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Korgan's Redemption

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#1 Picollo

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Posted 18 November 2010 - 10:37 AM

File Name: Korgan's Redemption
File Submitter: Picollo
File Submitted: 18 Nov 2010
File Category: Miscellaneous Released Mods

This mod was inspired by a discussion on CoB about content removed from ToB.

The mod provides the possibility of redeeming Korgan if you have Mazzy in your party.

You will NOT be able to stop this redemption nor help it. In the vanilla game, banters between Mazzy and Korgan suggested the possibility of changing Korgan, and I wanted to keep it like the original.

It's recommended to start new SoA game to be able to see the whole relationship between them. But I'm adding content only for ToB.

If you are starting new ToB game, you should have Mazzy in party before Korgan.

Version 6 was first released in English.
Version 7 contalns Russian translation by Austin
Version 8 contains French translation by Le Marquis
Version 9: native BG2EE compatibility (thanks to Deratiseur)


Version 10.0.0 (November 22, 2019):
- Renamed Setup-Korgan.tp2 -> korgan.tp2 to support AL|EN's "Project Infinity".
- Added korgan.ini metadata file to support AL|EN's "Project Infinity".
- Revamped scripts: Replaced old-school trigger conditions !StateCheck("XXX",STATE_SLEEPING) with more accurate CamDawg's !StateCheck("XXX",CD_STATE_NOTVALID) and added InParty("XXX") whenever needed.
- bio.baf: Added Continue() at the end of RESPONSE block.
- ar6200.bcs: Added !Alignment("Korgan",CHAOTIC_NEUTRAL) condition to forbid original epilogue to be displayed.
- Reorganized component (DESIGNATED number) and added "Korgan_Redemption" LABEL.
- Added REQUIRE_PREDICATE process to avoid installing the mod in inaccurate games.
- Added README command in tp2.
- Replaced AUTHOR keyword with SUPPORT.
- Added VERSION flag.
- Added German translation (from the BiG World Textpack German project).
- Updated and renamed readme files to korgan-readme-%LANGUAGE%.txt.
- Updated French and English translations (Gwendolyne) and integrated Hook71's English typo fixes.
- Reorganized mod architecture tree: created folders to sort files according to their types.
- Included Linux and Mac Os X versions in the same package (thanks AL|EN!).
- Updated WeiDU installer to v246.
- Transferred mod to SpellHold Studios GitHub account.


Read the Readme

Click here to download this file

Edited by Gwendolyne, 04 December 2019 - 10:20 AM.
New release

#2 Miloch



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Posted 20 November 2010 - 07:58 AM

Congrats on finally releasing this (in very nice English, I might add :D).

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#3 Graoumf

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Posted 06 March 2011 - 08:16 AM

Hello Picollo,

We have begun the french translation. :)

Edited by Graoumf, 06 March 2011 - 08:58 AM.

#4 Picollo

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Posted 27 March 2011 - 06:37 AM

Added French translation.

#5 Graoumf

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Posted 27 March 2011 - 11:04 AM

Thanks for the update, Picollo! :)
You can let the history in english in the French ReadMe if you prefer. ;)

#6 hook71

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Posted 12 February 2012 - 08:06 AM

Looked through the tra-files and found some small typos:


@48 = ~(This time Mazzy is sleeping moch longer than she used to. When everyone else is almost ready, she finally awakes. She packs slowly, and on her face you can see she had a bad night.)~

moch -> much

@73 = ~I think you shouldn't be like Patrick. Each of us is diffrent. You can't ever be like Patrick. You shouldn't try to do it.~

diffrent -> different

@98 = ~You'll be able to get know Mazzy later...~

get know -> get to know

#7 Sergio

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Posted 30 May 2014 - 09:28 AM

Please port this mod to EE.

Low hung brow, dazed look on your face..... It appears that you are correct, my friend. You are indeed a complete imbecile.

#8 Deratiseur

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Posted 31 July 2019 - 11:50 AM

Now updated for the new Enhanced Editions. Take it, with many over old mods here.

My kits pack in french and english : Deratiseur's Unused Kits Pack v16 for TOB / BGT / BGEE / BG2EE / IWDEE for PC and MAC OS-X

My french quest/shop mod : L'ogre et le gnome, une histoire de bleu v2 for BG2 / BGT / BG2EE

My french Shop mod : L'interplan, un magasin dédié à la magie v3 for BG2 / BGT / BG2EE

My second shop mod in french and english: Todd's Super Tester Guy v8 for BGT / BGEE / BG2(EE) / IWDEE

#9 Gwendolyne

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Posted 04 December 2019 - 10:19 AM

Korgan's Redemption has been officially updated. Read first post for change log and links.


In progress : Menace sur le Royaume de Diamant Éternel there.

#10 hook71

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Posted 04 December 2019 - 11:17 AM

It took a little while but nice to see the typos fixed!

#11 Gwendolyne

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Posted 04 December 2019 - 11:31 AM

I fear nobody maintained this mod. :whistling:


We took advantage of the alternative SHS GitHub download center creation to update as many mods as possible before uploading them.

But it's really messy to dig up all bugs reports or fixes related to miscellaneous mods as they are scattered through so many forum's threads.


Anyway, feel free to resurrect this kind of fixes to enlarge our todo list. ;)


In progress : Menace sur le Royaume de Diamant Éternel there.

#12 Isewein

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Posted 17 December 2020 - 01:17 PM

I really enjoy this mod. It's true that its voice for Korgan isn't quite the same as the original, but his particular mix of vulgarity and Dwarven-pseudo-Scots is not exactly easy to write, especially for an ESL speaker. The content of the talks however is excellent. Mazzy's & Korgan's relationship is one of the most interesting in the game, and his epilogue is truly moving and thought-provoking.

#13 Endarire

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Posted 17 December 2020 - 04:28 PM

May we get a native EET version for Korgan's Redemption?


#14 Austin

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Posted 26 December 2020 - 11:37 AM

May we get a native EET version for Korgan's Redemption?


As written here (https://github.com/S...gansRedemption/) the mod (latest version 10.0.1) is already EET compatible.

#15 Endarire

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Posted 28 December 2020 - 12:28 PM

That's a relief!  Thankee Austin and alleluia!