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[MOD] Relocate Save Directory

25 November 2016 - 10:25 AM

With many version of BG2EE (current run, mods to test, conflicts to debug, many version of the same mods to compare...) and a unique save directory, life is not that easy...
So here is RelocateSaveDirectory mod. It relocates user data to the game directory, so one has its local save directory per game version.
You can choose between 3 subfolders:
- your default engine name (from engine.lua)
- a custom one
After installation use BG2EE.exe to play the game.
- For GOG BG2EE v2.3.67.3 (mod will autocheck or cancel installation)
- For compatibility with every mods, be sure to install it at the end; i.e. after any mods that modify your engine_name in engine.lua
- Note that USER_DIRECTORY as define by Weidu or NearInfinity will be outdated while the mod is installed (so NearInfinity will display characters/portraits/save from the original installation but everything else is fine)

[MOD] The Darkest Day z

26 January 2016 - 01:50 AM

TDDz is an attempt split TDD into components and turn them compatible with BG2EE, Worldmap 10.2, Extended Animation and EET (blessed by Max Schnur https://twitter.com/...754073893249025)


I want to upload TDDz.zip (37MB) in the upload section but it failed.



Can someone help me?



[Edit: Topic Title]

BPv181_4611 BUT_ONLY error

21 December 2015 - 12:59 PM

Don't know if it is a Weidu error or a code error, whatever here it is in BPv181_4611/BP/lib/bp_main.tph/line 4943:
//Implement Fixpack troll code if not installed
ACTION_IF NOT MOD_IS_INSTALLED setup-bg2fixpack.tp2 0 BEGIN // when bg2fixpack is missing
  // restore Nith's attack script, pt 1: false() out stuff that'll break
  COPY_EXISTING ~drshnl01.bcs~ ~override~
      REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~HPLT(Myself,10)~ ~False()~
  // new troll scripts to transform to dead versions at low HP
  COPY_EXISTING ~troll01.bcs~ ~override/drshnl11.bcs~ // create these .bcs
                ~troll01.bcs~ ~override/kptrol23.bcs~
                ~troll01.bcs~ ~override/pptroll2.bcs~
                ~troll01.bcs~ ~override/sutroll2.bcs~
                ~troll01.bcs~ ~override/torgal2.bcs~
      REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~ChangeAnimationNoEffect("TROLL02")~ ~ChangeAnimationNoEffect("%DEST_RES%")~
  BUT_ONLY // but only if they changed (otherwise do not create them)
  // duplicates functionality, but needed for ub compatibility
  EXTEND_TOP ~drshnl01.bcs~ ~override/drshnl11.bcs~ // then use them here
But BUT_ONLY don't detect that they are new files that should be flagged as CHANGED, and so they are never create then an install error  is raised...
I commented the BUT_ONLY and everything is working.
Again I don't know if Weidu.BUT_ONLY is supposed to works like this or if the code is bugged (next bloc of code processes with troll02.bcs, but without BUT_ONLY as expected...)

Weird Weidu

18 December 2015 - 09:38 AM

Trying to install BPv181_4611 in my BWP with BiG World Fixpack v15.3 and weidu 23800 on BG2EE v1.3.

Everything works nicely then suddenly, one BCS failed miserably.


Here is a mod to test the point:



   RESPONSE #100


   RESPONSE #100


BEGIN @0 // Ally
   COPY ~Test/Ally.bcs~ ~override~
         PATCH_PRINT "GG"

BEGIN @1 // Anyone
   COPY ~Test/Anyone.bcs~ ~override~
         PATCH_PRINT "BG"



On a fresh BG2, both components are fine

On a fresh BG2EE, component Ally is fine, component Anyone is:

Install Component [Anyone]?
[I]nstall, or [N]ot Install or [Q]uit? i

Installing [Anyone]
Copying and patching 1 file ...


[Test/Anyone.bcs.BAF] PARSE ERROR at line 2 column 1-38
Near Text: ANYONE
        syntax error

[Test/Anyone.bcs.BAF]  ERROR at line 2 column 1-38
Near Text: ANYONE
ERROR: parsing [Test/Anyone.bcs.BAF]: Parsing.Parse_error
ERROR: [Test/Anyone.bcs] -> [override] Patching Failed (COPY) (Parsing.Parse_err
Stopping installation because of error.

ERROR Installing [Anyone], rolling back to previous state
Will uninstall   0 files for [TEST/SETUP-TEST.TP2] component 1.
Uninstalled      0 files for [TEST/SETUP-TEST.TP2] component 1.
ERROR: Parsing.Parse_error
PLEASE email the file SETUP-TEST.DEBUG to shadowlich
Using Language [English]

Install Component [Anyone]?
[I]nstall, or [N]ot Install or [Q]uit?


Do somebody knows something about this?



(Attached is my test mod)