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Overall Progress: Questions & Feedback

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#201 -Roman-

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Posted 21 June 2017 - 01:18 PM

Hey, I've been looking at your mod for a couple of years now, and I was wondering if you could get some help from the Beamdog community. I bet they'd help you with a lot of things, like coding for instance. Focus on the story, it must be good, carried all the way to the Throne of Bhaal with appropriate ending and a nice voiceover would be also appreciated.

Working alone never works out, let others help you.

Take care and I hope this mod comes out sometime this year, cause I'm playing bgee now with Neera in mind. Then I await your Valen, cause I like vampires, not enough of them or none even in RPGs to like, well except for Witcher 3 B&W expansion. Detlaf rocks.

#202 -sukoth-

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Posted 01 September 2017 - 02:59 PM

you are killing us with this waiting. From now on I will consider this mod dead. At least I wouldn't hope anymore for it to come out

#203 Lassal

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Posted 13 September 2018 - 10:59 PM

If someone is working on Valen, consider checking Vampire World mod and say, what i need to fix to gain compatibility wiyh Valen mod.
Or at least consider partial integration of Valen dialogues into VW mod.




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