

Posted Image Drienne: A little girl in the Dryad Falls who asked us to look for her missing cat. We realized that we had already picked it up at the bottom of the falls, and it was dead. The poignancy of the scene caused me to break down about my own dead familiar, and I bawled like a baby.

Posted Image Posted Image Drizzt: A dark-skinned elf who was in the middle of killing gnolls at Fisherman's Lake. Invited us to help him, and then massacred them all by himself. Gave us some advice about the bandit activity in the area and hinted that we might meet again someday. Later, after we had rescued Dynaheir, he showed up looking a little... different, and gave us a scroll from some gnolls he killed. The scroll turned out to be a page from Dynaheir's journal, and she asked for help in finding the rest. We split up and searched for it, Drizzt going one way and us going another. A few days later he caught up with us, and gave us the rest of the journal that he had found. Pretty nice, resourceful guy. I think he's wearing some Boots of Speed. Either that or he's permanently hopped up on potions, because he moves twice as fast as the rest of us.

Posted Image Dryad of the Cloudpeaks: She asked us to help protect her tree from two dumb guys, Caldo and Krumm. We tried talking to them but they attacked us instead, so we put them down. She was thankful and gave us an antidote for our troubles. I was kinda hoping for a barkjob.

Posted Image Elminster: A wandering old man who is apparently a mage, a friend of Gorion, and a notorious path-crosser. I keep running into him a lot. He seems to be very interested in me but doesn't offer any help beyond advice. What is up with this guy? When we got to Restenford, Sir BillyBob said he knew him. I saw him again in Beregost after Otho Truehammer had made me an acceptable Mace +1. Elminster turned it into a slightly better mace, and then told us to get it blessed by a priest of Lathander. After we did that, it became the Mace of Disruption! In a book I finally read that Elminster is a Chosen of Mystra! And he never mentioned it once! He also ran into us when we reached Baldur's Gate for the first time, and told me that I have evil, hungry blood. Weird. He told us that Duke Eltan and Scar are good people to trust in the city, so that was helpful.

Posted Image Fairwind: The baroness of Restenford. Wife of Grellus and mother of Andrella. When we met her we were scoping out her place, and she thought us lost. We tried to flatter her about her beauty but she told us to stow it and then zeroed in on why we were on the second floor of her mansion in the first place. I was intimidated into telling her the truth - we just wanted to see the inside of the place. She nodded and seemed to understand, then confessed that she used to be a cleric in an adventuring party. She offered us a tour when we were done with our mission. But after we finished our mission she didn't follow up. Typical.

Posted Image Farmer Brun: A farmer in the Lower Chionthar who had a big problem with missing cattle. We entered a big pit in the ground and found Ankhegs. We cleared them out for him. He was grateful. Unfortunately, his son died down there, and we found the body. We returned it to him, and he was again grateful, but said his farm would now die because he was too old to have another son and too poor to hire labor. At Ajantis' urging, we managed to give him 100 gold and our reputation was raised by 1 point.

Posted Image Felwin: Almax's wife in Restenford. Was also very worried about Martin the ranger being all alone in the woods.

Posted Image Galtok: A gnome or halfling who ran up to us near the Nashkel mines. He asked us to help him against kobolds who were chasing him. They had been torturing him for hours after stealing all his equipment. We killed the kobolds, but Viconia's approval of the idea of torture sent him running away from us, screaming of her evil.

Posted Image Gatewarden: The warden at Candlekeep who taught Imoen and I to fight. This is why we are so good at tactical encounters - we rely on his wisdom. Fire and fade, baby, fire and fade.

Posted Image Gellana Mirrorshade: Bentley's wife, and the priestess of the Temple of Wisdom at the Friendly Arm Inn. Also not talkative, but friendly. I think she's a gnome.

Posted Image Gerde: Some kinda nature-type we ran across in the Lower Chionthar. She seemed to be an expert on Ankhegs, and told us all about them and to respect the environment and how they were good for crop yields. Unfortunately she told that to us after we had ruthlessly slaughtered the lot of them.

Posted Image Good Gnoll: Leader of a pack of gnolls who had touched Dynaheir's journal and had their alignment changed by its ward. Warned us that the Old One had sent many gnoll packs after us. Dynaheir forbade me from killing him, and he led his pack of gnolls away.

Posted Image Hafiz: A gnome we met in the Cloud Peaks who wanted to speak with us. Said it was very important. He asked us about our past, and we told him an honest summary. He said he could help us, and gave us a Scroll of Protection from Magic. He said to use it when we do battle with the eight that serve my father's killer. Eight?

Posted Image Joia: A lady who lives next to the front gate of the Friendly Arm Inn. She lost a ring, which we found on some hobgoblins nearby. When we returned it to her she pronounced us a good sort and promised to say so to anyone who asks. She raised our reputation!

Posted Image Jolun: Some painter in the Elfsong Tavern that always seems to be drinking. He asked us to buy him a drink once, and we agreed. He'll probably ask more times.

Posted Image Jozzi Seasnake: A sea elf we met on the shipwreck coast. She asked us to help her save her mate from some murderous sahuagin who were forcing him to show them a fake stash of loot. We of course agreed to help her, immediately. She led us to the shipwreck and things turned out to be different from what she said. She seemed to be a kind of slave of the sahuagin, and had told the sea elf a lot of lies in order to keep him alive because she liked him. But he had ended up watching die or killing all of his friends and family, so he wasn't so appreciative of her gesture. He cursed her and walked away. She shrugged and dove into the sea. Underwater adventures must be hella confusing.

Posted Image Karaea Harfurthock: A svirfneblin shopkeeper that we found in Nashkel between the Inn and the Store. She sells jam and boots, both magical. Has a brother down in Amn who is supposedly cursed and very irritable. But she likes the surface. She hinted that she knew an enchanter who might be persuaded to do some extremely expensive enchants for us, if we had huge sums of money. We haven't yet taken her up on this offer, though.

Posted Image Keldath Ormlyr: High Priest at the Song of the Morning Temple in Beregost. Has a good selection of potions and items available. Told us of the madman Bassilus who is nearby. Rewarded us with 2500 gold when we killed Bassilus! He later sent a messenger to find Gavin, bringing us back to the temple. He gave us a quest to stop a mad wizard Mutamin who was trying to tame basilisks east of the temple. We killed Mutamin, and he gave us 1,000 gold for that. Has given us a third quest, to find out what is going on with the upper crust in Beregost. We finally got around to figuring this out and found a crazed mage who was killing people to experiment with them and find out how to feel joy. We killed her and Keldath Ormlyr rewarded us with 1,000 gold!

Posted Image Keth'sim Dwin'anea: We were told by Jozzi Seasnake that her mate, Keth'sim Dwin'anea, was caught by some sahuagin monsters tricked them into thinking there was a treasure trove on the shipwreck at the Shipwrecked Coast. Jozzi managed to get us there in time to intercept the party. We found out there that he was not in fact her mate, but was more like a prisoner, and that Jozzi was a tool of the sahuagin. He called her a sea monster and said that she had tricked him into killing all of his friends in order to save her from dying or something... it was a hard story to follow. He cursed her, cursed the sea, and left.

Posted Image Kieran: Met this guy in the Cloakwood Crossing. He was flanked by two baby wyverns. He called himself a mighty ranger and demanded we pay him 300 gold to cross his bridge. We taunted him about loving baby wyverns a little too much and he said no, he trains them to hunt the enemies of nature. Then he insisted that we pay the toll to cross the bridge, but he forgot what he originally had said and only asked for 200 gold. We told him we were poor and he relented, saying we could cross for free and even blessing us in the name of the Great Mother. I'm glad we could come to a peaceful agreement. I was getting really upset having to kill nature-lovers over and over again. Next time we talked to him, he even offered to trade with us. He has a good selection of ranger-oriented goods.

Posted Image Lake Poet Rob: A bard at the Belching Dragon Tavern who is offering to basically intimidate people for us, making us more feared and evil-sounding than we actually are, lowering our reputation. We passed him up on that. We later ran into him again in the Peldvale, where he was near a lake together with Lake Poets Sam and Willy. Wolves attacked us all, and they scattered. We eventually found him, after the other two, and he recited a poem about a cavern.

Posted Image Lake Poet Sam: A bard at the Friendly Arm Inn who is offering the same thing as his brother. We also found him menaced by wolves in the Peldvale. He ran away while we killed the wolves. When we tracked him down again, he recited his latest song for us, called "A Dungeon."

Posted Image Lake Poet Willy: The third bard that we found standing near a lake in the Peldvale. All three had scattered when the wolves attacked, and we found him running scared north of Lake Poet Sam. He recited some poetry about a happy warrior.

Posted Image Landrin: A tiny woman at the Friendly Arm Inn who said she had a spider infestation in her house in Beregost. Offered to pay us 100 gold to get rid of them. Our first real quest ever! When we turned it in she gave us bonuses for finding her boots and some wine. We made bank.

