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Introduction: Sirene

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Posted 11 August 2018 - 04:34 AM

Name: Sirene


Race: Tiefling (Infernal Heritage)


Class: Martyr (Paladin) optionally: trueclass paladin, cavalier, inquisitor, undead hunter, divine champion (requires Artemius' House Tweaks)


Alignment: Lawful Good. While she places less importance of what the laws of the land demand over what is right, she bears a set of principles that she tries to rigidly adhere to, regardless of her personal feelings.



Strength: 15 (BG2: 16)

Dexterity: 17

Constitution: 15 (BG2: 16)

Intelligence: 10

Wisdom: 13 (BG2: 14)

Charisma: 17



"When asked about her past, SIRENE averts her gaze and flatly states that there is little to say. She was orphaned and left to die as a babe, likely abandoned due to her apparent fiendish heritage. Only by luck did she survive having by being discovered by a travelling priest of Ilmater, who brought her to others of his faith and raised her as a Holy Warrior of Suffering, the order of paladins dedicated to the Crying God. She resents her own contradictory nature, though she is unsure of which side."


Martyr Kit

MARTYR: Martyrs are worshippers of Ilmater, the good god of suffering, endurance and perseverance. Paladins of Ilmater's order are compassionate and train themselves to become protectors of their allies and to alleviate the suffering of others.
- Hit Die: d12
- May use Lay on Hands three times per day.
- May use the Sacrifice ability once per day. Gains one use at level 1 and an additional use every 7 levels thereafter.
SACRIFICE: The martyr heals the target for 1d6+2 hit points per level and deals 1d6+2 non-lethal damage per level to <HIMHER>self up to a maximum of 1d6+20 at 10th level.
- May use the Martyrdom ability once per day starting at level 5. Gains an additional use every 7 levels thereafter.
MARTYRDOM: The target gains a +4 bonus to armor class and 50% resistance to physical damage while the martyr loses the same amount for 5 rounds + 1 round for every 3 levels gained.
- 12th level: Gains 10% resistance to physical damage. An additional 5% is gained at levels 16 and 20.
- 15th level: May use the Ilmater's Grace ability once per day.
ILMATER'S GRACE: The martyr regenerates for 3 hit points per second for 1 turn.
- -1 penalty to THAC0 every 5 levels (starting at level 1).
- May not cast Protection from Evil.
- May not Turn Undead.
- May not use ranged weapons.

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