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In Progress: Thultanthar

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Artemius I
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Posted 11 August 2018 - 05:27 AM

"As you grasp the amulet in your hands and utter the command phrase, the ground beneath you seems to give way as you find yourself pulled through the planes. You do not fall, however, yet neither do you feel solid earth beneath your feet, and you find yourself suspended as you catch glimpses of countless other planes, the images flashing before you faster and faster... until you can distinguish nothing more than dots of colorful, blinding light.
You close your eyes, and soon all you feel is the discomforting feeling of planar travel, before the sensation abruptly halts, and you know you have arrived at your destination. Your eyes open to a faded world, the only discernable colors being the ethereal glow of purple-flamed torches dancing across gray stone... this is the Plane of Shadow, a place devoid of light and warmth.
You hear the faint muttering of incantations whispering against the walls, and soft footsteps echo from the staircase in front of you, as your host makes his appearance..."
This in-progress component will add a new location and questline, the Phantasmal Tower. located within the ancient Netherese city of Thultanthar - known also as the Shade Enclave, pulled into the Plane of Shadow to save itself from the cataclysm caused by Karsus's Folly. It is ruled by archmage Kryn'nath "Darkflame" Talaryn, who the player may or may not have aided during the first game.
The component will include:

– A new stronghold and questline for Shadow Adepts

– Two joinable NPCs

– An entire new set of areas to explore complete with quests, shops and secrets to learn

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Posted 24 February 2019 - 12:25 AM

I'm very excited for this!