Posted Image Locinda: A lady we met in Reddy Forest, who was attacking a gibberling. She said she was lost, had all her money stolen, and had every hungry animal in the area trying to eat her. We gave her a healing potion and the correct directions to Garrotten, although we could have lied. She said thanks, and perhaps some day we would meet again.

Posted Image Mad Arcand: A crazy little guy we met in the Shipwreck Coast who sang a song that went wertle, wertle, wertle, wooo, wertle-wooooo. We plundered the shipwreck there and found a ring that boosted dexterity. We talked to him going back out, and he claimed the ring as his own and said nice things about us. Also in a crazy song.

Posted Image Martin: A ranger we found in Reddy Forest, near an incomplete henge. He said he was getting kinda jumpy. We told him that Almax hadn't heard from him recently, and attributed it to the gnolls raiding the town. He agreed, and was happy that we had taken care of them. He gave us a message to give to Almax. We said no problem. When we gave the message to Almax, he was happy and everything was alright.

Posted Image Natan: A man we found just at the entrance to the Firewine Ruins. We had gone in there to give him some red roses at the behest of a ghost outside, Amelia. She said she was his lover, but he didn't react like a lover when he saw the roses. He was scared to death of them, actually. He called Amelia a demon, and said she controlled his mind. He was right. She was a succubus and ended up controlling both Natan and Coran's minds. She let them go in exchange for some powder and then used it to leave this plane of existence. Natan yelled at us for letting a succubus go freely, able to pass between planes at will. Oops, I guess?

Posted Image Officer Vai: An officer of the Flaming Fist mercenaries who heard about our doings in the Nashkel Mines and paid a kid to come find us once we got back to Beregost. She will pay us 25 gold per bandit scalp we bring to her. We've brought her quite a few so far.

Posted Image Pelltar: A mage who stopped by the Song of the Morning temple in order to hire some adventurers to solve a mystery or two in his native town of Restenford. He offered to teleport us there. We had to kill the mercenaries sieging the temple, which cost us Xan's life, but then we were finally able to accept. He was pretty happy and teleported us right away. So far we have found some giant rats beneath an abandoned guardhouse south of town, and slaughtered them all. He was pretty happy with that. Safana was able to steal his spellbook from his locked and trapped desk on the third floor of his tower, which contained 45 individual spells in it. I memorized them all. I am very happy about this. I got remarkably less happy after he refused to teleport me back until I had proven my innocence involving several murders and thefts in town. If the dude didn't trust me then why would he have even teleported me over here? Also, he feigned ignorance about the Hand of Glory that I had picked up, forcing me to take extreme measures to finish the quest that he had forced me to do. Bastard!

Posted Image Perdue: A gnome at the Red Sheaf Inn who was looking for a big guy with a dog's head. In the High Hedge, we actually ran across some Gnolls, which are dog-headed monsters. We killed them and they dropped his short sword. When we returned it to him he grudgingly gave us 50 gold. He caught Rose trying to pickpocket him for more cash later but she was able to talk her way out of it.

Posted Image Rashel the Sunray: A sirine standing in the courtyard of the Song of the Morning Temple east of Beregost. We asked her about the surrounding region and she was quite knowledgeable. Syvishtar asked her out to dinner, but she said her heart, and all her time, belonged to the Morning Lord. Syvishtar was never more jealous of godhood.

Posted Image Ratava Artsym: A mysterious merchant that showed up in the Temple of Wisdom at the Friendly Arm Inn after we had cleared the Nashkel mines. Sells masterwork items, potions, and scrolls. We have bought a few scrolls from her, but nothing major so far.

Posted Image Sarhedra: A grumpy halfling or gnome or something we met in the Lonely Peaks. Told us to take care of an ogre problem. When we told her that we had already killed them, she seemed even more grumpy. She said she had people to see and places to be, so she left.

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Posted Image Scar: The second in command of the Flaming Fist. He asked us to investigate the Seven Suns trading coster, because they have been behaving erratically and suspiciously lately. We also told him that the Iron Throne is behind the political unrest in the region, and he seemed to listen to our words.

Posted Image Selene: A crazy woman who decided that the middle of our battle with ettercaps in the Cloakwood Falls, after I had just accidentally destroyed Shar-Teel with a Cone of Cold, was a good time to ask us to kill a dragon. When we were done we showed her the head of the red wyvern we killed, and she gave us a Ring of Protection +2 in return.

Posted Image Seniyad: A woodsman in the Cloakwood who approached us while we had just been hired to protect Aldeth Sashenstar, an uppity noble from Baldur's Gate who said that the wood was full of uncultured savages. Seniyad was very wise with us - he told us that the men had killed a druid a few days ago. We had to decide whether to side with the woodsmen or with the nobility. We sided with the woodsmen and killed the nobility. I'm sure there will be no consequences.

Posted Image Shoal the Nereid: A nereid that we met on the Shipwreck Coast. She was wandering around in the forest and asked for our help. We offered it eagerly. She in turn offered a kiss to Kivan, who accepted. It killed him. We all attacked her, but she begged us to stop and said she was controlled by Ogre-Droth, a mage who had captured her shawl. We agreed to save her from him, and she resurrected Kivan. Then Droth showed up. We put him down quickly and she thanked us and took off.

Posted Image Silke: A beautiful actress we met in front of the Red Sheaf Inn. She had gotten Garrick to hire us as mercenaries to protect her in some kind of deal. The deal went bad, and we killed the ruffians and got paid. But now she won't talk to us. Also, she was dogging on Rose for some reason, probably spiteful jealousy, but hasn't made any trouble for her or us yet.

Posted Image Sir BillyBob: A half-elf who lives in the town of Restenford. He's a farmer, but he also knows magic and fighting well enough to train the soldiers of the town. He told us a lot about the area and suggested we kill the orc bandits north of his farm in Bald Hill. We agreed. He also mentioned that he knew Elminster, that old mage who keeps following me around. Ho does he know that old guy? When I peered closely at Sir BillyBob I received a vision of alternate realities where I had tried to fight him. I was never able to injure him worth anything at all, and what's worse is that he didn't even fight back. Even if it never happened in this reality it's still embarrassing! I next tried bribing him to get him to join our party, but I just couldn't find enough treasure before it was time to leave. Is there nothing about this man that is not infuriating?

Posted Image Stedd: A prospector down on his luck who was looking to sell his trusty mule. We found them both at the Friendly Arm Inn. We haggled with him and finally got his mule for a mere 400 gold!

Posted Image Taerom Fuiruim: Blacksmith of the Thunderhammer Smithy in Beregost. Pretty nice guy, frustrated with the iron problems. Buys all our scrap without protest.

Posted Image Thalantyr: Resident human wizard of the High Hedge, just west of Beregost. Haughty. Only interested in magical items. Has a sweet stash of extremely expensive gear. We found a talking chicken that called itself Melicamp and sent us to Thalantyr, who recognized him. Melicamp confessed to stealing some gauntlets from Thalantyr. The gauntlets had turned Melicamp into a chicken. Thalantyr said that if we could find a skull, he could use it in a strange ritual to bring Melicamp back to life. We have been searching for a skull so far, and finally found one in the Valley of the Tombs. We took it back and Melicamp was successfully transformed back into a human. We consider it a job well done.

Posted Image Thorengrim Hammerfist: A dwarf in the Friendly Arm Inn. Offered to sell us some amazingly expensive equipment. Also offered to upgrade some things if we found them. We couldn't afford any of his stuff, though, and probably won't be able to afford his upgrades for quite a long time.

Posted Image Tolvar: A depressed mage Kivan met in the Reddy Forest. He tried to impress us, but broke down mid-sentence. He said he was a complete failure and asked us to leave him alone. When we presed him for details, he said his last adventuring group had left him here in the forest to die. When we asked him why, he said that he freezes up in combat and can't cast spells. We advised him to go seek out Pelltar in Restenford for additional training. When we got back to Restenford, we were happy to see that he had made it back and was studying magic with the other apprentices in Pelltar's house. A happy ending.

Posted Image Unshey: A talkative little woman who ran into some ogres south of the Friendly Arm Inn. She claims that they had a belt fetish and she had to give them her girdle to get away with her life. She kindof implied that we should get it back for her, but did not explicitly ask or offer a reward. Not a good quest-giver. We gave her back the belt and she paid us money for a bath, saying we stank.

Posted Image Volcifar: A man we met in Reddy Forest on the Isle of Lendore. He suggested we go clear out the old castle on Bone Hill, because it had been recently infested with hobgoblins. We said we'd go check it out.

Posted Image Volo: A talkative bard we met in the Belching Dragon Tavern in Nashkel. Seemed to know everything about everything that's been going on. Told us quite a lot.

Posted Image Winthrop: Innkeeper at the Candlekeep Inn. Imoen and I grew up with him. He thinks he's funny. Imoen thinks he's good for teasing. Not quite sure why he has a portrait, but hey here he is!

Journal prologue

25 Tarsakh, 1369

Posted Image

I've finally done it! Vox Interioris Extrinsecus! I picked it up from one of the visiting mages here. He told me that an unexamined life is not worth living, and that a well-documented life is a well-examined life. Then he taught me this spell, or ritual, or whatever. Basically it is a permanent minor enchantment that continuously documents everything I see, everything I hear, everything I say, and my internal monologue. Its the perfect document for the well-examined life!

