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All dialog and description

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Posted 23 August 2010 - 03:08 PM

Since this project is dead and its materials never to be used, I thought it a shame for ~130 000 words of written material to go to waste, so I've uploaded it all for any interested parties.


Imoen plot

First the quest adds a side-plot for Imoen, the first dialogue is triggered before the quest while the next two are on a timer and tied into being in the dungon.


Main quest

The quest can be summarised as follows (as best as I can recall):

You receive a note from Garren whom you met in the original BG2 asking you to meet him at Watcher's Keep


Upon arrival you find a woman whom reacts to you depending on your character's alignment

Jarata Contract.doc



You are transported to the Windspear Dungeon

Area Descriptions.doc

The dungeon is now infested with vampires, ghouls, etc. Beyond the first room you meet a vampire who talks to you


In this area there is also an easter egg whereby the casting of the anti-imprisonment spell (I forget its name) releases two of those angel creatures

Quitch Vs. Cuv.doc

Behind a secret door are a number of ghouls


In one of the side rooms you meet a party of paladins

Dominated Knights.doc

If you kill the vampire controlling the knights

Free Knights.doc

Elsewhere in the dungeon you discover a knight alone

Hidden Knight.doc

Alas, the AI for the knights to help you was never written.

You could also find some knights being held prisoner. This dialogue was written by Cuv rather than me and doesn't appear to be in my collection. You would have the option to free them, kill them (I think) or leave them.

Also there was a dwarf standing in an uncrossable magic circle (this occurs in the main plot area, but actually links into the side quest story, see Karlash)


Exploring deeper into the dungeon you find a gather of mages who have Garren stashed to one side

Cul Gathering.doc

Once they have been defeated you can speak to Garren


Pushing deeper into the dungeon you encounter Will O Wisps which don't take kindly to dying

Will O Wisp.doc

On the way to the final encounter it was possible to encounter a lich (this occurs in the main plot area but links into the side quest, see King Strohm and Darius)


Finally you encounter Dasypus, his state (Dragon or Dracolich) depending on how long you took to get here and, I think, one other factor possibly being the outcome of the cult encounter.

Dasypus Soundset.doc

As soon as he is defeated/talked down

Jarata and the Wish Ring.doc

Once that's over you can explore Dasypus's treasure trove at which point you encounter a new NPC

Shel Soundset.doc
Shel Banter.doc
Shel Forced Chat.doc

Upon leaving the lair of Dasypus and returning to the mage gathering room you find a knight holding Jarata captive (if she still lives, otherwise the chamber is empty)

Jarata Vs. Buliwyf.doc

Should you kill Sir Buliwyf

Jarata Reward.doc

Continuing to the upper levels you find paladins battling vampires and are free to choose sides. It was planned for there to be another Vidar encounter, but this was never written.

Once you leave the dungeon.

Shel Outdoors.doc (assuming Shel is in your party)
Sir Ryan Trawl.doc

This was the dialogue meant to sum up all the events thus far and then bring judgement upon you depending on your actions and what the paladins could sense about your alignment, know of your reputation, and hear of from the dungeon. It was, alas, never finished despite being the final dialogue.

After that you'd either be killing a lot of paladins or have a ceremony to celebrate your achievements, knight Mazzy, etc.


There was another part of the Windspear dungeon which housed a completely separate sub-plot. You'd encounter a newly opened passageway (the Windspear dungeon had been redesigned by Cuv owing to Cult activity, dragon travel, rock falls, etc.)

Area Descriptions.doc

Here you would encounter a boatman


He would transport you to another part of the dungeon where there were two warring factions, one of undead warriors and one of beholders, both with leaders whom you would find at opposite ends of the dungeon.

Hive Mother.doc

Killing the Hive Mother would cause the beholders to attack anything, including each other.

The leader of the undead faction was behind a guarded gate

Tomb Guards.doc

Only once they had been passed could you speak to him

King Strohm.doc

There was also going to be some puzzle regarding an interrupted ceremony which you had to complete to, I think, allow everyone to rest in peace.

See also the Darius and Karlash dialogues from the main quest.

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Posted 23 August 2010 - 04:34 PM

Regarding mod's state

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Regarding mod's state



You go GeN1e (a.k.a Ardanis) :ph34r:
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Posted 23 August 2010 - 11:03 PM

Regarding mod's state

:blink: Sounds like a lot to finish in a little time (especially considering how long it has been in progress) but aye, you go dude. Would be a shame to let all that work go to waste, as has happened for so many dead mods.

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