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Auror Kit for the Ranger Class

Auror Auror Kit Ranger Kit Ranger Archer Archer Kit Custom Kit Kit

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#1 Aeviannce

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Posted 27 October 2008 - 10:20 AM

File Name: Auror Kit for the Ranger Class
File Submitter: Aeviannce
File Submitted: 28 Oct 2008
File Category: Miscellaneous Released Mods

AUROR: A unique type of ranger; skilled with the bow and possessing an exceptional ability to control the elements of ice and the forces of winter. Though normally mistaken to be an Aurillian priest, she does not share the destructive whims of the goddess nor her followers but on the contrary, follows a strict, solitary edict of an unnamed silver dragon, known to be as her hegemon.
Trained to be agile, she is extremely quick and precise in every move but it proves to be a necessity rather than an advantage as the path of becoming an Auror renders her physically weak. This does not prevents her however, to aid those in need. She is an enigmatic protector of the good and a vicious, cold foe of evil.
-  Immune to Charm and Confusion.
-  Grandmaster: Bow-type weapons. The Auror may put 5 points in Long Bow and Short Bow.
-  +2 to Hit, +1 to Damage every 4 levels.
-  +1 Bonus to AC and Save vs. Breath Weapons every 3 levels. Caps at the 30th level.
-  +1 Bonus to AC vs. Missiles every 5 levels. Caps at the 30th level.
-  +1 Save vs. Spells every 4 levels.
-  Starts with 7% Cold Resistance, gains +12% cold resistance every 2 levels till level the 10th, then on 13th and 16th level, +9% on 20th and 24th
   level, and finally +7% on the 29th level of experience.
-  +2% Magic Resistance every level. Caps at the 30th level of experience.
-  Starts with a critical hit on natural 19, and then gets better for every 6 levels of experience. Caps at the 30th level with a natural 14.
-  Gains additional priest spell slots starting at the 14th level of experience.
-  Aura Sensing: At 4th level, the Auror can sense the presence of hidden creatures within her line of sight. This does not however disrupts the 
   invisibility of the creature.
-  Frost Touch: At the 6th level, the Auror adds 2d4 cold damage with every attack. Missile attacks are charged with psionic force, knocking back 
   targets if it fails to save vs. spells. Fire Elementals, Efreets and Salamanders must make a successful save vs. death or be slain instantly.
-  Innate Abilities
   Cryogenesis: The Auror gains the ability to create objects made out of pure ice.
     Ice Blade: At the 2nd level, the Auror can create a sword made of ice. The sword is considered magical and deals 1d8 slashing and 1d6 cold 
     damage. The blade lasts for a day.
     Ice Arrow: At 4th level, the Auror can make arrows made of ice. The arrows are considered enchanted and deals 1d6 missile damage. The
     arrows last for a day.
   Far Sensing: At the 6th level, the Auror learns to extend her psychic sense over long distances to reveal areas that are otherwise impossible 
   through the use of the naked eye. She gains this ability every 3 levels of experience.
   Frost Blink: Beginning at the 8th level, the Auror can disappear in a gust of ice, and reappear anywhere within a location. She gains this ability 
   every level.
   Frostbite: At the 10th level, the Auror can supercharge her missile attacks with psionic force for 4 rounds. All her ranged attacks will explode upon 
   impact, dealing 1d4 concussion and 2d4 cold damage +1 for every 3 levels of experience. Her attack speed incurs a penalty of -2 for the duration 
   of the ability. This ability can be physically tiring for the Auror, as she might require rest after consecutive use. She gains this ability every 2 levels 
   of experience.
-  Beginning the 8th level of experience, the Auror learns new abilities upon reaching certain levels. They are as follows:
   8th Level: Glacial Aura
   10th Level: Frost Wave
   12th Level: Aurora Borealis
   15th Level: Dire Frost
   18th Level: Hoarfrost
   20th Level: Lament of Winter
-  Available only to human, elves or half-elves of neutral or chaotic good alignment.
-  -6 to Strength and -8 to Constitution on character creation.
-  Incurs -1 penalty to save vs. death every 4 levels of experience.
-  Has limited proficiency on selected melee or ranged weapons.
-  Cannot put any point to fighting style proficiency other than Two Weapon Style.
-  Cannot wear any armor.
-  Cannot dual class.
-  No high level abilities.

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#2 vilkacis


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Posted 27 October 2008 - 03:38 PM

This kit seems horribly broken to me. Giving it better damage/hit bonuses than the archer is pretty iffy on its own, but adding a heap of special resists and abilities on top of that is just overkill. +2d8 damage is more than twice the damage of regular arrows (d6)! Disadvantage "no armour" is pretty much offset by AC bonus, so the only real disadvantage left is the loss of stealth - not exactly a big deal considering what you get in exchange.

And then there's the spells. Just looking at the descriptions - Breath of Cold is 12d12 damage (apparently with no save?) plus a chance of slow as a second level spell? Hoarfrost is an instant (AoE?) kill on fire creatures as a first level spell - in addition to its other effects!? Bloody hell. That is not the kind of power a ranger is supposed to be throwing around (remember, those spells come in addition to already being able to kick all kinds of ass with regular weapons, second only to a pureclass fighter).

I appreciate the attempt to make an "elemental warrior" kind of kit, but it needs balancing, and lots of it.

#3 Deratiseur

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Posted 27 December 2008 - 02:06 AM

Yep, it is unbalanced and too powered, for sure.

But i like it, so can i trayfit it and add a french translation ?

modder of a french kits pack : DUKP 0.9.8 RFT for BG2 / BGT / BGEE / BG2EE

#4 Deratiseur

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Posted 28 December 2008 - 02:14 PM

In fact, it's ever done, and the result is for the moment on megaupload, Here

I have uptated the text to include :
+1 to dexterity and +2 to charisma on character creation.
-3 to constitution and -4 to strengh on character creation.

Have a good day :)

modder of a french kits pack : DUKP 0.9.8 RFT for BG2 / BGT / BGEE / BG2EE

#5 Deratiseur

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Posted 31 December 2008 - 03:11 PM

At the 14th, 16th and 18th level, she will receive additional priest spell slots.

This doesn't work, the kit have always 3 spells by lvl.

I can fix it by myself, but i'm traductor, not conceptor.

Have a good and happy new year, guys :)

modder of a french kits pack : DUKP 0.9.8 RFT for BG2 / BGT / BGEE / BG2EE

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