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[MOD] Mercenaries of Sword Coast for EET

Violence Adult Content 18+ NPC Vampires

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#21 Endarire

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Posted 23 July 2022 - 03:02 PM

What about MULTIG/MULTIJ dialogs in this mod makes it (seemingly) incompatible with other mods?

#22 Endarire

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Posted 06 March 2023 - 02:15 PM

I received these messages from zelazko on Discord regarding Mercenaries of the Sword Coast.

Well I can tell you the mercanaries mod kinda works

you can buy and sell (using slave collars) slaves

and mercy component kinda works too
Ichyard the skeleton surrendered
but was unable to join the party
his dialogue after choosing him to join ended conversation
I could have him join after that by using cheat
I would try to sacrifice npc to the Cyric Altar
but I don't know where to find the altar in the game
The part where you can buy slaver collars and sell your npcs is fun
kinda can be useful if you install lots of npcs and are short on cash
The mod appears to be okay
I'd recommend to install it before kits and tweaks
I could see that Anishai  one day npc may interfere with the mercy component of thje Mercaneries mod
it let you spare Anishai and have her join the party
Also the files MULTIG/MULTIJ
the mod says that will conflict with any other mod that edits them
so far only Almateria Restoration Project touched those files when I searched for them in my BG2EE folder
but according to Graion Dilach
"if you create a party for a start then the nonBhaalspawn chars (second slot onwards) get those"
so I think it would only affect the party created at start. kind of nothing to worry
My biggest issue with mercanaries mod by Lyssal is that those npcs that join you take the party member slot
if they tagged along like 7th party member that would be perfect like in Afaaq mod or Jastey's Solaufein mod

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#23 Lassal

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Posted 02 February 2024 - 09:13 PM

Mercenaries_of_Sword_Coast_v0.41.zip - Dropbox


Temporary link to Dropbox

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