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[MOD] Caelar's Fall


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Posted 12 June 2018 - 12:50 AM

File Name: Caelar's Fall
File Submitter: Lassal
File Submitted: 12 Jun 2018
File Category: BG:EE Mods

This is a demo of mod meant to make Caelar Argent a joinable NPC.
It is incompatible with Caelar Argent mod by Roxanne.
It is made for EET.
For Caelar Argent to join you must kill Belhifet before her.
Depending on your choices her fate is decided.
If you want to join 'good' Caelar, you must insist that she fights against Belhifet.
If you want to join 'evil' Caelar, you must wait while she becames blackguard of Belhifet.
After killing Belhifet she will transport you back to Dragonspear castle and stay in Avernus.
In Throne of Bhaal part you can summon 'good' or 'evil' Caelar (depending on choices you made in Avernus) and decide to kill her or invite to party.
Caelar Argent has no end biographies right now or any dialogues with hero.
PS Her gear is droppable, so you can kill her in Avernus or wait until TOB and rob her of her gear there.


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