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Thanatos-Zero's 2DA Mods of Power

2DA Mod Mods of Power Thanatos Zero Thanatos-Zero gaming munchkin

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Posted 24 January 2015 - 10:06 AM

These little mods are for those who like power gaming.
They can be used without any mod but I recommend these four mods


The first post is dedicated for the mage and the sorcerer, which will grow incredibly stronger with higher levels and obtain through the arcane power more vitality and way more spells to cast.

Starting at level 16 and each 5 levels after the HP gained per level is increased by one after each level up with a maximum of 8HP per level up,


11-15 +1 |16-20 +2 |21-25 +3 |26-30 +4 |31-35 +5 |36-40 +6 |41-45 +7 |46-50 +8

At Level 50, sorcerer and magi can have a maximum of 220 HP without any CON modifiers or the boni from the familiar. With 25 CON + the same boni like the fighter, the character will have 290 HP and 332 HP with the familiar from ToB.


The mage and the sorcerer can cast spells these many spells from Level 1-50.


And the sorcerer learns this many spells from level 1-50.



The saves of both continue to become better after level 20.



And their THAC0 becomes lower with more levels. The THAC0 of all classes has been modified to behave exactly like the BAB of their 3rd Edition counterparts except for the monk, which is treated like the fighter.



Last but not least, the mage and sorcerer receive all 3 levels 1 weapon proficiency point.

I will upload all the 2DA. files at once. I will but explain one class per post, except for the sorcerer and the barbarian, which could have been very well be kits.

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