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Corrections for Russian translation

23 February 2021 - 12:00 AM

Hello! We found that there were some untranslated lines in the Russian version. Zloy-babay translated them, here is the corrected file. Please update the Russian translation in mod!

[HELP WANTED] Dialogue Writers?

09 January 2021 - 07:51 AM

Posted by: Austin

Looking for: Dialogue Writers?


Details: I want to expand the texts of the BG1 NPCs for SoA &ToB mod (with the consent of the author).


I know how to encode dialogues, but help in composing texts will be very useful to me. In addition, I do not speak English and write through an online translator, so it would be nice if the text was originally written by a native English speaker.


A request to all - if anyone can compose any of the following - write to ME, I will try to code:
- epilogue texts for BG1 NPC (without repeating epilogues from separate "parallel" mods, but by adding something new)
- Montaron's banters with the following NPC (they currently have no dialogue): Aerie, Keldorn, Cernd, Haer'Dalis, Valigar
- dialogues of any NPCs from BG1 with EE-NPCs (Neera, Dorn, Rasaad and Wilson) - now no one is talking to them, this needs to be fixed. What, for example, will Faldorn say to Wilson?
- any BG1 NPC's banters or their interjections 
- the end of the romance with Montaron - what will he say to the female protagonist in the final dialogue with Solar during an active romance? Plus, he needs as many as two epilogues - with and without romance.


I also need help with proofreading.

Added dialogue between the protagonist and Skie at the Tree of Life (before the final battle in SoA). Previously, such dialogues were created for all NPC except her. I wrote the dialogue (as best I could) and coded it. The Smiling Imp didn't mind that.
UPD: Solved!