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Trials of the Luremaster for Baldur's Gate

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Posted 24 August 2021 - 01:44 AM

A new version is available: Trials of the Luremaster for Baldur's Gate v3.0

In addition to many bugfixes this update greatly improves creatures provided by the mod and brings them closer to their pen & paper descriptions. As a result some creatures become more challenging while other creatures become easier to defeat (see changelog below for details). Combat scripts of monsters have been improved as well and will react more sensitive to the selected game difficulty and party level.

Moreover, the adventure can now be started at two additional locations:
- SoD: Dragonspear Castle Basement (after returning from Avernus)
- ToB: Saradush Tavern

Italian translation for this update is currently incomplete and will be provided when it's ready.

Full Changelog:

  • Brought several creatures closer to their pen & paper descriptions:
    • Added new creature type: Haunt.
    • Bats may inflict diseases.
    • Crypt Things are immune to Turn Undead.
    • Corrected creature name: Boneguard Skeleton ➔ Baneguard Skeleton.
    • Baneguard Skeletons may use Ethereal ability and can cast Magic Missile.
    • Ghosts have a strength-draining attack and emit an aura of fear.
    • Neo-Orogs have a war cry to improve their attack and damage ratings.
    • Olive Slime becomes physically vulnerable after casting "Cure Disease" on them.
    • Water Kin Elementals: improved resistances to slashing, piercing and missile damage, can paralyze with their attacks and cannot be killed permanently.
    • Mummies are susceptible to the Resurrection spell.
    • Minotaurs are immune to the Maze spell.
    • Wights can level drain.
  • More starting points of the adventure: Saradush Tavern (ToB), Dragonspear Castle Basement after the party returns from Avernus (SoD).
  • Slightly nerfed a number of items and equipment.
  • Added more Restoration scrolls and cure options.
  • Added various improvements to the new IWD spells.
  • Improved combat scripts of the Banite adventurers.
  • Improved combat script of Lord Maluradek: Better call for help.
  • Made combat challenge more dependent on game difficulty level.
  • Fixed Wyvern creature animations.
  • Fixed incorrect spell icons that are sometimes assigned to the new IWD spells.
  • Improved challenge of escaping castle dungeon, level 3.
  • Added global labels for Project Infinity.
  • Updated Russian translation.
  • Various bugfixes.

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