So, let this be the secret journal of Syishtar, oppressed elven minority member of Candlekeep. Do your chores, they say. Tend to your lessons, they say. The Monk is always trying to keep a good elf down. "Do what you want but you're never gonna break me, sticks and stones they're never gonna shake me oh... oh whoa!" Just a line I picked up from a song by some traveling bard. Damn she was hot. Anyways, I show the Monk he's not going to keep me down whenever I cast magic. And I cast almost every day now! The magic knows me, and I know it. I can feel its true nature - capricious, wild, and free. I love letting it loose to work itself through the world. Always a surprise, always a laugh. Even better when the Monk disapproves. Its kinda dangerous sometimes, but that's just what you gotta deal with when living on the edge!

Part of making the enchantment permanent is putting your vital statistics down early, and to be thorough. Otherwise some other magic-user might be able to co-opt the enchantment. So here we go, so the Monk can't take my journal away from me and pass it off as his own, I'll unequivocally document my vital test scores here. They uniquely identify this journal as belonging to Syishtar, and no one else ever! You hear me, monk?

Posted Image

Who cares about Wisdom anyways? I don't care about wisdom. But the Monk cares. Oh boy does he. The Monk always cares about wisdom and gets onto your back about becoming more wise, cuz the Monk always wants you to be like him. Well, screw the Monk I tell you!

You know what the best thing in the world is? Magic. Personally, I prefer Wild Magic. It's really alive, you know?

Posted Image

And just in case the Monk has some more tricks up his sleeve to steal my journal, I'm also going to include all the spells I know. Then nobody will ever be able to say that this journal is theirs! Nobody else. Besides me, I mean.

Posted Image

Azragan's Chanelling [sic] is the first spell I learned. I like it because its effects cannot be predicted. Late at night when I can't sleep I imagine casting it at enemies. I imagine that they are usually as surprised as I am!

Posted Image

Armor is how I survive fights. Or, it would be if I ever had any. This one time a stableboy got pushy with me, but after I cast this and my body glowed everywhere, he backed down. Magic really intimidates the uninitiated. That boy was probably working for the Monk, but I showed him.

Posted Image

Color Spray is actually good at parties. Get a few drinks into you and your friends and they start asking you to cast it. But not many of them can really handle the spell. And of course the Monk says that stunning and temporarily blinding your friends could have long-term health problems. Yeah, they WOULD say that!

Posted Image

This spell I just learned today. Find Familiar. The monks say that I should wait until I'm ready to care for a familiar full-time before I cast it. They talk about feeding and walking and dealing with the shit. But then again they all have them. I don't know what the big deal is. One day I'm going to cast it and then we'll see what the Monk says.

Posted Image

I've only ever cast Grease when one of my tutors was around to dispel it. Its actually a pretty disgusting thing to do. I feel like the magic doesn't want to do this, but I can see how it would be useful in a combat situation. The monks call it crowd control. I bet its their first resort when confronted with a peaceful protest, too.

Posted Image

I love Identify. With it I can know the Truth that the Monk doesn't want you to know. They used to be able to hide things from me, but not anymore. Now I, too, can know the real truth behind anything.

Posted Image

This is my favorite spell - Nahal's Reckless Dweomer. When I use this spell I can really feel like the magic is speaking through me, ya know? The magic knows what it wants, and where its needed. I just come along for the ride, sometimes. Together we make some beautiful harmony, and this is the best spell to let that happen. The Monks say this should be a last-resort spell, but I tend to lead with it. Or I plan to tend to lead with it. The Magic and I, we know what's best together. You just gotta feel it.

Posted Image

Chaos Shield is the only level 2 spell I know, and the only way I can cast it is by using Nahal's Reckless Dweomer first. I love the way it feels. The magic just comes down on me and embraces me, ya know, and lets me know everything is going to be alright. I can successfully cast this more often than not, even though its a level 2 spell. The magic is strong with me.

Posted Image

I can feel Improved Chaos Shield in the back of my mind, waiting for me. The magic wants to protect me more than it does, but I have to be worthy first. I have to prove myself. I have tried to cast this through the medium of Nahal's, but the result was almost too dangerous for me. I'm not sure if I should even try to use this, or to just stick with its lesser brother for now. We'll see some day, won't we.

Posted Image

I remember the day I learned this spell. Gorion taught it to me himself. He told me that if my life was ever threatened, and there was no other alternative, I should cast Magic Missile. He said not to hesitate to aim for the face. He gave me a little wink and an eyebrow wiggle. That old man is pretty cool sometimes. I've never actually had to cast it, though, but the day I do, its going right for the face!

The other thing I learned from Gorion was 5 techniques for how to talk to people.

Posted Image

Gameplay note: These special abilities are additions from the relationship mod. This is basically an extensive bribery interface. If you give enough items to a random NPC, they will be nicer to you, help out when you are in combat, and possibly even join you as a fully-controllable party member. These are not NPCs like Imoen or Minsc, these are random people standing around like townspeople or bartenders. Or, perhaps, a dragon. When I was testing it out I got Firebead Elvenhair to join me from the Candlekeep Inn. He was an 11th level wizard. He also automatically gained the ability Scribe Scroll, so with enough money he could have given me all of his spells. I plan to bribe high-level mages as often as possible. The only drawback is that higher-level NPCs want higher-level treasure.

Using the Detect Relationship ability, you can always find out your current standing with NPCs. It goes something like Hostile > Relation Crisis > Neutral > Close > Special Friend > Bosom Friend (the mod was translated from Chinese). NPCs will be open to joining your party when they feel Close to you. You can seal the deal with Invite to Party. If you want to get someone to like you more, use the Show Friendship button. If you have what they want in your inventory they will take it and you'll get a message that they are friendlier. Humanoid NPCs such as people, gnolls, and goblins want necklaces. Animals don't want anything, they just appreciate the attention. They are the easiest to make friends with, but you can only do it once a turn. The Undead want to drain your experience. Giants, ogres, golems, and similar want gemstones. And for beholders, dragons, and other monster npcs you can just outright pay them. If you want a given NPC to like you less, hit Show Hostility. I imagine if they hate you enough they will just attack. Finally, to get help from those allies of yours which are friendly to you in a given area, use Call for Help. You can imagine a scenario here in which you pass out jewelry to an entire room full of people, then show hostility to one guy in the middle. When he attacks you, call out for help, and the whole room will jump him with you. I don't know if that's ever going to be necessary but its sure as hell going to be funny!

Gorion said a little friendship goes a long way. I'm thinking a little glad-handing and jewelry in the right palm and you can 'make things happen.'

I gotta go do chores now. I should hide this somewhere safe. Somewhere that nobody will ever find it. Then again, nowhere is safer than on my person. Yes... yes... I will never let this go. How could I? Its everything to me now. Journal, you're staying with me!

Gameplay note: That's the sum total of Syishtar's abilities at level 1. Lets do this!

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The Monk is always out to keep a wild mage down. But the Weave, she speaks to me. Together we work our collective will on this brittle, cracking world.
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Posted 07 December 2011 - 11:00 PM

Posted Image

1 Mirtul, 1369

Baldur's Gate Introduction Movie

I had a really weird dream last night with very awkwardly-shaped figures in it. Oh well, no biggie. Gorion interrupts me from my chores today (sometimes I love the old dude) and tells me that we have to go on a journey. He hasn't been talking much lately, but the old man hasn't ever been very open. Try asking him about my mother sometime. Nevertheless, the guy's alright, ya know? Not like all the other monks. He tells me I have to buy the things I need to survive on the road for a few days. I guess food? Water? Well, he said it was dangerous out there, so maybe I should get some weapons too. I've always wanted a bow...

Posted Image

Gameplay note: Here I stand, outside the Candlekeep Inn. The green guy near the top is a Tutor, who will give you a tutorial on movement if you don't know about such things. But I do, so we'll skip it. Actually this entire Candlekeep area is a tutorial.

Posted Image

But its really, really boring so we're going to hit a few interesting points and then skip the rest. There's nothing else to do now but walk into the Candlekeep Inn like my daddy told me to.

When I get in there, I'm greeted by someone unexpected.

Posted Image

Posted Image Hello Haiass! Where have you been? I've been searching the whole morning for you. Come over here. (You give a toy to your wolf.)

Posted Image (Haiass chews his little toy and then returns next to you and wags his tall. He seems very happy.)

Gameplay note: The dialog says that we gave a toy to our wolf, but actually, he gave it to us!

Posted Image

What a stark story that was. How could I have forgotten it? It looks like Haiass is a pretty nice meat shield with his 15 hit points. Much better than my 6. Also, having a wolf around is pretty cool. If he ever gets lost, I can just blow on his whistle and find him again.

Posted Image

I think I remember making this whistle from one of his dead brother's paws.

Man, that's one less weight on my shoulders. I've been looking for this guy all over the place! I guess its time to see what Winthrop has for a journey.

