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Posted 08 February 2011 - 04:34 PM

Adding a touch of humour and hopefully a hint of originality and interest, Nephele is a new NPC for BGII: SoA and ToB--a halfling cleric of Yondalla, mother of seven and a compulsive adventurer.

A woman of many stories, she has lived a long and sometimes dangerous life, been married, had children (and grandchildren), and dealt with her demons. Nephele has no earth-shaking quest, no troubling issues and requires no therapy. That's not to say that she won't pipe up with her opinion at every possible juncture, and do her best to make you into the best young man or woman you can be!

Although she's more than a little nosy, and quite often sticks her foot in her mouth, she's a kindhearted woman trying to do good in the world. She has a number of dialogues throughout SoA and ToB on par with some romance mods, and has a large number of interactions with both the NPCs and the game world.

She joins you in Trademeet, and will stay with you throughout SoA and ToB. She has no major NPC conflicts, but doesn't necessarily get along with everyone, either.

Name: Nephele Samios
Race: Halfling
Age: 112
Gender: Female
Class: Cleric of Yondalla

STR: 13
DEX: 13
CON: 11
INT: 11
WIS: 15
CHA: 14

When asked about her past, NEPHELE closes her eyes briefly, a small smile on her wrinkled face. Raised in the halfling village of Larrikin, she joined the church of Yondalla in her mid-twenties, and though she has always been a devout follower of her goddess, she was never quite content with the home-life of many halflings. "Cursed with wanderlust," she says, a sparkle in her eyes. She jumped at the chance to help the occasional adventurer, and began her travels aiding the wounded and injured, eventually becoming quite the formidable adventurer herself. She married and returned to Larrikin, where she "brought seven wonders" into the world. Her smile broadens as she tells you of her children, pride evident in her voice. After her children were grown she set out adventuring once more. Something in her eyes tells you that there is more to the story, but she squeezes your shoulder cheerfully and walks away, humming under her breath.