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Posted 05 October 2009 - 11:05 PM

Aurora - Quick Links

Since Aurora is more than just a store mod or a quest mod, the various components you can choose from are summarised below. All components are optional. The additional components are intended to make the game more convenient or economically realistic. Please see the readme for more details.

Aurora's Shoes and Boots
The main component adds the lovely (and talkative) Aurora to Athkatla's bridge district. It also adds her nighttime attendent, the surly deep gnome Tomthal, and his sister the perky Karaea, who will travel to various areas (Trademeet in SoA, Amkethran in ToB, Nashkel in Tutu/BGT, Westgate and Suderham dungeons in Classic Adventures). The main component also adds a few minor quests and encounters, and the chance for finding random items under rare circumstances.

Small portraits for NPCs
This component allows you to install portraits for the mod's merchants and (if you choose) certain minor characters the mod interacts with.

Shorten Gorion battle cutscene
This component will abridge the Gorion battle in Tutu or BGT, allowing you to start playing almost immediately after leaving Candlekeep. Everything else in the game is otherwise as if you had sat through the battle.

Shorten BG2 intros
This component will abridge the opening cutscene in Irenicus's dungeon and skip the linear talk with Imoen, allowing you to begin play immediately. You can also shorten the subsequent battle between Irenicus and the Cowled Wizards in Waukeen's Promenade if you choose that option. Everything in the game is otherwise as if you had sat through all that.

Change store buying prices
This component allows you to reduce the prices at which stores buy items, anywhere down to 25%, or raise them up to 300%.

Change store selling prices
This allows you to reduce the prices at which stores sell items, anywhere down to 50%, or raise them up to 500%.

Change gem and jewelry prices
The component will reduce gem and jewelry prices anywhere down to 10%, or raise them up to 200%

Change quest gold rewards (new as of v2)
This changes amounts mentioned in dialogues as well as actual rewards obtained. Furthermore, it fixes buggy behavior where some NPCs may not have enough gold on hand to give the rewards they promised (unless intended by their dialogues). Choices vary anywhere from 10% to 75% of the original quest rewards.

Change creature gold carried
This component allows you to change the gold carried by creatures and thus gained as loot. It will reduce creature gold anywhere down to 10%, or raise the values up to 200%.

Realistic random treasures (new as of v2)
This component excludes creatures of certain classes from obtaining scrolls, though they can spawn other random treasures such as gems or jewelry. It also fixes weighting and other issues with the random treasure tables. It provides several options for installation, based on your treasure-gathering preferences.

PnP Helmed and Battle Horrors (new as of v2)
This selection makes the fearsome animated armor suits closer to their paper-and-pencil incarnations. Among other things, they now have a wider range of immunities and abilities - see the readme for a full description.
There are several threads you can read for more history on the various components. You can also post any ideas or issues you have with the components in these threads. Feel free to open a new topic if you encounter problems or have suggestions for any components not listed here.

Store prices components
Quest rewards components
Realistic random treasures

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Posted 10 January 2013 - 08:54 AM

Aurora NPC for TOB (currently in beta) adds Aurora as a joinable NPC in TOB. She's still cheerful, still chatty, and happy to battle by the PC's side. The NPC component works with or without the SOA component.




Sample Banters

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