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Spell-50 vs Improved summoning and Removing celestial summoning cap

Big World Setup

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Posted 20 February 2016 - 09:29 PM



Sorry if this topic shouldn't be here :).


Today I'm reinstalling through big world setup BGT (BG1 with tales of the swordcoast expansion, BG2 SoA and Throne of Bhaal).


I did it yesterday and I tried today when it finished to run the bg2 exe but it only popped up a throne of bhaal extender console so finally I have to uninstall and again select mods I wanted.


The main change I have done is that I have a beam bg1enhanced instalation and I selected big world project detailed customization because if I wanted to select baldur's gate enhanced edition the software warned me about some mising areas on data folder in bg1ee. I uninstalled bg1ee and instaled a full version I had in gog (I don't know when and why but I have it :D) so I'm installing with big world project detailed customization. I comment this here just in case someone has the same problems.


Another problem I'm having is that I want to install Improved Summonings and removing celestial summoning caps that it supposed not be compatible with spell-50 mod, anyway I'm trying to ignore those red warnings and install all.


Does someone know why these modules are incompatible? Has someone installed them together?


Kind regards and thanks for your help :)


PS: By the way, this guy is a powergamer :D:





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