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Crystal Blades

28 September 2007 - 11:22 PM

Haven't modded Oblivion in months...but a few days ago I made these babies.

Crystal Longsword (the mesh has been tweaked a bit, so it doesn't look like this exactly, it's a bit longer and that gap in the hilt is fixed)

Posted Image
Posted Image

Crystal Broadsword (Only have a shot of 1st person at the moment)

Posted Image

Just a quick model hack, and some swift retexturing...anyone think I should release it? And if so, how should these be obtained?

A side note: I also made a "Red" 2 handed crystal claymore but don't think I can release it as I'm having very strange issues with it, so it might not see the light of day.

How to: Port models from any DX9 game.

06 August 2007 - 05:49 AM

Greetings, in this tutorial, I will teach you how to port models into Oblivion from any DX9 game. I am assuming you know how to get a custom model ingame, so please, do not ask me how to do this.

Before we get started, I want you to note: IT IS ILLEGAL TO RELEASE ANY MODEL YOU PORT!!!! Please, do not release anything you port, or else it will get taken down and legal action may be taken. However, it is perfectly fine for personal use.

For people who don't know what porting is, porting is taking a model from one game (let's say, a sword) and putting it in another (in this case, Oblivion)

Here are the tools we will be using

3D Ripper DX - The program we are using to capture the 3d geometry and textures from said DX9 game. This tool will ONLY work on DX9 games.

Download and read the quick guide to it here: http://www.deep-shad.../3DRipperDX.htm and when you launch the program, tell it to export as .obj as well. Ported models keep their standard UV mapping.

3dsmax (Blender should be fine too)

Adobe Photoshop (or GIMP, anything that can open .dds files)

A note about 3d Ripper DX: The meshes ripped may be incorrectly scaled along a certain axis if you don't set the FoV value correctly. Try to find out the default FoV of the game before you use this program, if the game has a console, I recommend using that. If not, try guessing and checking.

Okay, so find the game you want to rip said model from, and have 3d Ripper DX hooked up to said game's .exe. Launch the game, get whatever model you want to port in your sight, and press F12. The game will pause for anywhere from 10 seconds to 5 minutes, depending on your computer. Once it's done, exit the game, and launch your modeling program of choice. Import the .obj into your modeling program (default path is C:\Documents and Settings\(account name)\My Documents\3DReaperDX\Frames) and remove all the clutter that isn't what you want ported. When the model you want is isolated and is the only thing in your modeling program, position and scale it correctly. Let's say you're porting a weapon, such as a sword, go into nifskope, load up a sword .nif, and export as .obj. Then, get that in your modeling program as well, and position said model to the reference model. Once it's positioned, remove the Oblivion mesh you got into your modeling program, then export as .obj (if you're using max, make sure you give it a standard material! If you don't do this, your normal map will not look correct.)

Here's the time consuming part...finding the texture the model you ported is! (Default path is C:\Documents and Settings\(account name)\My Documents\3DReaperDX\Textures) look until you find it, and create a normal map for it.

Once you have found it, go into nifskope, and import your model as .obj, and give it its normal texture. I recommend making your normal map for it as well. Update the Tangent space, save your .nif, and use the CS to get it ingame!

I have ported lots of meshes, I put some of them in a thread in my forum, which can be found here: http://www.shsforums...showtopic=27277

If this makes no sense to you, I recommend learning how to get a custom model ingame first, and be sure to be familiar with whatever modeling program you're using. Thank you for reading, and have fun!

Oh, and, this tool can be used for more than just porting. You can make some pretty nice backgrounds with it, here's one I made just for fun. Clicky

Overlord Background I made

08 July 2007 - 11:53 AM

Made this Overlord background using the following tools

-3ds Max 9
-Adobe Photoshop CS 2
-The game, overlord

Posted Image

I also made this

Posted Image

What do you think?

Random Ports (Cannot release, legal issues)

08 June 2007 - 01:19 AM

Hey all, just a random topic I'm typing out of boredom. Can't release because I didn't make any of these models, I'm merely porting them for personal use\this thread\whatever.

Here I will post pictures of random ports I have done. Will update regularly.


Popcorn Man - Half Man, Half Popcorn. I'm researching if it would be possible to rig this guy to one of Beth's skeletons and make him a full fledged creature. He'd be a perfect monster for SI's dementia area. Light Bright is on in the photo because his normal map is screwed up at the moment. (From the great FPS game Painkiller.)

While on MSN, Kaelis pointed out that he looks more like he has Corprus. I agree with that. There were never any fully mutated enemies with Corprus in Morrowind, and this is what one would look like.

Demented Colossi - Giant golems. From Heroes V

Posted Image

Posted Image

Thor (Statue) - A statue of the boss Thor from Painkiller. I know the stone texture on him looks like vomit, I'll change it later. Can't use his actual one without butchering him since he's really in like 5 pieces in max. I don't feel like butchering him :P (From the great FPS game Painkiller.)

Posted Image

Thor in Painkiller

Posted Image

Necrogiant (Statue) - Statue of Painkiller's First Boss, Necrogiant. Stone texture is much better than Thor's. (Has some problems, have to redo)

Posted Image


Thor's Hammer - The Big Dude's Hammer. Had to edit the mesh a bit though (make the handle thinner)

Posted Image

That's all I've ported so far. Will keep updating though :P


Demented Teddy (No normal map yet) - The Museum of Oddities has a new, unique bear for their collection. Was this bear an actual organic creature that died from being cut open, or was it created like this?

Posted Image

Smite of Order - My Best Spell

28 May 2007 - 11:24 PM

Hey all, check out this spell I just completed. Easily my best.

It is complete, but I need YOU to brainstorm for me.

This is a greater power (not just for balance reason, the spell screws up if spammed due to the timer script on the beam itself) instantly stops the target in their tracks, and when the beam explodes, reduces the target to nothing but a skeleton. It does not work on essentials, indoors, on corpses, or on things like barrels. It does work on creatures, but they aren't reduced to bone, they are just killed. In the mod, it will be on touch, rather than target.

So, here I ask you, the reader: What should you have to do to recieve this spell? I want it to...

A) Have something to do with order, as it is an order oriented spell
B) Be really hard, this won't cost any magicka so warriors can use it too

Personally, I was thinking of some sort of hidden trapdoor in the Sheoth Palace District, you go in, and you fight Knights of Order. At the end, there is a portal, and when you go in it, you're in some sort of order-themed interior (inside of Jyggalag's palace, maybe?) and you have to battle through all sorts of Knights, and at the end is a chest containing a "Charm of Order" and as long as it's in your inventory, you have it as a greater power. When dropped, you will no longer have it as a greater power. This is high level characters ONLY, so if you go through this dungeon at level 8, you're going to get owned.

If anyone has a better suggestion, I'd love to hear it. :)