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Comprehensive list of available golem types and building locations

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Golems can be constructed with the "Construct Golem" ability, which can be learned from the various golem building manuals. A short dialog allows you to select the desired golem type and variant to build. The construction of the physical body takes several hours up to several days, followed by the enchantment process. There is a 4 percent chance that the golem may break free and turn on the caster for 1d4 rounds before it finally submits to your will. After the construction process finished the caster will be too tired to cast spells or fight properly for several rounds.

Because of the equipment required to successfully construct the golem's body you are limited to a few selected locations where you can actually build a golem. Promising locations are usually (abandoned) strongholds of powerful mages. More details can be found further down below.

The "Construct Golem" ability can be used as many times as needed without the need to rest in between (although it is strongly recommended).

Golem manuals will also teach you the "Repair Golem" ability. It can be used once per day in any location, but does not work while enemies are around. The repair process takes about two rounds. Heavily damaged golems may require several attempts to restore them to full health.

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Conventional Golems

Conventional golem types are described in the "Manual of Golem Building" which comes in six volumes. The tomes themselves are not terribly difficult to obtain. Some can be purchased from merchants while others may be hidden in some dungeon or guarded by creatures.

The materials required to build golems are also obtainable from various sources. More common ingredients can be bought from merchants, looted from creatures or found in various locations, while the more expensive or exotic materials are available by other means.

Conventional golem types can be build in lesser, regular, greater and perfect variants. Each variant requires its own materials. The perfect variant will also require a specific artifact of power which is only available in limited numbers.

1. Flesh Golems

2. Clay Golems

3. Stone Golems

4. Iron Golems

5. Mithral Golems

6. Adamantite Golems

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Exotic Golems

Exotic golem types are described in the "Secret Manual of Golem Building" which is supposed to come in six volumes as well, but is harder to come by.

Golems described in these tomes are unique, and therefore not available as lesser, greater or perfect variants.

1. Maggot Golem

2. Bone Golem

3. Brain Golem

4. Ice Golem

5. Magic Golem

6. Lightning Golem

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Golems that can be commissioned in BG:EE

These types of golems are described in the "Forbidden Manual of Golem Building" which can be found somewhere during your adventures in the BG1 part of the game. You have to find an experienced mage who may be able to construct them for you. More about it below.

1. Doll Golem

2. Bone Doll

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Each golem has the following abilities:
  • Dismiss: Activating this ability will cause the golem to disintegrate. The process is irreversible.
  • Teleport: Teleports itself to a selected party member in visual range. This ability may be needed for golems with big circle sizes so they won't get stuck in narrow pathways. It can only be used while no enemies are around. (Note: This ability is added by the Tweaks component Add "Teleport" ability to golems.)
You can also give your golems simple commands. Lesser variants of flesh, clay and stone golems, as well as maggot golems may follow the following orders:
  • Follow me! (The golem becomes controllable, but does not act on its own. This is the default action after activation.)
  • Stand guard! (The golem turns neutral and does not budge from its current position.)
  • Destroy yourself! (Causes the golem to disintegrate. This command is the same as the "Dismiss" ability, but can also be issued when the golem is on guard duty.)
More advanced golems may also follow the following orders:
  • Follow and protect me! (The golem becomes controllable and will attack any hostile creature in sight, or enemies that are attacking party members.)
  • Stand guard and defend the area! (The golem turns neutral and attacks any hostile creature in sight. Always returns to its guarded position.)
You should always take good care of your golems as they may start to malfunction when badly damaged. These penalties can be removed by the "Repair Golem" ability.

Spells that are affecting golems in some way

Since golems are non-living constructs they may be affected differently by certain spells. The following effects can be triggered when the Tweaks component "Make golems vulnerable to specific spell effects" has been installed:
  • Flesh to Stone: Turns Flesh Golems into Stone Golems of the same variant if they fail their Saving Throw vs. Petrify/Polymorph.
  • Stone to Flesh: Turns Stone Golems into Flesh Golems of the same variant if they fail their Saving Throw vs. Petrify/Polymorph.
  • Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting: This spell dehydrates all Clay Golems in the area of effect and turns them into Stone Golems if they fail their Saving Throw vs. Spell at -2 penalty.
  • Death Spell: Kills Maggot Golems automatically (no save allowed).
  • Cone of Cold and Ice Storm: Clay Golems hit by this spell are slowed for five rounds if they fail their Saving Throw vs. Spell.
  • Sunray: Causes the adamantine alloy of Adamantite Golems to deteriorate which reduces physical resistances permanently if they fail their Saving Throw vs. Spell. The "Repair Golem" ability can remove this effect.
  • High-level fire-based spells: These spells will heat up Iron Golems for five rounds (no save). In this time they are able to deal out fire damage in addition to physical damage. The following spells are know to cause this effect: Meteor Swarm, Dragon's Breath, Comet, Incendiary Cloud and Fire Storm.

Known locations where you can successfully construct golems

Siege of Dragonspear:
  • Sorcerous Sundries: You may rent the second floor from the proprietor of the shop.
  • Repository of Undeath: This dungeon can be found beneath the Dwarven Dig Site. You have to make the area safe first by destroying the undead minions and dealing with the current resident.
  • Ruins of Kanaglym: The ruins are accessible from the Underground River area. You have to make the area safe first by destroying all enemies and dealing with Kherriun.
Shadows of Amn:
  • Planar Sphere: The opening area of the Sphere may be suitable for golem building (after dealing with the former owner, of course).
  • Jermien's Home: You may be able to convince Jermien to use his home in Imnesvale for building your own golems if the protagonist is a spellcaster or Imoen is present.
  • Cleric stronghold: Either of the three available temples in Athkatla's Temple District can be used to build clay golems if the protagonist is a cleric and chooses the respective temple of their faith as their stronghold.
Watcher's Keep:
  • Second Level: The Wizard's Library is well equipped, but you must disable all defense mechanisms first (which includes the creature that guards the teleporter to the next level).
Throne of Bhaal:
  • The Pocket Plane: This place looks safe enough for all kinds of magical experiments. Lazarus Librarus may provide the required equipment for a fair price.