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Blackguard fighter kit for BG2, by x0abar

17 May 2013 - 11:34 AM

File Name: Blackguard fighter kit for BG2, by x0abar
File Submitter: x0abar
File Submitted: 17 May 2013
File Category: Miscellaneous Released Mods

Blackguard fighter kit for BG2 (BGT, BGTutu), by x0abar

This mod allows you to choose a new kit for your character when starting a new game. Its intention is to let you create a character that is as close to the idea of "evil paladin" as is possible within limits of the BG2 engine.
When making this mod, my priorities were as follows: to keep it simple, relatively bug free, avoid making it overpowered, make the kit useful from 1st level to 40th, and avoid placing too many restrictions that would limit your gameplay choices. You decide if I managed to do any or all that. I hope you'll enjoy it!


BLACKGUARD: The Blackguard epitomizes evil and is nothing short of a mortal fiend. The quintessential black knight, this villain carries a reputation of the foulest sort that is very well deserved. Consorting with demons and devils and serving dark deities, the Blackguard is hated and feared by all. Some people call these villains "antipaladins" due to their completely evil nature.

- Immune to fear
- May cast Doom once per day per 3 levels, as first level priest spell of the same name (starting at 1st level with one use)
- May use Poison Weapon ability once per day per 5 levels (starting at 1st level with one use)
- May use Aura of Despair ability once per day at 2nd level and every 10 levels thereafter
- May use Life Drain ability once per day at 4th level and every 8 levels thereafter

- Must be evil
- May not specialize in weapons past normal specialization (two proficiency points)

POISON WEAPON: Each successful hit within the next 5 rounds will inject poison into the target, dealing an extra 1d3 points of poison damage. Furthermore, unless a Saving Throw vs. Poison is made, the poison will be injected into the bloodstream of the victim dealing one additional point of damage for every 2 levels of the Blackguard (up to a maximum of 10 points of damage over 10 seconds).

LIFE DRAIN: Deals one point of damage per level (up to a maximum of 20) every round, healing the Blackguard the same number of Hit Points. The spell lasts for 3 rounds, and the victim is allowed a Saving Throw vs. Death at the beginning of each round to break the enchantment and avoid any further damage.

AURA OF DESPAIR: Bestows nearby enemies with penalties to hit, damage and Armor Class for one turn (no save). At higher levels, the enemies must also make a successful Saving Throw vs. Spell to avoid being slowed or paralyzed for 5 rounds.
2nd level: -1 penalty
6th level: -2 penalty; slows enemies
15th level: -4 penalty; paralyzes enemies

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