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In Topic: Failed Tactical Installation

02 February 2017 - 02:46 PM

Did you click on "select mods/components" before starting the installation?  Important to do that and resolve conflicts.  Also, unless you are testing, it's not recommended to use the "Tactical" pre-selection.  Better to start from Minimal or Recommended and then choose the specific tactical mods/components you want to add.  Also, to save yourself future headaches, once you have a custom selection you like, click Options -> Export on the selection tab to save your selection as an ini file that you can import later if you need to re-install.


BWP_Fixpack_Originals wouldn't be created by BWS.  That's only for creating patches (i.e., for modders), not for applying them (i.e., what BWS does).  The patches for Bonehill, RoT and SoS had incorrect paths in them, which was causing this problem.  I've corrected them in the Fixpack now.  What is the problem with the TDD patch?


The lines in the log about components "not selected to be installed" are harmless but I've updated BWS to suppress them now also.

In Topic: The 'official' BWP Fixpack thread

01 February 2017 - 09:18 AM

Different problem now.  Some of the files in the BiG World Fixpack\infinityanimations\_copy folder contain special symbols.  There's some code in the script that is supposed to try to catch that and use a different method, but it doesn't seem to be working.


Manual workaround:  Move everything (files and subfolders) from Baldur's Gate 2\BiG World Fixpack\infinityanimations\_copy to Baldur's Gate 2\infinityanimations.  Overwrite/replace all.  Then re-run BWS.  The Fixpack\infinityanimations\_copy subfolder will empty, so it will be able to get past the point where it got stuck last time.




As for the nested Fixpack folders, I don't know if I should be looking for a bug in the extraction logic or in the installation logic.  Next time you do a clean installation, please configure BWS to "pause after extraction" (it's one of the options on the last tab just before you press the final "Continue" button to start the installation) and then, when it pauses, check in your game folder to see if the nested Fixpack\Fixpack folder structure is already there.  If it is, the problem is before the installation logic.

In Topic: The 'official' BWP Fixpack thread

01 February 2017 - 09:01 AM

There's probably a clue in the fact that only "aurora" and "SpellPackB6" are there.  Is there also a BiG World Fixpack/BiG World Fixpack/aurora folder and a BiG World Fixpack/BiG World Fixpack/SpellPackB6 folder, or did only those two subfolders move up somehow?


I can't explain how this happened but if you move all of the contents from BG2\BiG World Fixpack\BiG World Fixpack to BG2\BiG World Fixpack and re-run the ApplyPatches script, it should work.

In Topic: The 'official' BWP Fixpack thread

01 February 2017 - 08:38 AM

I'm more concerned with the fact that you said you corrected the folder structure and it still didn't work.  That's why I want to see your current folders.


I don't see how BWS could create a nested BiG World Fixpack/BiG World Fixpack structure.  The original archive (BiG-World-Fixpack-master.zip) unpacks into the game folder, resulting in a structure like this:


C:\Games\Baldur's Gate 2\BiG-World-Fixpack-master/BiG World Fixpack/_messages

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate 2\BiG-World-Fixpack-master/BiG World Fixpack/...various other folders...

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate 2\BiG-World-Fixpack-master/_ApplyPatches.bat

C:\Games\Baldur's Gate 2\BiG-World-Fixpack-master/_ApplyPatches.tp2



Then BWS moves everything in the C:\Games\Baldur's Gate 2\BiG-World-Fixpack-master folder up one level to the game folder, and removes the empty BiG-World-Fixpack-master folder.


Then it runs _ApplyPatches.bat.  That runs the script _ApplyPatches.tp2, which renames the "BiG World Fixpack" folder to "BiG_World_Fixpack"  (with underscores instead of spaces) and then looks for the subfolder BiG_World_Fixpack\_messages" ...


I don't see how this could have created a nested structure of BiG World Fixpack/BiG World Fixpack.


Just to confirm -- was your Baldur's Gate 2 folder "clean" (a fresh installation of the game) before you started BWS?  If you had a left-over Fixpack folder from a previous installation, that might cause some strange behavior.

In Topic: The 'official' BWP Fixpack thread

01 February 2017 - 08:07 AM

The log doesn't really show anything.  I'd like to see your folder structure.  Can you attach a screenshot of the contents of your game folder and also of the contents of the BiG World Fixpack subfolder?