Posted Image

Posted Image You always were the big kidder, Winthrop. That gets funnier very nearly every time I hear it. Well, perhaps not quite so often.

Posted Image Haw! Just having a bit o' fun with ye, my friend. Them monks may be walking about with poles in their nethers, but you know you are always welcome here in my sight. Gorion did well by you, he did. So, is there anything I can do for ya. Some drinks, a room to sleep, or anything to buy?

He doesn't have any food. I'm not sure what else to buy. I have a quarterstaff, my wolf, and my spells. Gorion always told me that ranged weapons are essential, but I only have 20 gold, and a short bow costs 90. I might have to settle for a sling right now. But maybe I could scrounge up some more cash first?

I stealthily go over to the dresser in the back room and quietly pry around to see what I find...

Posted Image

Ok maybe not quietly, but I eventually jiggle the drawer so much that it pops open. I find 18 gold, a scroll of True Strike, and a scroll of Armor.

Posted Image

Seeing into the future sounds helpful... I guess? I'm not sure when I'll use this though when I can just use Magic Missile. The Armor scroll I'll keep for a rainy day. Maybe I can get some more stuff upstairs?

Posted Image

Gameplay note: Ransacking the upper floor of the inn nets me 4 more gold and a silver necklace. I could use this necklace to make an NPC like me just a wee bit more, or I could sell it and donate the funds to my favorite charity - Elves Without Bows. Just as a side note, mages weren't be able to use bows in the original BGII, so that's a new thing.

Having those guys stare at me makes me nervous, I think I need to talk to them. Green guy first.

Posted Image What? I certainly hope there is an explanation for this intrusion! Explain yourself!

Posted Image Just getting to know the neighbors. Who might you be?

Posted Image My name is Quincy. Beyond that is my own business and none of your concern. Leave, lest I report this intrusion to the guard.

That neighbor schtick didn't go over so well. But if he wanted privacy why didn't he get a room with a door? Lets try a new tactic with this blue guy over here.

Posted Image Yes? Might I help you?

Posted Image My apologies. I have been knee-deep in the tomes of the keep all day, and I am in quite the fog as a result.

Posted Image Oh indeed! Such a wondrous depository it is. I have returned on many an occasion, much to my banker's dismay, and have not even scratched the surface of the collection here. Would that it were so for all of my noble brethren. I fear many come to the Keep merely to proclaim that they did. I suppose it makes them appear more intelligent, though simple quizzing places the majority of them securely about the chimp "level." I am sorry, I tend to ramble. Good eve to you.

Not much help up here. Maybe the people downstairs will be better? For instance, that guy by the fireplace. I wonder who he is...

Posted Image

An errand? I guess I could do this. It might give me enough money for a bow. I think I might really need it, since Firebead mentioned the dangerous trip to get here. What's out there, book bandits? Hmmm, what about that couple I saw earlier in the parlor area.

Posted Image has nothing to say to you.

Damn she's snobby. What about this yellow guy?

Posted Image Step up to the heat, young one. You'll NEED a good fire to warm the chill stares of those monks. Most inhospitable, they are. Isn't that so, Lovey?

Posted Image Oh yes darling, they are MOST standoffish.

Posted Image Perhaps they have not been as welcoming as they could have, but you ARE strangers in their home.

Posted Image Perhaps. But if they wish no one to enter it is a simple matter or not letting anyone enter at all. 'Twould certainly be a shame if they did, though. Such a storehouse of knowledge has limited use if no one can use the stored knowledge. Ah well... 'tis cozy enough here by the fire to wash away any troubles I otherwise have with the place.

People keep talking about how amazing the library is. Do cities not have libraries? I should ask Gorion when we're traveling. There was one more person here, right? A woman wandering all over the place. Let me go see what's on her mind.

Posted Image At last I am in Candlekeep, where I've wanted to be for so long! But now I wander the rooms here, moody and sad...

Posted Image You look very pale indeed. Aren't you feeling well?

Posted Image I... had a terrible adventure. For me, as well as for the man I love. *sigh*

Posted Image Lovesickness, hmm?

Posted Image If only that would be...

Posted Image You are Gorion's foster child, aren't you? Yes, I think I want to talk with you about it.

Posted Image Have you been to the infirmary? My fiance is recovering there from the injuries he got in his last fight.

Posted Image Aha.

Posted Image He has an obvious injury: he lost an arm. But the wounds that are still troubling him are his memories of what happened during this fight, and the conditions under which he lost that arm. I... I am troubled by it too.

Posted Image You see... I cut off his arm. It... it was the only thing to do.

Posted Image Ha! How sweet. Is that some kind of courting ritual where you come from?

Posted Image Keep your mockery to yourself, please. Of course it is not.

Posted Image We were on our way to Candlekeep, when suddenly a portal started opening near us. Monsters came out and started attacking. It was horrible. Sir Trun defended us, and it looked as if he would win easily. Then one of the creatures bit into his arm, dragging him toward the portal. He lost his sword...

Posted Image There was only one possible way to save him, and I used it. Otherwise, he would be dead by now.

Posted Image It is a great pity he lost his arm, but you saved him nonetheless. Doesn't he feel thankful for that?

Posted Image No, it is not that easy. Sir Trun proposed to me, what seems a long, long time ago, and we went on this educational journey to Candlekeep. You have to understand, I am the daughter of noble family, and never touched any kind of weapon. His... his gaze upon me when he realized what happened...

Posted Image Forgive me, but I do not want to talk more about it. I need to be patient, and hope that he will overcome his feelings. poor Sir Trun... he is so brave. He grimly tries not to attribute any importance to the matter, but doesn't succeed in overcoming his feelings of horror. He is bound to his proposal to a woman he now fears, and is trying to convince himself it is nothing to worry about. I still see that look in his eyes...

Posted Image I decided not to go to the infirmary until someone brings the news of his recovery, or until he approaches me himself.

Gameplay note: This is the first new quest of the Big World Project, right here in Candlekeep Inn. Its got some tricky emotional stuff here too.

The infirmary, the infirmary... that's on the south side. I'll go find this Sir Trun. I go outside... to be greeted by the nicest monk in the entire keep.

Posted Image

Posted Image But before then, it's probably a good idea if you go round the Keep in a leisurely fashion finding lost property and running errands, all for an economically implausible cash reward and an astonishing amount of experience.

Posted Image Can't I just get the cash and experience right now? The longer I wait, the higher the chance that those first-level assassins in the Keep will finish me off.

Posted Image I don't see why not. How much are you really going to learn about spell-throwing and swordplay by fetching crossbow bolts, after all?

Posted Image Here's the cash and a couple of potions, and some random junk that you can probably sell to someone. Go do your shopping, then I'll take you to Gorion.

Gameplay note: The guy gave me 38 gold, 2 healing potions, a Fire Agate gem, and two daggers. That bow is looking closer than ever!

Going into the central grounds I find Tethtoril immediately.

Posted Image

The Monk is always out to keep a wild mage down. But the Weave, she speaks to me. Together we work our collective will on this brittle, cracking world.
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Posted 07 December 2011 - 11:01 PM

Posted ImageFirebead has sent you to me, hasn't he... Very well, return this scroll to him but then you must hurry and speak with Gorion. He is waiting for you on the steps of the central library. I assure you, child, it is a matter of greatest urgency.

And since I'm already on the way, I continue south to the Infirmary. But before I get out of the central garden, I practically run into this little gnome.

Posted Image

Posted Image Ooh! I'm sorry. I wasn't watching where I was going!

Posted Image Haven't I seen you wandering around Candlekeep the past tenday? Who are you?

Posted Image I am Finch, Finch Bloomwhiffler. So grand to make your acquaintance! I must say I am truly envious of you having the good fortune to live here in Candlekeep.

Posted Image Why do you say that? It is a simple walled village, hardly filled with the wonders of cities such as Baldur's Gate or Waterdeep.

Posted Image The wondrous books! Rows and stacks of scroll casings and leather-bound volumes covering every subject under the sun and stars! I can imagine no greater joy than the opportunity to learn something new with each passing day. Perhaps that explains why I found my heart's home in the service of Deneir.

Posted Image Ah, you are a cleric of Deneir. No wonder you love this place.

Posted Image Truly, my brief time here in your home town has been a great joy. I can imagine no finer occupation than living with my nose in a book! Alas, I have dallied in Candlekeep longer than I should have in service of my temple, though I am certain Deneir would understand.

Posted Image Anyhoo, I leave with all haste. I have a list of works needed to establish a new library on the Amnish border. I located a likely seller of one volume in Beregost, so off I go!

Posted Image Perhaps we shall meet again. I bid you a fair journey!


Gameplay note: This is the first new NPC of the Big World Project. Finch is a gnome cleric of Deneir, and a librarian stereotype. She has glasses of identification that she wears, and a book-related quest that we could perhaps do in the future. I'm not really into cute gnomes but perhaps some of the voices in my head (that's you!) are?

Again, on to the infirmary... except that I get ambushed again, this time by my partner in crime and purple fashion buddy forever, Imoen!

