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In Topic: Faren with Bhaalspawn powers?

15 May 2015 - 11:07 AM

Thanks for your reply. I don't feel like reinstalling as changing a mod that's very early in the install order tends to break the install procedure of other mods. Instead I treat him as some kind of half-brother (even though it makes the developing romance incestual), who's a Bhaalspawn as well and I cheat by using his abilities in dire straits. I was expecting him to comment on his being a Bhaalspawn, but that won't happen. Or he should say: 'Hey, you know I'm bugged?' ^_^ . Well, bug me and gimme a hug, Faren!


In Topic: Faren with Bhaalspawn powers?

13 May 2015 - 06:39 AM

Miss Sakaki, could you give an official reply? Is it intended for Faren to have Bhaalspawn powers? He's got them in my campaign as well and I wonder if it's a bug or intended behaviour?


*edit: I just read this in the official bugs and typos topic:


Fixed in v2.3:

-Removed Faren's vestigial Bhaalspawn powers


So it's a bug? Is it possible for a player who's not a modder himself to remove the Bhaalspawn powers from a v2.2 power in an ongoing campaign?


I tried opening a save with EE Keeper but the Bhaalspawn powers Faren has in-game don't show up in the 'innate' tab.

In Topic: Faren_v2.2.rar archive damaged?

24 April 2015 - 03:09 AM

Thank you, the file you uploaded unpacked intact.


Strangely using my Android tablet I managed to get the file intact as well using the download button on the download page.


So indeed the problem is something with my desktop interacting with the download page (both in Firefox and IE).


But I can start playing now!


My report of it being broken was unjust. How do I get the mods to remove the message?

In Topic: Faren_v2.2.rar archive damaged?

23 April 2015 - 12:36 PM

Thank you Miss Sakaki for tuning in as well with a reply. I've taken a look at The Imp's content of the 'english' folder and fhfsl.tra is my last file in that folder, so I'm missing 12 files in the downloaded rar.


If everything went right with you uploading the file, somewhere in the proces of it storing on the server and downloading to my computer it went wrong. I'm hoping the moderators of the site can help out, that's why I've reported the file as broken, though I assumed what I was filling in was a report to the moderators, now it's on the internet for everyone to see on the downloadpage. It wasn't my intention to put shame on the mod :mellow: , sorry.

In Topic: Faren_v2.2.rar archive damaged?

23 April 2015 - 09:20 AM

There's a typo in that code, well a missing letter in the file names... the fhsl.tra should be fhfsl.tra in the tp2 code. As there's a file named that Faren\translations\english\ -folder at least in the newer archive.

You did use the Nov 16 2013 v2.2 archive via the green download button and not the Nov 14 2013 archive that's in the side ?


Thanks for trying to help. However, I'm not there yet. I opened the tp2 file and the only part of it that slightly matches something like fhfsl.tra is this piece of code:


ADD_JOURNAL EXISTING TITLE (#74337) @3001 @3002 @5 USING ~Faren/translations/%LANGUAGE%/journals.tra~ ~Faren/translations/%LANGUAGE%/fhfrnp.tra~
ADD_JOURNAL @65 @68 @3003 @3000 @1455 USING ~Faren/translations/%LANGUAGE%/fhfseth.tra~ ~Faren/translations/%LANGUAGE%/journals.tra~ ~Faren/translations/%LANGUAGE%/fhfrnj.tra~
ADD_JOURNAL @44 @46 @61 @62 @63 @123 @134 @136 USING ~Faren/translations/%LANGUAGE%/fhfq.tra~


searching for a possible typo of fhsl.tra reveals nothing


There is indeed a file called fhfsl.tra in the translations\english folder, but no string in the tp2 file that mentions it.


I notice however, if I open the setup-faren.tp2 file, a mention of this:


// Translations
AUTO_TRA ~Faren/translations/%s~

LANGUAGE ~English~

//LANGUAGE ~English~ ~English~ ~Faren/english/Setup-Faren.tra~


and I don't see a setup.tra nor a Setup-Faren.tra file in the subfolder translations\english


Seems somethings missing from the download? Download size of the .rar is 8.406.058 bytes, while Argent77 says it should be 8.407.644 bytes. It seems the green download button isn't giving me the right file or an incomplete file?


And yes, I did use the green download button. If the site is irky, would it help to try again tomorrow?


*edited for proper file size and readability