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Best way to patch a dialogue

07 January 2013 - 08:01 AM

While working on an old mod, I ran across a dialogue which used REPLACE (on a vanilla dialogue), when it actually only had to add some lines to a transition action.

My question is: what is the best way to do that, in particular for maximum compatibility with other mods (which might have patched the same dialogue before)?


In particular, the aim of the patch is to turn some more people in the area hostile. The old transition is

REPLY ~reply~
DO ~SetSomeVars

And must be turned into

REPLY ~reply~
DO ~SetSomeVars


My ideas:

1. without a .d file:

REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~^[^a-zA-Z]*Enemy()[^a-zA-Z]*$~ ~Enemy()%LNL%ActionOverride(...)~


With a .d file:



these two actions only work on selected transitions and states, so, if a previous mod did COPY_TRANS, the new transitions would not be patched.



IMO, the most compatible? works like REPLACE_TEXTUALLY but only on transitions (so, doesn't break triggers by mistake); UNLESS can be used to prevent the new piece to be added if another mod did the same thing. Finally, this patches all occurrencies of Enemy(), even those added by other mods.


Of course, if other, already installed, mods wanted those others never to turn hostile, this could become a problem. But then, the two mods are conceptually incompatible, so a "correct" way to deal with them does not exist in that case


I would rather use the 4th method, but I'm not so sure, so I'm asking for other opinions. What do you think? Do you have other ideas? What would you suggest to use? TIA for any hint


PS: if this is the wrong forum, I apologize; please move it wherever it is appropriate

DSotSC v 2.17 released

04 January 2013 - 01:46 AM

A new version of Dark Side of the Sword Coast for BGT is now available.

Version 2.17 of the BGT version of the first IE mod is now available for download.

This fixes some issues with the previous release, most notably a bug which prevented the mod from installing correctly in German.

You must have a working installation of BG2, with the BGT mod installed. Read the BGT readme first for further information and requirements.
It is suggested that you use BGT 114 or later; while installing that mod, when you are asked whether to biff your game resources, it is suggested that you answer [N]o (you can biff the resources after installing DS, with the last component of this mod).
If you're using BG1 or TUTU, you must use the appropriate versions of DSotSC; this one is for BGT only!

Installation on Windows:
Double click on setup-dsotsc.exe and follow the instructions.

Installation with the BWP setup:
ATTENTION: For reasons depending on Weidu and my plans for the next updates, I had to change the number of the core component, from 0 to 5. The Big World installer may not yet have been updated to reflect that change.
For this reason, if you want to install this version using the BWP installer, you must edit it accordingly: inside the .bat file, look for DSotSC, and add, after the number 0, the number 5, to the list following that.

Installation on Linux and Mac:
- You can delete setup-dsotsc.exe; that will not be needed.
- You will need to download the latest version of WeiDU, for the relevant OS and platform, unless you already have it.
- In case you are using Linux, you must run tolower first, from the game directory. That's not needed in case you have already done it for another mod before.
- You can now install the mod in two different ways:
(1) extract the WeiDU and WeInstall binaries to your system path, give them executable permission; from the game folder, run
WeInstall dsotsc/setup-dsotsc.tp2
(2) extract weidu to your game folder, and rename it setup-dsotsc, or create a link called setup-dsotsc to an existing weidu executable (be sure it's up to date). From your game folder, run

Then, follow the instructions. Please consult the readme before posting any questions or reporting problems; you could find the solution there.
If the game is installed on a partition whose files can't be executed (it's mounted NOEXEC, formatted FAT, or similar), you will have to follow the first of the two methods listed, and consult the readme for other necessary options.

Upgrading from v215 (or before): Saved games from v215 are compatible with the most recent versions.
In order to install the new version, you MUST Uninstall the old version first. Only then, delete the old DSotSC folder, and unpack and install the new version. Do NOT use [R]e-install.

If you are using the RC of v216 or later, you can use the Reinstall option, after replacing all files in the DSotSC folder with the updated ones (be sure you don't delete the backup folder!).

Bugs: I hope this mod does not contain too many bugs, but some could still occur. In case you encounter any, please report it following the instructions on this topic.

DSotSC v217 bug thread

04 January 2013 - 01:33 AM

This topic is intended as an index for bugs, in order to make it easier to find and fix bugs.

Please, do not report bugs via PMs: it's easy for me to forget them, and that will not help other people with the same issue, and prevent other people from helping with a fix.

In case you encounter any bug, please:
- first, use the search function to see if that bug has already been reported, and check the FAQ in my signature.
- Read the announcement "how to report bugs".
- open a new thread on this forum, and describe the bug
- please also add a reply to this topic with a short description/title and link to the post you have just opened; that can be useful to avoid "losing" and forgetting that bug, as well as to prevent duplicates and help other people to find solutions in case they face a known issue.

Please do not report bugs about older versions; they are not supported any more. There is a thread for those bugs, where you could still find some hints; it is suggested, though, that you switch to the latest version, unless you have installed many other mods on top. Saved games from older versions are compatible with the new version; check the README in order to see how to upgrade.

Bug summary:
Please check here before posting!

Posts concerning issues which have been fixed will be split from this topic and linked to here, to make it quicker to find help.

  • [to be checked]: this has been fixed, but the script does not look fully convincing to me (why is RandomSpawn Global? is it always reset when it should? what happens for chapter>3?)
  • [minor]: Lollorian reported problems detected by his lolfixer. Waiting for him to open a specific thread.
  • [wishlist]: this mod is really overpowered. Suggestions on how to reduce that issue are welcome.
  • [needs other mods being updated first]: use ADD_SPELL for all spells added by DS; requires NTotSC & BP update