Posted Image
Posted Image

Posted Image I'm afraid I cannot chat today, little one. My foster father wishes me to prepare for a journey, but will not say to where.

Posted Image Little one? I'm not much younger than you, though you sure got tall fast. Relatively, anyway. A journey, eh? I never get to travel. Wish I could go with ya. Yep, I really wish I could. Yessir. Really do.

Posted Image All right all right. I get the message. I'll ask if you can go with us.

Posted Image Oh don't be silly, Gorion would never even let you finish the sentence. Especially after what that letter of his said... er... did I say that? No, of course I didn't. Never saw no letter. Nope. I'll just get back to work now. You had better go. Gorion is waiting.

Everyone keeps telling me that Gorion is waiting, but the story of that lady back at the inn is really bugging me. I have to know what the one-armed knight looks like.

I arrive at the Infirmary and take a look around.

Posted Image

There's only one guy standing so I go over and talk to him. Yep, its Sir Trun!

Posted Image What do you want? Please let me rest. As you can see, I am injured.

Posted Image Are you Sir Trun? I talked with your fiance. The poor woman doesn't feel well at all.

Posted Image *sigh* I know, and it tortures me that I am incapable of helping her. It... it is like I am paralyzed...

Posted Image My injury is no reason for my behavior toward her. I... I fell in love with a beautiful young maiden and proposed to her, and now...

Posted Image Does it seem as if the whole world's gone crazy?

Posted Image I... in a way, yes.

Posted Image *sigh* Since she already talked to you, it won't hurt if I do so, too. Actually I feel a great urge to talk about this with someone who cares to listen.

Posted Image We got into an unexpected fight. Everything was going well. Then all of a sudden, one of the creatures sunk its teeth into my arm. I wasn't able to free myself, and it was dragging me toward the portal... There was a pain at my shoulder, and next thing I knew, I was lying in front of the portal, watching it close behind the last of the monsters. Linda was standing beside me, pale as a ghost, my sword in her hands.

Posted Image She saved my life the only way it was possible in that moment, by chopping off my arm.

Posted Image I am not talking about the loss of my arm. That was lost the moment the monster bit into it. I... What I mean...

Posted Image You have problems with the fact that she mutilated you, don't you? How dare she chop off the arm of her fiance?!

Posted Image That... no, no, that is not what troubles me. I have to think about it some more. *sigh*

I feel a little shitty now. Here I am cracking some stupid joke and this knight is honestly troubled about his inability to express his feelings about what happened. It sounds like actual PTSD, like I read about in the library that one time. So I try to talk to him again, a little more earnestly.

Posted Image Ah, you've returned.

Posted Image What bothers you is her sudden foresight and prowess. Not only did she understand the only way to save you, she also *did* it in what must have been a timeframe of mere seconds. And all that despite the fact that she is "only" the daughter of a noble house.

Posted Image That... yes... yes, that's it! That is what keeps troubling me. She is completely inexperienced, if it comes to fighting, yet she... acts like a long-established knight! I couldn't have done it better, had I been in her position.

Posted Image The... the sensible detachment she showed by cutting off another's arm, if it was the only way to save him... How much experience must one gain, how many friends must one lose in battle before developing this insight? She... she just did it, when it was necessary. My poor Linda! Surely she is terribly frightened. But... how should I confront her, after being so distant toward her... All she did was save me!

Posted Image First thing you should do is go and talk to her. You should seek communication with Linda. It would help you both if you could talk about it.

Posted Image We tried talking, but it didn't work. No, I have to bring something with me when I go to her. If I only could think of something appropriate...

Posted Image There is only one possibility. Linda has to learn how to fight, so you will have to teach her. Take her as your squire.

Posted Image I beg your pardon? That is absurd. She is a young maiden, innocent and frail...

Posted Image ...and she chopped off your arm with one hit. These things don't fit together, do they?

Posted Image Wait... I... I see, what you mean. It is hidden inside her, isn't it? The gift shows differently in different people. Some know from early childhood where their path will lead. For others, the revelation comes all of a sudden, as a great surprise.

Posted Image Yes, it seems the only way to go forward, and leave this horrible memory behind us. She made the first step onto this path. To expect her to return to her former life would be cruel... and unrealistic. I will go to her now. I'll be approaching her with an unusual present for a woman of her origin: my sword.

Posted Image My body recovered a long time ago. It was my mind that felt injured and wouldn't come to rest. You dragged me out of my thoughts of despair, and I thank you deeply! We are in your debt.

Posted Image Now I will go to her... I am eager to see how she will react. Is she really ready for this? I am also bothered as to what I will tell her parents, who imagine their daughter on an educational journey in Candlekeep... *weary smile* Farewell, in case we don't meet again. May Tyr protect you.

Gameplay note: For helping a knight come to terms with the harsh reality of living in a monster-infested world and being in love with a stone cold fox, I receive 68 xp and +1 reputation. Also, the Priest of Oghma manning the infirmary gave me a healing potion just because I asked. Time to go back and share the good news with Linda!

Great, its all worked out! On the way back I idly check some barrels and chests and find a few loose coins. When I get back to the front of the Candlekeep Inn, the friendly Watcher speaks to me again.

Posted Image Ready to go, Syishtar?

Posted Image No, I haven't finished shopping yet.

Posted Image Very well, Syishtar, but get a move on, I don't have all day.

Posted Image In any case, you don't realize just how dangerous it is here for you. Those bounty hunters can do up to one point of damage per blow!

Bounty hunters? What bounty hunters? I head back into the Inn... and Linda is nowhere to be found. I guess those two just couldn't wait to give me a cinematic ending to their relationship problems. No big deal, I return to Winthrop with my bounty.

I sell the two daggers that the Watcher gave me, and keep the Silver Necklace and Fire Agate Gem for later bribery. I have managed to scrape together 99 gold, which means I get to buy a short bow. Woot!

Gameplay note: Arrows do 1D6 damage, which is better than darts (1D3), throwing daggers (1D4 at 3 gold a pop!) and sling bullets (1D4+1). The only thing more damaging is crossbow bolts (1D8) but a light crossbow costs 105 gold and doesn't really fit into an elf's idiom. In this game, at low levels, ranged weapons are the difference between being mauled to death by a bear and surviving until the next screen. I'm going to get a lot of use out of this bow.

I buy the short bow and 180 arrows, which takes up all my gold. Its time to blow this keep and start on my grand adventure with my wise old mentor, Gorion! I'm sure I'll get to shoot something soon!

After stocking up, I head back outside.

Posted Image

Posted Image Yep, take me to Gorion.

Posted Image Right this way.

The Monk is always out to keep a wild mage down. But the Weave, she speaks to me. Together we work our collective will on this brittle, cracking world.
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Posted 07 December 2011 - 11:01 PM

Gameplay note: I'm immediately teleported to another part of the keep where Gorion is. He talks to me right away.

Posted Image

Posted Image What should I bring with me on this journey? If you would just give some clue as to what I will need...

Posted Image My dear child, you should know yourself well enough to purchase the gear you need. I have given you what I can spare, so hurry off to the Inn and speak with Winthrop. Use your skills as a reference and buy what basics you must, though spend wisely. His prices are fair, but you may not have enough gold to purchase all that you would want.

Posted Image What could possibly harm us here? This place is a fortress, and guarded beyond measure.

Posted Image Candlekeep is indeed a formidable obstacle for ne'er-do-wells, but it is not insurmountable. No matter how thick the mesh, at least one mosquito always finds its way through. No my child, we must leave as soon as possible, for our safety, and for that of our friends here.

Posted Image Please father, tell me where we will be going.

Posted Image Alas, I cannot, for I have not truly decided yet. All that is certain is that we will be far safer on the move. Perhaps the woods might offer some secluded security, or perhaps the city of Baldur's Gate would offer cover amidst its teaming throngs of people. I do not know where we shall end up, but I have a few friends here and there. Hmm... I will think on this...

Posted Image I'm ready to go right now.

Posted Image Dear child, before we set off on our journey, I want you to have my most treasured possession: this enchanted stone will take you to a sacred sanctuary created a long time ago by Shaundakul for the sake of few faithful followers. Do not abuse it, for every time you call on its power you will part with a bit of your own soul, to honour the ancient pact with the God. Keep it always close to you because it might save your life!

Gameplay note: This is also new. Sounds like a life-saving way to rest when there's no other place, inspired by the pocket plane in Throne of Bhaal. But it costs xp to go there. Shaundakul is a lesser Faerunian deity of travel, so it definitely makes sense that he would be involved in this type of venture. The question is, overpowered or not? In my admittedly short experience with this modded game, nothing is overpowered. You need every single edge you've got just to survive.

Posted Image

My father casts a quick heal on me as we head out. He's always watching out for me like that. I've got to ask him how a mage can cast a heal later on when there's time.

Posted Image

Its quickly gotten dark. I've got a bad feeling about this...

Posted Image

Shit. Shit. Where's my bow?

Posted Image

Posted Image You're a fool if you believe I would trust your benevolence. Step aside and you and your lackeys will be unhurt.

