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In Topic: Fixes for the BiG fixpack

11 June 2010 - 10:18 PM

Also, since the DSotSC.tp2 already had a bucketload of fixes from the BWPFixpack, this is an already Fixpacked file :D (to make sure I wasn't borking anything that's already fixed :unsure:)

It would be great, if you can always offer Fixpacked files, if a fixed file in the BW Fixpack exist. The work will be much easier for the BW Fixpack updates.  :D
And thank you again for all your work and support of the fixes.   :cheers:

Greetings Leomar

In Topic: BiG World Project (BWP) v9.0

10 June 2010 - 11:43 PM

Updated: "BiG World Installpack"

Version 9.1.7 (11 June 2010)
- Added German installation of "Huple NPC"
- Updated entries for the new "Big Picture v180a"
- Removed "BPSeries", because it is included in "Big Picture", now

Updated: "BiG World Textpack GERMAN"

Version 9.1.3 (11 June 2010)
- Added translation for "Huple NPC" by Leonardo Watson

Updated mods
  • Thalantyr Item Upgrade v3.7
  • Ajantis BG1 Expansion v3
  • The Bigg Quest Pack v2.04
  • Adalon?s Blood v10
  • Tower of Deception v3.3.1
  • Jan?s Alchemy v6
  • Mystigan the Merchant v1.5
  • Portable Hole v0.2
  • Shed?s Mods v1.03
  • Cerberus v1.03
  • Semi-Multi-Clerics v0.2.3
  • Big Picture v1.80a
  • Yikari NPC v1.7
  • Alternatives v7
  • Throne of Bhaal Refinements v3.23
  • Item Pack v1.3
  • aTweaks v3.11
  • The Bigg Tweaks v2.31
  • Vecna v14

Deprecated Mods
  • "BPSeries", because it is included in "Big Picture", now

Greetings Leomar

In Topic: BiG World Project (BWP) v9.0

10 June 2010 - 10:01 AM

the xp'problem is solved.
i tried with Lollorian and find The Watcher's Keep component in scsII is the problem!
i don't install the component and the xp'problem is sloved.

Thanks for the information and that you have reported it here in the mod forum.

Greetings Leomar

In Topic: BiG World Setup Beta-Testing

10 June 2010 - 09:14 AM

Looks like he went a step too far : BGT now refuses to install without Gavin NPC :

Gavin NPC for BG2 - BGT Hot-Fix=D:gavin_bg2(-)&gavin(-)&gavin_bg2_bgt(-)&BGT(-)

Thanks for the report and yes, I must change this line, so it works correctly.

Greetings Leomar

In Topic: BiG World Project (BWP) v9.0

09 June 2010 - 04:39 PM

Updated: "BiG World Fixpack"

Version Beta 9.1.7 (10 June 2010)
- Added Wedge's Ankheg Quest fix for "BGT"
- Added Wedge's Tevan not shouting for help fix for "BG1 NPC Project"
- Added Lollorian's BGT sound corrections for "BGSpawn"
- Added Lollorian's missing sound correction for "Sarah NPC"
- Added Lollorian's missing script correction for "Neh'taniel NPC"
- Added Mike1072's BGT _KHALID fix for "BG2Tweaks"
- Corrected BW Fixpack's Setup-Valen.tp2.patch

Greetings Leomar