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[Inventory Bam] How to improve my axe?

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#1 Creepin

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Posted 13 April 2017 - 02:10 AM

Hello all, hope people still visit this part of the forums :)

I have attempted to recreate this axe inventory image as an inventory image of the BG standard.

To do so, I took Battle Axe +2 to serve as both most fitting donor and the reference to said BG standard.

I changed this and that: made blade broader, back spike stumpier, top spike shorter, shaft of wood, hilt of metal -



Formally, the result conveys original axe within BG environment to the letter. However, at the same time it looks rather bland, boring and not so much BGish. What have I missed, what could be improved while keeping true all the characteristics of the original axe?

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