Posted Image I'm sorry you feel that way, old man.

Posted Image

Wait, he said your ward. He wants...

Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image

damnit, he's out of spells!

Posted Image

But Mage Armor protects against...

Posted Image


That's it for Chapter One! I'm all ears for feedback and critiques. Also, Syishtar's mind will be contemplating staying and exploring the immediate area or running down the road like a scared little girl. Add your voice to the cacophony of his newly-hatched madness!
The Monk is always out to keep a wild mage down. But the Weave, she speaks to me. Together we work our collective will on this brittle, cracking world.
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Posted 07 December 2011 - 11:07 PM

Please note that currently this Let's Play is about 40 updates on the Something Awful forums, and as such this board is behind the times right now. But I will post one entry a day until I get caught up with the Let's Play on the other board, and then you all can begin to fully participate in voting and other stuff in real-time! Until then I will modify the calls for votes at the end of some updates to reflect the final totals. Please be patient as I get everything caught up.
The Monk is always out to keep a wild mage down. But the Weave, she speaks to me. Together we work our collective will on this brittle, cracking world.
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Posted 08 December 2011 - 01:08 AM

Holy bleep that's huge! :woot: Still at post #2 but man this looks like some major effort! Respect :Bow:

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Posted 08 December 2011 - 05:45 AM

Welcome to the board, Vorgen. Should be interesting to see how non-goons react to the "features" the LP encounters.

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Posted 08 December 2011 - 09:47 PM

Posted Image

2 Mirtul, 1369

Gorion... Gorion is... I saw him... but it can't be. It could be some trick, some illusion, it could have been Shadow Door. It could have been Phantasm. There are... there's a perfectly ...

I don't know how it became light again. I must have lost track of time. I don't know where I am. I don't know where I ran. What do I do now? I don't... I can't...

Posted Image
Posted Image

Posted Image How could you have known? Gorion did not even tell me.

Posted Image I... accidentally... read a letter on his desk the other day. Can't remember exactly what it said, but he might still have... it might be on his... his body. Anyway, I'm not gonna let you wander around out here all alone. Never let a friend down, no sir! Stick with you until you say otherwise, I will!

Gameplay note: Imoen has joined the party! She brings along 2 gold. Lets take a look at her.

Posted Image

She's got great DEX and very high INT, which was the reason a lot of people in the original BG dual-classed her to Mage. This was so common that her stock character in BGII was a dual-classed thief/mage. You can still do it with her in this modded game, but she's got a custom class all her own as well, the Charming Rogue. This custom class is also what explains her permanent Mind Shield enchantment. It is part of the Neverending Journey mod (warning, ugly web site) which also includes our future adventures in Icewind Dale.

Posted Image

Better defense, offense, and movement plus some innate enchanting and illusion spells scaled by level. I guess they're doing a smoother transition to Imoen becoming a mage. You can't have too much ranged combat, so Imoen seems like a solid companion. Lets take a look at her skills.

Posted Image

Wow, she comes with 4 spells right away. There are not formal info pages for innate abilities so that adds a bit of mystery sometimes and saves me screenshot time, but let me explain these abilities in brief. Set Snare is a normal thief ability that you use with the skill, but Imoen's skill is 5 right now so it'll never successfully work, and will probably damage her if she tries to use it. I've never been one for traps in this game but perhaps we can focus on that, if the consensus is to train a thief's trap skill up. Charm Person is the second skill, and basically turns an enemy to your side in combat. Also you can try to use it on neutrals but I think they turn hostile after it wears off. We might have to confirm that. Magic Missile is exactly the same as my spell. Friends causes the caster to gain 6 points of Charisma temporarily. That will kick Imoen's CHA up to 22, which will be helpful to get a discount when shopping. I don't know of any other use for it. Finally, Reflected Image is the level 1 version of Mirror Image in that it creates one duplicate of the caster which has a 50% chance of being attacked instead of the caster. When the image is attacked it shatters. Note that it shatters when attacked, not when successfully hit, like Mirror Image images. So its weaker in two aspects.

That's Imoen. As always, I leave it up to the audience on what we do with companions. So, what do you guys think? Keep or kick?

His body. She said it, so she must have seen it. Dare I go there? What should I do? What can I do? What do we even have?

Gameplay note (again): Here is Syishtar's inventory screen.

Posted Image

On the top left is the Quiver in which you can see his 180 arrows:

Posted Image

Underneath that, in the Quick Items slot, you can also see his two equipped weapons, the quarterstaff and short bow:

Posted Image

Posted Image

There is no one who can't use a short bow. The text isn't really cut off. In the Quick Items slot he has the spare scroll of Armor, a spell we covered last update, and the healing potions that he picked up in Candlekeep.

Posted Image

It restores more than my or Imoen's current total amount of hit points. That's reassuring. For equipment, Syishtar is not wearing anything except the Silver Necklace he picked up in the Candlekeep Inn.

Posted Image

He's keeping this around to use it in conjunction with the Show Friendship bribery ability later on. Down at the bottom, you can see his backpack. He's got Haiass's stuff on the left, and the strange stone that Gorion gave him before he left Candlekeep. The stone's icon is currently blue because it is unidentified. The modder was attentive enough to include a custom unidentified description, though, so its still interesting to take a look at.

Posted Image

You can see that the Identify button on the left-hand side is lit up, which means we can identify it if we want. That's because in Syishtar's inventory on the right-hand side, just under the Fire Agate Gem, is Firebead's Identify scroll that I totally, completely forgot to give him before we left Candlekeep. Since its impossible to get back into Candlekeep and since I wouldn't give loot to an NPC even if I could, I use it. It identifies the stone:

Posted Image

Grammar nazis might be getting itchy at this point, which is understandable. For completeness, lets take a look at the gem.

Posted Image

Now lets take stock of what Imoen brought to this picnic.

Posted Image

The girl managed to bring her own arrows and short bow - not bad. Also she picked up 3 healing potions, just like me. That white potion in her backpack is an Oil of Speed:

Posted Image

At low levels using this turns anybody into a dervish of destruction. And when you get the spells Haste and Group Haste later on, the gibs really start flying. We'll keep that around for when we need to turn someone into a pincushion. She also brought a wand!

Posted Image

It shoots out 1 magic missile at a time. Magic missiles always strike their target, so they can be useful in a pinch. I think Syishtar will appropriate that from her. After all, she's the one who gets bonuses to ranged combat from her class. Syishtar needs it more. And after equipping it in his quickslot I realize that its not an infinite wand of Magic Missile, which I was expecting, but instead only has 10 charges. I'm pretty sure that's different too.

I don't know what to do. I don't know where to go. We only have some arrows and healing potions and scant supplies. Gorion told me we would be safe if we found friends. Friends... I have Imoen. I have... Haiass! Where's Haiass?

I reach into my pack to blow on the whistle, but before I can do anything, Imoen speaks up.

Posted Image
Posted Image

Posted Image I still can't believe that Gorion is dead.

Posted Image *sadly* Me too.

Posted Image Is that why you don't talk much lately? All quiet and stuff...

Posted Image Yes, and I have a lot more on my mind.

Posted Image I'd hate to see this eat away at ya. we'll get him, ya know. That guy, whoever he was, who killed your dad. We'll find out who he is, and pay him back good!

Posted Image And don't even think of ditching me, either. I know what I'm doing, and I'm in this as much as you. I liked Gorion, and you're my best friend.

Posted Image I'm your best friend too, whether you know it or not. You can count on me, and don't you forget it!

Posted Image What brings this on, Imoen? I don't think I've ever seen you act this way!

Posted Image I'm just mad, that's all... mad, sad and a little worried, I guess. I'll get over it. Heh. I was trying to make you feel better, and now I'm all worked up.

Posted Image Come on, let's go find an evil dragon's lair or something to loot. Um, on second thought, a hobgoblin cave is more your speed. Or maybe a xvart village? Hmmm. I'll have to think about this one...

I laugh a little, then reach in and blow the whistle. Nothing happens. Haiass appears to be nowhere near. I had hoped he would show up eventually. With nothing else to do, but feeling a little better, I start walking down the path in front of me.

Posted Image

Gameplay note: Here is the area map. Gorion was murdered just to the north, and a small path leads east-west. We go east. Not ten seconds later we hit a dude and a conversation.

Posted Image

Posted Image Heya, I'm Imoen, and that's my friend Syishtar. We just got out of Candlekeep, and are startin' out on a grand adventure, avenging that great mage and all... uhm, Syishtar, why are ya standing with your mouth shut as a clam when the tide is out? Ya know more than I 'bout that fightin' thing, anyway. So go tell 'bout it! That's what adventurers do! Famous ones, anyway. Or how would they ever get into bards' songs?

Posted Image Could yo help me? My foster father and I were attacked last eve, and now I'm not sure where to go.

