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Introduction: Pai'Na

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Posted 11 August 2018 - 04:57 AM

Name: Pai'Na


Race: Half-drow


Class: Hivemaster (Druid)


Alignment: True Neutral. Unusually, not the balance-preserving type. While she respects and follows the greater balance, her primary concern is the safety of herself and her spider brood, and is unconcerned over morality. While moody and irritable, she is not malevolent.



Strength: 10

Dexterity: 18

Constitution: 15

Intelligence: 14

Wisdom: 16

Charisma: 15



“PAI’NA snarls when you ask about her past, telling you that it is none of your business and that it is enough to know that her half-drow heritage has made her an outcast from any form of civilized society. As a hivemaster druid, her duty of tending to the arachnids of the land is foremost, though she has decided to travel with you for now.”


Hivemaster Kit

HIVEMASTER: The Hivemaster is a druid that focuses on fostering and protecting insects and arachnids, including giant versions thereof. Most commonly stylise themselves after either communal insects, such as ants or bees (hence the name), or predators like spiders, scorpions and dragonflies.

– Immunity to all poisons and the following spells: Web, Summon Insects, Insect Plague, Creeping Doom
– Gains a +4 bonus to Armor Class and saving throws against attacks made by spiders and is ignored by them unless they are provoked.
– May cast Web and Spider Spawn as 2nd and 4th level priest spells respectively.
– May use the Poison Weapon ability once per day. Gains another use at levels 7 and 14.

POISON WEAPON: Each successful hit within the next 5 rounds will inject poison into the target. Each target can only be affected once per round. The amount of poison damage depends on the character's level:

1st– Target suffers 1 poison damage per second for 6 seconds (Save vs. Death at +1 negates)
5th– Target suffers 1 poison damage per second for 12 seconds (Save vs. Death negates), and also immediately suffers 2 poison damage (no save)
9th– Target suffers 1 poison damage per second for 18 seconds (Save vs. Death at -1 negates), and also immediately suffers 4 poison damage (no save)
13th– Target suffers 1 poison damage per second for 24 seconds (Save vs. Death at -2 negates), and also immediately suffers 6 poison damage (no save)

– 5th level: May shapeshift into a huge spider once per day.
– 8th level: May shapeshift into a sword spider once per day.
– 14th level: May shapeshift into a wraith spider once per day.

– May not wear heavier armor than leather.
– May not shapeshift into default animal forms.

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