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Weapons Of Alignment

21 July 2004 - 01:07 PM

What would the ultimate weapon representation of each of the nine alignments be? Rather if you could create a weapon dedicated to one of the nine alignments, what form would it take and what powers would it possess?

Edit: Corrected my numbering error. Thanks Nightmare.


14 July 2004 - 01:23 PM

I've decided to take the plunge so here's an idea for an npc that's been rattling around in my skull for a bit. Be gentle. Posted Image


Race: Katane (Half-Vampire)
Class: Monk
Alignment: TN
Stats: provisional
Str: (above average) +2 |16
Dex: (catlike grace comes to mind) +2 |20
Con: (not sure, average) |12
Int: (at least average) |11
Wis: (strong willed) |14
Cha: (takes a hit here due to mood swings) +2 |12

Will romance male and female (if I can get a hand writing)

Siluria is constantly at war with her vampiric heritage (to the point it is almost a split personality). She can be feral and predatory one instant only to turn caring and concerned the next. To put it simply, she's very moody. Constants include a strong will and a fierce determination to accomplish whatever she sets out to do. She seems to take her pleasures when, how, and with whom she can. However, there is always a degree of distance. Sometimes indifference, sometimes hostility, and sometimes what appears to be...regret. She is aggressive when she knows what she wants and is confident in what she can give.
Her temper is fiery and can flare in an instant. Thankfully, the more agitated she becomes the stronger her eyes glow giving a warning of her mood. In battle, she is a ferocious fighter giving no quarter and reveling in the blood she spills. Treat her as an equal and she'll storm the gates of hell with you. Treat her as anything else and well....
She also suffers from chronic nightmares.

When asked about her past, Siluria shrugs. She tells you she remembers nothing except for the last few years. She was taken in by a mage who at first seemed to want to help her. It turned out he had alterior motives and subjected her to experiments (his word, hers would be torture) he said would reveal the answers he sought. This went on for some time but it seemed he could never find what he sought. Apparently he grew tired of the attempt and one night she found herself dumped in the slums. She made her way to the Copper Coronet where she offered her services as a pit fighter to Lehtinan. She has been fetching him quite a purse both due to her exoticness and her enthusiasm. Then you came on the scene and you know the rest. She seems determined to tell you nothing else at this time.

Irenicus found her in a feral state and was intrigued by her apparent heritage. She was more a beast at the time than anything but he sensed she might hold the key to lifting the curse from himself as well as Bodhi and cure her of her vampirism in the process. He took her in but she was of little use in her current state. He created the choker to do two things. One, it would suppress he beastal nature. Two, it made her his slave. A by-product of the creation process was an additionally granted "non-detection" property which shields the wearer from remote detection. At first grateful for his intervention she became dismayed when she learned what he had in mind. He experimented on her much the same way he did the PC but it seemed like something was actually fighting back. Everytime he thought he might have a grasp on what he sought it melted from his hands. He also discovered that when she was pushed too far, not even the choker could suppress her "Olath Dalninil" as he put it (Dark Sister). Worse, his hold on her thru the collar seemed to grow a little weaker as time went on. He was most perplexed by this. Eventually becoming bored with the attempt and hearing of other targets, he had her drugged and dumped in the slums. Siluria finds herself on her own and wanders into the Copper Coronet where a confrontation with a patron turns bloody. Lehtinan is impressed with her creativity in ending the fight and offers her a job as a pit fighter. Having no where else to go she accepts and her bloodlust truly stirs up the crowd and brings in the coin. Things continue like this till the PC shows up.

She is the creation of a necromancer (a follower of Velsharoon before he ascended) who was part of an order seeking to create stronger undead. Siluria's mother was vampirizied while pregnant and she was born soon after. Once she was old enough the order began to train her in martial arts for assassination purposes. While she took to the training readily enough she rebelled at the application she was to use it for. Thinking this a weakness of her human heritage and having been unable to duplicate her birth, experiments were begun to suppress her human side and perhaps the means to create more like her. During one such experiment, the order's complex was attacked by Knights of the Radiant heart and destroyed. There was a terrible thunderstorm that night and the magics used in the experiment seemed to draw in several of the bolts. The resulting destruction freed Siluria and gave her the means to escape. Unfortunately the experiment proved successful and while she was able to escape she was no longer herself. Her feral side in full control, she terrorized the countryside till Irenicus became aware of her.

Not Yet

*No Bodhi vamp-nap instead you will be able to either cure her "condition" or inflame it

Katane (Half Vampires)

25 June 2004 - 11:53 AM

Hopefully this is where this plea for aid should go. Apologize in advance if I stuck it in the wrong place.

I'm giving serious thought to doing a mod with a Katane NPC. Immediate problem is, I currently don't have access to my resource material Posted Image. I know the Katane appeared in Dragon #313 with their other half-undead brethren. Anybody happen to have their stats handy? Ability score adjustments, abilities, advantages, drawbacks, things like that?