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In Topic: [MOD] Verr'Sza NPC (BGEE+SoD)

26 March 2020 - 03:40 AM

Ill be honest: this kinda sucks because I cannot imagine a human being that, in the year of our lord twentieth twice, will go to a bespoke website tailored to one guys mods. Like its cute and all that you want to centralize but the internet as a movement kinda moved past making your own corner of the internet with... I wanna say death of geocities?

What I mean is, youre gonna see a drop in downloads so big that that such reduction has only been prior seen at last weeks dow jones.

In Topic: There's a Baldur's Gate 3 now

27 February 2020 - 11:05 PM

*I made a post on SHS forums, expressing my disbelief at how poorly dialogue options were presented.*

In Topic: There's a Baldur's Gate 3 now

27 February 2020 - 11:04 PM


World reveal! No real time with pause, thankfully. I'll ignore everything about the actual gameplay because I grew out of top down RPGs like decades ago, so let me focus on one thing: the weird past tense narration of dialogue options is literally the worst dialogue system I've seen in my life. Not even Fallout 4's "Yes/No/Hate Newspapers/Leave" system could beat it

In Topic: General discussion

11 January 2020 - 12:50 PM

Thank you for your contribution! I am currently in a very dark place mentally so I havent been able to work on... anything. Sorry.

In Topic: Reviews

06 October 2019 - 12:22 AM

Anyway for the key ring to work like in Arcanum would be an impossibility. Im not even gonna count out but youd need an active script larger than any area has them running combined or literal tens of thousands of item combinations