Posted Image The carnage to the north must be the aftermath of your little skirmish then. I am most assuredly sorry about your predicament, though there be little I can do for you. I've nothing of serviceable vaue to impart, except common sense and a few directions. A ways east of here you should find a crossroads. North of there is the Friendly Arm Inn, and south is the town of Beregost. Both can offer shelter, though rates at the Friendly Arm are likely better. It is a friendlier atmosphere for the young adventurer as well. Staying close to the roads will make your journey safer, but that will depend on where you are heading as well. I cannot accompany you, though there were a pair of travelers not far up the road. They might offer assistance, but I would be wary of the cost. I didn't like the look of them, myself.

Posted Image Can you do nothing else? I could use any help.

Posted Image I have little to give besides advice and good will. Make friends where you can, as traveling alone is almost certain death. You will want to surround yourself with like-minded companions, lest you risk making enemies in your own party. Aside from this little tidbit of wisdom, I'd say you're on your own. Luck be with you.

Posted Image Ya hear him? 'Like-minded companions'! That'd be me! Yer doin' alright, despite bein' thicker than Candlekeep's walls! Imoen the Magnificient is gonna make an adventurer out of ya yet!

Posted Image Fare thee well, as they say.

Posted Image To you as well.

You know, that guy's right. Like-minded companions, fellow travelers on the road, friends and compatriots. Friendly Arm to the north, Beregost to the south. I think I can manage to make some kind of plan ... wait, Gorion mentioned the Friendly Arm last night. He said there were two friends of his there. Jarid and Khaliea? Karin and Jajila? I'll have to look around when I get there.

I need friends, but I also need to find out what happened last night. Maybe I can get those other travelers on the road to help me find Gorion's body.

Gameplay note: We continue on the path, now angling northeast. Soon enough we find Xzar and Montaron, two very famous and old-school BG original NPCs.

Posted Image

I go talk to the taller guy then.

Posted Image
Posted Image

Posted Image Aye Xzar, looks to have been roughed up quite well.

Posted Image Indeed. I can offer you healing potions, if you wish, as a token of good will.

Posted Image Psst, Syishtar, the mage speaks like he's layin' honey on bread, but I dunno... I don't like his eyes a single bit!

Posted Image I d be grateful for any assistance.

Posted Image Nothing to fear from these simple potions, and I'll not even hold you in debt, though your conscience knows otherwise.

The Monk is always out to keep a wild mage down. But the Weave, she speaks to me. Together we work our collective will on this brittle, cracking world.
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Posted 08 December 2011 - 09:48 PM

Posted Image Just like all good people.

Posted Image Perhaps as payment you would go with us to Nashkel. It is a troubled area and we mean to investigate some disturbing rumors surrounding the local mine. Some acquaintances are very concerned about the iron shortage. Specifically, where to lay blame in the matter. You would be useful, though I'll not hold you to it. We are to meet the mayor of the town, a man named Berrun Ghastkill, I believe.

Posted Image Your conscience be your guide.

Posted Image I would join with you, but I must meet someone first. Perhaps you will go with me?

Posted Image We've precious little time, but it's best to travel accompanied.

Posted Image I don't like the looks of these two jokers, Syishtar. Nope. I don't. Not at all.

Posted Image Let's get to the Friendly Arm Inn soon, huh? I'd like to have some people I can trust traveling with us.

Posted Image Aye, we'll go wit ye. Ye owe us fer our time though.

Gameplay note: Xzar and Montaron have joined the party! Lets take a look at their Records.

Posted Image

Xzar is a Necromancer of average intelligence for a mage. He is unchanged from original BG. As a necromancer he needs a wisdom of 16. I don't know why, with a WIS of 16 and an INT of 17, he's such a raving lunatic, but what you gonna do?

Posted Image

I guess because there are already so many specialist mages, no modder has bothered to do much with custom wizard classes. No Illusion spells means no Mirror Images, or invisibility, or maybe Phantasm? There are tons of new spells in the game that I'm not yet aware of so I'm sure he's missing out on other things. In return he gets extra spell slots per level, like me as a wild mage. He has 2 slots at level 1, a 100% advantage over a non-specialist mage. Strangely enough he only knows 2 spells.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Honestly, both of those spells suck. Chill Touch needs a melee hit to be effective, and Larloch's Minor Drain does a whole 2 hit points of damage every two levels, maxxing out at 10 points at 9th level. The greatest indication that Xzar is insane is not his character portrait, its his awful spellbook.

Posted Image

He also comes with two scroll copies of his spells (which I take and copy into my spellbook anyway because I'm a spell packrat) and a dagger.

Posted Image

Imoen interrupts all this game talk with another conversation as soon as I unpause.

Posted Image
Posted Image

Posted Image It has been interesting, to say the least. Not quite what I had in mind either, but its not like I have a choice.

Posted Image That's 'we' remember? And yeah, 'spose we don't have much choice at that. Still, we can do a lot of good, I think.

Posted Image Wonder if they'll make a tale of our adventures? Just think, one day folks will be in the common room of some inn, maybe even the Candlekeep Inn, and ask a bard to tell 'em a tale of 'Imoen the Qucik and her trusty side-kick, Syishtar!'

Posted Image 'Side-kick'...!?

Posted Image Oh, okay. We'll be partners, I 'spose. What ya think? 'Imoen the Quick' sounds good to you? Quick with the blade and wit! All the best heroes and heroines have handles. Hmmm, maybe 'Imoen the Terrible'? Nah, too dark. 'Imoen the Bold'? 'Imoen the sly'? 'Imoen the Magnificent'? Hey that sounds pretty good!

Posted Image Um, how about 'Imoen the...?

Posted Image Shush you! I'm thinking! Where was I? I still kinda like 'Imoen the Quick'. Wonder if it's taken already...?

Gameplay note: With that out her system, we take a look at Montaron the halfing Thug. This is the first instance of a Big Picture modded character class you'll see, and I've changed him myself. He was a multiclass fighter/thief just like in the original but I want to show off all the awesome custom classes in this mod.

Posted Image

He's got acceptable stats, and a whopping 18 hit points, which serioiusly outshines my 6, Imoen's 8, and Xzar's 4. He's a better meat shield than Haiass even. But he's a trained bastard.

Posted Image

That's where all the extra hit points come from - a class feature. A thug sounds like a fighterish thief, which is pretty close to what he was already, but with some extra flavor quirks that I appreciate matching up closer to his personality. He comes carrying a healing potion and some oil of speed...

Posted Image

... and dual-wielding two short swords. He is also, of all crazy things, WEARING ARMOR, something that we have not yet seen.

Posted Image

This definitively qualifies him as the Tank of the Hour.

Since we now have a half-decent party here, its time to explore the map. We set off patrolling, in that weird rectangular search pattern that I always seem to end up using in baldur's gate 1 outdoor maps (its the most efficient way!)

Over on the west side, near cliffs that overlooked the ocean, we find Chase.

Posted Image

Posted Image Hey, ya know what? Syishtar over 'ere was just locked out of his home-town without a penny, and some monsters killed his father. If anyone here should be jumping cliffs, it's him! And d'ya see him jumpin'? So what's yer problem?

She has a point, I thought. And I didn't like this guy's petulence.

Posted Image By all means, jump if you must. More air for the rest of us.

Posted Image HOW could you be so CALLOUS? I am so obviously in PAIN here! Have you no care for MY needs? No, of course not. No one does. Not mumsey, not daddums, not Jeeves; I bet they'd be glad I was gone. In fact, I'd probably be doing them a favor! That's it, I'll stay alive just to spite them! I'll be the most miserable, selfish, upstart of a child! Actually, this won't be much of a change, but now I'm justified! Life is good

Posted Image Ya could of at least tried to talk him out of it, Syishtar, even if he was just lookin' for attention.

Posted Image Eh? Never mind. I've a score to settle with a callous world.

Gameplay note: This was in the original game, if I remember correctly, but Imoen's interjections weren't. All of her new interjections and conversations so far have come from a mod. NPCs are going to be talking to each other a lot more than usual. If you guys get tired of that, we can always grab people off the street, or possibly just tell our companions to shut the hell up. Let me know how you feel!

We walk around, looking for Gorion's corpse, but we find wild dogs instead!

Posted Image

Imoen and I pull out our bows and shoot at the closest ones, while Montaron AND XZAR close in for melee. I tell Xzar to hang the hell back and try casting a spell, so he goes with his Drain. Then he casts his other Drain. Then he just stands there and looks on as we shoot arrows and Montaron flails about wildly with his short swords. There is a lot of whiffing, but eventually Imoen gets the kill on the last dog. VICTORY! The dogs have nothing on them. I'm not sure how intimidating Montaron can really be when he's having so much trouble killing a pack of dogs with 2 short swords.

Posted Image

Xzar is totally out of spells and any other abilities to use if another fight comes up, so I reluctantly give him the Wand of Missiles. Hopefully he doesn't use it in melee...

We continue to explore, and find a cow. I decide to try to pet the cow. I'm not quite sure how to feel about what happens next.

Posted Image

After that, we see what we have been looking for, and I had been dreading. We see Gorion's corpse, stretched on the ground like a... some dead animal. Surrounding him is the equipment and money of his fallen enemies. We silently and quickly clean up the area, and then wonder what to do next. There is Gorion's dagger and a scroll of Identify. There are two morningstars, wielded by the big monsters that had died first.

