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Creature Lister

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Posted 03 July 2010 - 08:07 PM

File Name: Creature Lister
File Submitter: Miloch
File Submitted: 04 Jul 2010
File Category: IE Modding Tools

Creature Lister (v2)

This is a utility that outputs a list of all creatures from any Infinity Engine game, including mod-added creatures. It is a revision of code written by Nythrun and others originally posted at http://forums.gibber...showtopic=9576.

The resulting file ends up as crelist.txt in the crelist folder. You can open it with a text editor and copy and paste the text into a spreadsheet program such as Excel. Use Format > Column > AutoFit Selection for easier viewing. This list allows you to sort the creatures by various fields such as Animation for modding or other purposes.

Version History

Version 2 (4 Jul 2010)
- Added compatibility for PS:T, IWD and IWD2
- Debugged some column value reads
- Removed line breaks and other characters from names to avoid misaligned columns

Version 1 (2 Mar 2007)
- Initial release

Click here to download this file

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