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In Topic: TobEx AfterLife

16 February 2023 - 11:42 AM

So that's it, ran out of requirements?

In Topic: TobEx AfterLife

10 February 2023 - 03:35 AM

Presented mod has wrong documentation, if do what it tells, player gets broken custom music if installed any mods with music

Player gets broken music no matter what. The mod cannot work without the feature. That's why it needs the feature.

There, doesn't tell to do anything special. But it doesn't matter. Because the mod cannot work without the feature.


existed 1pp mod has own 44khz implementation.

We. Already. Established. That. Is. Not. A. Real. Mod.


useless for players

The only way for it to be useful for players is when there's support for the corresponding feature in the engine. That's why it needs the feature.


I dare you to name one mod that was released with a dependency on possible future features

I still dare you.

In Topic: TobEx AfterLife

06 February 2023 - 07:23 AM

Same name as existed public mod, same version, same author, different content.

We already established that the other mod is not a real mod. This is a real mod. With installer, uninstaller, all the stuff.


Non-playable hack

Really? You decided to finish a No True Scotsman combo with a catch-22?


Let's recap:

- first you asked to see real 44 kHz acms with correct headers

- then to see a mod for BG2 with such acms (which unheard of, by the way - I dare you to name one mod that was released with a dependency on possible future features)

- then to see a "real" mod with such acms

- and finally, when presented with such a mod, you dismissed it as "non-playable".


Duh, if it was playable, it wouldn't need the feature.


Seriously, if you don't want add a feature for some reason, you can just state the reason. For example, you can say "it's a bad feature because of this and that, and will not be added". Or "I would accept a pull request, but I don't want to spend my time on this". It's cool. I do that all the time.

In Topic: TobEx AfterLife

03 February 2023 - 04:19 AM

Existed 1pp HQ music mod...


...compatibilty with existed mod is high priority.

For me, it is not real mod

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Contradictory statements see I :).



Anyway, here's a packaged mod. Now is it real?

In Topic: TobEx AfterLife

02 February 2023 - 07:54 AM

OK, but

1) It can't be usable until there's engine support for correct acm headers.

2) 1pp music package does not install content. It has to be copied manually, and there's no uninstaller for that. Do you consider it not a real mod, then?