Posted Image

We also find a scroll case and two notes.

Posted Image

Gameplay note: There are a lot more containers in the Big World Project, of many different colors, in order to make your sorting life easier. Unfortunately having a lot of filled containers tends to cause the game to start lagging. I'm not sure how much I can comfortably carry in containers, so we'll just have to see.

Posted Image

Dun dun DUNNNNN! E is obviously Elminster, the only DnD guy whose name starts with an E. You know, Elminster's involvement/noninvolvement in this whole plot never made sense to me. Why does he want to be neutral, anyway? As far as I know, everything that's going on, the whole plot, is a direct threat to the balance of the region, as we shall soon see. And as one of the leaders of the harpers who are all about balance and secrecy, he should be countering the effect of the... uh.. problems, as directly as possible. But its like the Harpers dropped the ball on this completely. In fact the men-on-the-spot turned out be Zhentarim agents (sorry Xzar and Montaron for blowing your cover so early!), and they have already recruited me into their party. The nearest Harper agents are in the Friendly Arm inn to the north, just chilling, waiting for me to show up and get in touch with them. Why didn't they meet Gorion outside of Candlekeep? With a couple of level 1 mooks around, Gorion could have held off Armored Figure long enough for Gorion's acid arrow to do him in. I blame Gorion's death on Khalid and Jaheira, just so you know. Jaheira was probably too busy tying Khalid up and whipping him in the basement of the Friendly Arm to go out and actually be Harpers.

Anyway, the second note is NOT standard plot material from a 15-year-old game.

Posted Image

Another wild mage, near here? Wow, I'm sure he can help us! The magic speaks through us all, and it must be conspiring to bring us together. I may have lost one mentor, but the magic could bring me another, one skilled in the true ways of the weave. We have to go find this guy, after we have finished exploring this area, of course.

Imoen walks up while I'm reading the notes, still standing over Gorion's body.

Posted Image
Posted Image

Posted Image Yes. He died saving me from some... thing.

Posted Image Don'tcha even know what attacked you? Whatever it was, looks like it was vicious.

Posted Image I was scared out of my wits! What do you expect?

Posted Image Really? I'm glad I wasn't right there. I've seen you get surprised and jump before, but never ever afraid. I-I don't even want to think 'bout what could scare you.

We keep walking. We find Binkos.

Posted Image

Posted Image Another caravan raided?! Wow, that's no good! Remember those Flamin' Fists passin' by Candlekeep last week? They said there was at least two missing! I think we should keep our eyes peeled, or we'll be killed by bandits for nothin'!

Posted Image Excitin' though... Caravans, bandits, road... like an adventure from a book!

Posted Image Just keep your heads down and your weapons handy.

The Monk is always out to keep a wild mage down. But the Weave, she speaks to me. Together we work our collective will on this brittle, cracking world.
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Posted 08 December 2011 - 09:48 PM

All the more reason to find that wild mage I'm thinking. I'm sure he will be able to keep us safe from the bandits.

A little later Imoen spots some more wild dogs.

Posted Image

Montaron gets hit, but we take them down. We continue exploring the area, hoping for some insight or sign of what is to come. Later we see a black bear, which seems peaceful enough. I have heard of rangers and their animal companions, and a bear would definitely help us, so I walk over to it and try to make conciliatory sounds. It doesn't go over well.

Posted Image

Imoen opens up on it with the bow and Xzar with the wand. I run away as the bear starts to attack... Xzar. He turns and runs, screaming. The bear switches to me, to Imoen, to Xzar, never seeming able to make up its mind about which target it wants. Each time we are targeted we naturally start running. For some reason Montaron isn't participating in the fight, but nobody seems to care. While running after me, the bear passes by Imoen, and gives her a swipe. She looks almost dead and runs away to try to get enough room to down a healing potion. Thankfully the bear switches targets again and she is able to drink her way back to health. The killing blow is Xzar with the wand. Maybe he's not totally useless after all.

Posted Image

Shaken and sobered, we gather our breath and continue patrolling, a little more cautiously than before. I am making a mental note, right now, to not approach bears in the future. He looked so peaceful though...

Gameplay note: The bear was in fact neutral until I tried to befriend it. Silly me.

We encounter a beautiful cliff-view vista of the sea. Xzar says we should paint it. I tell him he is welcome to without us. He mumbles something about me wanting him to get mauled by bears.

Posted Image

Suddenly Montaron shouts MONSTERS! I am already worried. When he shouts ARCHERS I get even more worried. I try to look for sometwhere to shoot.

Gameplay note: Some sadistic modder has hidden a pack of hobgoblin and goblin archers in the northwest corner of the map. I'm pretty sure if we're going to survive this we'll have to do a running skirmish through most of the map. Here we go....

Posted Image

Montaron says he isn't taking any chances and pops his oil of speed. Imoen actually runs up to one of the hobgoblins and tries to cast some sort of spell [Charm Person] but is interrupted by an arrow from another monster. Montaron charges in and the archers seem to fall back in front of him. Xzar hasn't done anything yet when an arrow slams into him, looking serious. I shoot wildly, not quite sure which target to hit first. Imoen throws Xzar a healing potion, and he drinks it. Then Xzar starts running at the nearest hobgoblin, and I have to tell him to get back again. He stops and casts Magic Missile with his wand... and Imoen casts one too! The combined missiles take out the first hobgoblin. I am a little shocked at this unexplained magical display but I'll save it. Instead I cast a little magic of my own...

Posted Image

I was trying to cast Grease. Instead, four gems appear in my inventory.

Posted Image

I am confused, so I go back to shooting arrows. A few seconds later, a badly-injured Montaron tries to retreat from the battle and is shot in the back. He falls.

Posted Image

Xzar says, "Montaron... I... I never loved you!" with a cackle. The monsters keep pouring out of the trees. Imoen pops her oil of speed while I retreat. Xzar looks like he is going to get another wand shot off but the hobgoblins get too close and he and Imoen are forced to retreat too. I turn and try to cast another Grease spell, but at the last second I change my mind and throw Azragan's Channeling at the nearest monster. There is some kind of noise, and two huge glowing balls appear, one on me and one on my target. Whatever it is, it looks like it hurt.

Posted Image

Gameplay note: 13 damage from a level 1 spell? SWEET!

The hobgoblins just keep coming, so Imoen and I just kept retreating one by one, like the Candlekeep guard captain taught us. I fire and she retreats, then she fires and I retreat. That way we are able to constantly pelt the monsters with arrows. Xzar tries to run into melee a few more times and I contemplate just not telling him it is a bad idea next time. He shoots once more with the wand and it breaks. I tell him to run into the trees, AWAY from the monsters. Then I turn around and see two of Imoen, rather than one. We are going to need to have a talk, she and I. We keep firing and running, firing and running, and two more go down. The remaining two get smart, though. One comes after me and the other after Imoen. This is getting dicey.

Posted Image

2 Mirtul, 1369

We are running in circles. I try to get the hobgoblin chasing Imoen to chase me, and Imoen does the same with mine. Eventually they both attack me, which lets Imoen stand still and pelt them with arrows continuously. One of them panicks and starts to run. We let it go.

Posted Image

The one who doesn't go, dies. We stop to catch our breath, the first time we've had the opportunity the whole fight. We look at the monster's corpse. He has masterwork arrows, which I gave to Imoen, and a longbow, which I keep for myself. I also take a gem and a longsword off him. Imoen puts on his leather armor. Then we go to hunt the rest.

Gameplay note: I gotta stop here, guys. This is a freakin huge update what with all the exposition and item examining. I just wanted to get some combat in before I called it. What do you think, should we raise Montaron? It would cost about 100 gold, since he's level 1. Also want your opinions on Imoen and Xzar.
The Monk is always out to keep a wild mage down. But the Weave, she speaks to me. Together we work our collective will on this brittle, cracking world.
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Posted 08 December 2011 - 09:51 PM

The thread voted to keep Imoen, dump Montaron's corpse in the forest, and ditch Xzar at the Friendly Arm Inn.

Edited by Usurper, 08 December 2011 - 09:53 PM.

The Monk is always out to keep a wild mage down. But the Weave, she speaks to me. Together we work our collective will on this brittle, cracking world.
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Posted 09 December 2011 - 03:04 AM

Hello, Vorgen ...
First of all, tx for the montruous effort you put on this project. Been following it on SA, but since I dont have an account there, I couldnt express my apreciation till now.
Keep it going, cant wait to participate on the votes from here, SS Forums.
Sorry bad english, and tx again


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Posted 09 December 2011 - 01:54 PM

Two things:
a) majestic update!
b) why are we calling Usurper "Vorgen"? :)

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Posted 09 December 2011 - 02:26 PM

Two things:
a) majestic update!
b) why are we calling Usurper "Vorgen"? :)

Vorgen is his username on Something Awful, and I'm gathering that I'm not the only goon here at SHS. To preemptively answer another question "goon" is a nickname for a Something Awful user.

Edited by Tempest, 09 December 2011 - 02:27 PM.

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