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translations needed! for a very small project

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#1 subtledoctor

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Posted 12 November 2016 - 09:35 AM

My new armor system mod relies on matching certain terms to strings in the game - like, finding the word "dragon" in "Blue Dragon Plate."  I've gotten it set up such that it can work in different languages... so now I need translations into other languages to that it can work for everyone!
I have a complete Polish translation of the mod.  Doing more full translations would be a large undertaking.  So in the meantime, I propose to only get translations of the small number of strings involved in the armor system, and I'll keep the rest of the strings in English for now.  That way a player can at least successfully get the functional benefits of that component.
Here are the strings that need translation:
@10001  = ~^Armor Class:.+$~
@10002  = ~Armor Class: ~
@10003  = ~Damage Resistance: ~
@10004  = ~Dexterity Penalty: -~
@10005  = ~Arcane Casting Speed Penalty: +~
@10006  = ~Weapon Attack Speed Penalty: +~
@10011  = ~dragon~
@10012  = ~elven~
@10013  = ~elvish~
@10014  = ~sylvan~
@10015  = ~bladesinger~
@10018  = ~robe~
@10019  = ~cloak~
@10021  = ~Stealth, Pick Pockets: -~
@10022  = ~Open Locks, Set Traps: -~
@10023  = ~Find Traps, Detect Illusion: -~
@10030  = ~Armor of Faith

Level: 1
Sphere: Protection
Range: 0
Duration: 3 rounds + 1 round/level
Casting Time: 1
Area of Effect: The caster
Saving Throw: None

The caster of this spell receives significant protection against melee and magical attacks. This magical armor-like force surrounds the caster and absorbs a portion of any damage taken. This amounts to an effect 10% boost to damage resistance against all damage types.~
The terms should match those used in the game strings in each language.  Like, the translation for "dragon" should match the word found in the name of the "Blue Dragon Plate" armor.  Etc.
If anyone would like to help, reply in this thread or just PM me.  Thanks!

#2 Miloch



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Posted 27 November 2016 - 08:45 PM

I'll do it, if you still need it. It sounds like an admirable effort.

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