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Foundling: Between the Shades BETA available

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#21 -Krotos-

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Posted 12 February 2016 - 12:10 PM

Any chance you could provide some information about him?


1. Why does he start at such a low level?

2. You say he cannot learn regular magic, yet he has blindness, luck and deafness available and I can teach him normal spells.

3. Is there anything else to him after you deal with his master? Quests, areas, spells or innates for our Bhaalspawn?

4. He's unbelievably squishy for a mage compared to the one I'm running around with. Makes me wonder why.

#22 Lava Del'Vortel

Lava Del'Vortel

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Posted 22 February 2016 - 01:59 AM

1. Because according to his story he had no chance to adventure or do any serious job. He was a servent. A slave. Still, he will lvl up rapidly. In my last game he had 14 level when I left to Spellhold - the same level as Dorn. Neera - which I joined before these two - had 15 level. I believe that's as it should be.


2. Because he can't. You must have some additional mods which probably affect rules. I attach the picture to prove it. I'm in the Underdark, that would be reason for looking like a drow.


3. There are talks, interjections,few (but only few) new spells for him to learn. In ToB he got a mini-quest. He also has his very own HLA.


4. I believe he's not "squishy" and I'm not sure what other mage you use. Plus, he was written to be a 2nd mage in your group, not the only one. He has some quite powerful spells. There are two which can deal damage to those with magic resistance etc. (only two, because that's usually not an option for mage, but these spells "throw" stuff at enemies, so...). His sword may provide a magical rest. There are many features I included to balance the lack of huge spell choice. It's a matter of finding those options.


I am quite happy with how Foundling sounds and what he introduces into the game. I believe that he's well balanced, however if you install mods like SCS it may look differently. I play games for stories and I don't use mods that would make my game extra hard. I also do not use mega-mods, BGT or  BiG World etc so I don't end up with 20th level before Spellhold :P

Until now I found 2 spells that appear to be buggy, I hope to fix those once SHS if fixed and I can upload files.


Thanks for your comment and cheers.

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#23 Roxanne



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Posted 13 September 2016 - 02:31 AM

Is this the right place to report issues?


I play your mod in EET with the recommended patch for this game in place.

I encounter CtDs under the following conditions





The problem disappears after this


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The Sandrah Saga

another piece of *buggy, cheesy, unbalanced junk*


#24 agb1

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Posted 02 December 2016 - 06:06 PM

The crash in L#Fou0.are was caused as you suspected by an animation problem, now corrected in the BiG World Fixpack and in the upcoming next release of Foundling.

BiG World Fixpack (community collection of mod fixes and compatibility patches, with user-friendly cross-platform script)


BiG World Setup (tool to automate best-practice installation of Infinity Engine mods on Windows, with conflict analysis)

Latest version:    https://bitbucket.or.../get/master.zip

#25 Higara

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Posted 02 July 2017 - 01:18 PM

For some reason this mod is failing in setup. I have given the dbug file below.


#26 Lava Del'Vortel

Lava Del'Vortel

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Posted 02 July 2017 - 01:40 PM

The mod will be updated. I am not 100% sure, but find your directory where the save games are located (that would be Baldur's Gate II - Enhanced Edition in my documents for me) - that's the place where savegames folders are. If there is no mpsave directory, create one and try again.

#27 -maus-

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Posted 08 April 2018 - 12:04 PM

CHAIN L#FouJ Life005
@586 /* Isn't it fascinating? Every creature--both here and in the Plane of Shadows--does its best to survive. To make sure its being will continue. Even when one is close to death, he or she does everything to leave something behind. */
== L#FouJ @587 /* A journal. A house. A sword. A memory. */
== L#FouJ @588 /* Or a child. */
== CerndJ IF ~InParty("cernd") !StateCheck("cernd",CD_STATE_NOTVALID)~ THEN @589 /* It's a natural chain of events. Every creature is a part of its world. A particle. The existence of one proves the existence of all. And leaving everything behind--dying--is always difficult to accept. */
== EdwinJ IF ~InParty("edwin") !StateCheck("edwin",CD_STATE_NOTVALID)~ THEN @590 /* Don't tell me that we're going to stand and wonder about life! (Someone wake me up, this must be a nightmare! A nightmare of some monkeys and mice!) */
== KorganJ IF ~InParty("korgan") !StateCheck("korgan",CD_STATE_NOTVALID)~ THEN @591 /* Ha! Ye'r puttin' too much philosophy into it! Life is life! As long as I can swing me axe, I'm alive! There's nothing mor' to it! */
== Jan IF ~InParty("jan") !StateCheck("jan",CD_STATE_NOTVALID)~ THEN @592 /* Oh, this reminds me of Petunia! Once she asked Gerhard "What does it mean for a turnip to grow, dear Gerhard?" but he didn't know! Well, actually he knew, but the answer couldn't satisfy Petunia, so she tried to find an answer. Oh, she spent nights and days trying to find out the answer, but she never succeeded! Philosophical questions like these are always the hardest--but you always know where you are with a turnip! */
IF~~THEN REPLY @593 /* Why do I have a feeling that you're talking about me? That it is I--the child of Bhaal--who was left here as a continuation of my father's plan? */ EXTERN L#FouJ Life006
IF~~THEN REPLY @594 /* I didn't know you would think about something like that. You've been a slave for most of your life and those... those don't usually pay any attention to philosophy. */ EXTERN L#FouJ Life007
IF~~THEN REPLY @595 /* I don't care, seriously. Do I look like someone who can enjoy disputes like that? Let me answer for you--no. I hate it. So let us move on. */ EXTERN L#FouJ Life002
IF~~THEN REPLY @596 /* You impress me. I didn't know that you would think about matters like this one. */ EXTERN L#FouJ Life007

There must be JanJ instead of Jan. Is a serious bug that causes an unintended end of the dialogue so it is repeated in high frequency (every few seconds. Fix for installations is to use CLUAConsole with C:SetGlobal("L#FouLifeTalk","GLOBAL",3) 

#28 maus

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Posted 15 April 2018 - 01:50 AM

Another issue with the foundling: 


At Level 11 he gets Level 6 Spells but no spell-slots, same on Level 13 for Level 7 spells. Looks like there has been a shift.


If the Foundling is leaving the group (due to high reputation) he can join immediately but looses all memorized spells


Progression: It took me some time till I did the shadow dragon quest. Therefore the foundling is 1 M XP behind most chars. I understand the reason to start at low level, but it might be a good idea to reduce this XP gap by "extraordinary experience gain". Maybe after dialogues with the HC when the foundling learned something new about the world. Check if there is an XP gap larger than 300k (or whatever) and if positive the foundling gains 50k XP (for example) after the dialogue. Technically you would just have to add this to his d-file. 

#29 Lava Del'Vortel

Lava Del'Vortel

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Posted 15 April 2018 - 03:03 AM

Thanks for those reports. Now they were noticed. I just changed my job so I have a bit less time, but I am still working on stuff. I had to release IEP updates first due to a promise I made. I may also need to consult the weird spell issue, but these posts won't be ignored :)


#30 maus

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Posted 18 April 2018 - 11:35 AM

Next remark: Lots of the spell scrolls for the Foundling have a correct title, but the description is the one of Larlochs Minor Drain.


"Outerblack" is kept memorized, maybe only the "pre-learned" spells have the problem to get lost.

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