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[Inventory Bam] How to improve my axe?

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#1 Creepin

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Posted 13 April 2017 - 02:10 AM

Hello all, hope people still visit this part of the forums :)

I have attempted to recreate this axe inventory image as an inventory image of the BG standard.

To do so, I took Battle Axe +2 to serve as both most fitting donor and the reference to said BG standard.

I changed this and that: made blade broader, back spike stumpier, top spike shorter, shaft of wood, hilt of metal -



Formally, the result conveys original axe within BG environment to the letter. However, at the same time it looks rather bland, boring and not so much BGish. What have I missed, what could be improved while keeping true all the characteristics of the original axe?

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#2 Miloch



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Posted 12 May 2017 - 06:33 AM

I would say add a bit more contrast so the light parts are lighter. Note how the original has the blade edge rather whitish as if light were glinting off it. Conversely, the dark bits can be a bit darker, but don't go so dark that it blends into the (usually dark brown) background.

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#3 Creepin

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Posted 12 May 2017 - 10:44 AM

Glad to see you Miloch and thanks for the advise :) That one up there is an outdated pic by now, but when working on improving it in the passed time I found myself doing so somewhat along the same lines as your ideas, so I'm glad to know I chose the right path :)

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