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[MOD] Pleasure & Pain Kits for BG EET


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Posted 20 September 2018 - 09:23 AM

File Name: Pleasure & Pain Kits for BG EET
File Submitter: Lassal
File Submitted: 20 Sep 2018
File Category: BG:EE Mods

Pleasure & Pain Kits for BG EET v 0.1
Author: Lassal
These kits were created for fun while learning kit creation.
They are not based on DnD rules and exist to roleplay kinds of characters.
-Courtesan (you may only install Courtesan kit if your age is 18 years or older)
-Serial Killer
- Geisha

Courtesan is not a unit of first lines, he/she has support abilities and cannot act alone.


COURTESAN: Courtesans sell their bodies to clients and skilled in many ways of bringing peasure.
For courtesan is vital to look sexual and lustful. That's why courtesan's income is based on charisma.
They often value gold over everything else. That's why they often steal purses of their clients and are skilled in sending their clients to sleep and unlocking their safes and chests in search of gold.
Courtesans are skilled in art of charming. That's why they are not a warriors, they can use only clubs, daggers, short swords, darts and slings. They cannot set or find traps.
 Gain abilities Change Gender, Summon Deva/Fallen Deva on high levels.
 Gain Charm, Sleep abilities on fist levels.
 Gain additional dexterity, constitution and charisma on level-ups.
 Gain abilities Serve Client, Striptease.
 Can use only clubs, daggers, short swords, darts, slings.
 Cannot find or set traps.



SERIAL KILLER: Serial killer is often a very intelligent and absolutely insane murderer, who usually specializes in killing only one kind of people, with wich serial killer is obsessed with.
Serial killer usually is met in big towns, where there are too much people and nobody will notice the dissapearance of few people.
Serial killing requires strength and intelligence from maniac.
 Can summon Infernal Host (two mariliths), Power Word Kill on high levels.
 Gains rogue abilities, gains Critical Strike.
 Cannot pickpocket.



GEISHA: Geishas are talented actresses and companions. They learn while they work. They are skilled with musical instruments and have knowledge about politics, culture and history. They are also very skilled in use of katanas, bows, spears, wakidsashi.
They represent traditional society, where women have supportive roles.
 As actresses they learn ability Change Alignment on high levels.
 Gain abilities to summon Devas or Fallen Devas on high levels.
 Gain abilities Charm Person.
 Increase LOR on level-ups.


This is first demo version just for fun.
1) I plan to learn how to make and install icons for new special abilities
2) I plan to make Serial Killer a new innate ability (maybe turn to Slayer or other summon), but I didn't figure out yet, how to do new summon spells or shapeshifting spells.
3) I am open to suggestions which numbers to correct in tables.


Click here to download this file

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